de lo_ve, Maio 2, 2024

After two years, actress Han Chae Young is confirmed to return to the K-drama scene.

On May 2, it was officially confirmed that Han Chae Young will join the upcoming KBS 2TV daily Scandal (working title). 

Scandal will revolve around a scandal between two women. One is greedy to have the world and another can risk everything for revenge. 

Han Chae Young is the first to be confirmed to join the series. The actress will portray the role of Moon Jung In. She is the head of a production company named Jeongin Entertainment. After marrying her husband, she steals all his fortune and sets up a new agency. She also changed her real name from Moon Kyung Sook to now Moon Jung In. One day, she meets an aspiring actor that looks like her first love.

The upcoming K-drama will be the collaboration work of director Choi Ji Yeong (Stock Struck and The All-Round Wife) and writer Hwang Soon Young (Red Shoes and Two Mothers). 

The production team of the upcoming K-drama shared, "It is an honor to cast Han Chae Young who removes her image to show attractive acting in each work. Through Scandal, viewers will be able to see the femme fatale Han Chae Young. Please look forward to the upcoming K-drama as we show exciting stories, characters, trustworthy production work, and Han Chae Young's acting skills."

Scandal will begin airing in June.

Scandal will be the grand comeback of Han Chae Young after almost two years. 

She was last seen in the 2022 K-drama Sponsor with Lee Ji Hoon, Ji Yi Soo, Koo Ja Sung, Kim Yun Seo, and Park Geun Hyung

Han Chae Young is known for being part of the K-dramas A Pledge to God, Bel Ami, Boys Over Flowers, My Girl, Only You, Delightful Girl, Choon Hyang, and more. 


Are you excited to see Han Chae Young's return to acting through Scandal?