de Lily Alice, Abril 23, 2024

Netflix gives a glimpse of characters facing turmoil as they near the planet's destruction in Goodbye Earth.

Goodbye Earth tells the story of people living in a world headed towards destruction, with only 200 days left until the collision of Earth and an asteroid. Ahn Eun JinJeon Sung WooKim Yoon Hye, and Yoo Ah In among others, are cast in the series.

Jin Se Kyung (Ahn Eun Jin), a middle school teacher, vividly portrays the confusion and change people experience in the face of the approaching apocalypse.  The difference between her past and present selves is stark. From the happy moments when she taught and engaged with students at school to the sad times when the school shut down following the announcement of the asteroid collision, Jin Se Kyung's expression tells it all. 

Ahn Eun Jin, saying, "For Se Kyung, children are the reason behind everything she does," previews a strong and cordial character who prioritizes children's happiness over her own and strives to protect them until the end.  

Jeon Sung Woo transforms into Woo Sung Jae, an assistant priest who takes care of the parishioners at church. Talking about Jeon Sung Woo, director Kim Jin Min, said, "He is an actor with solid principles and can convey a lot through subtle  expressions."

Kim Yoon Hye comes as Kang In Ah, the commander of a combat support battalion responsible for transporting supplies and maintaining public order. Commenting about her character, the actress said, "I cut my hair short to express In Ah's commanding presence, and learned how to use guns and practiced repeatedly so that it would look natural [on screen]." 

 The stills also give a glimpse of citizens living in Woongchun City.  

The trio So Min, Jin Seo, and Ha Yul, who are close to Se Kyung as her students, will be played by Kim Bo Min, Kim Kang Hoon, and Kim Do Hye, respectively. The youngsters face the harsh reality of being deprived of their chance to become adults and the chaos of disappearing children.  

Kim Yeo Jin plays Yeo Mi Ryeong, the owner of the only supermarket in Woongchun City, who, despite losing her son, continues to run her store.  

Kang Suk Woo plays the missing head priest, Baek Sin Bu; and Kim Young Ok comes as Kim Bo Ae, the oldest resident of Woongchun City.

Park Hyuk Kwon will be seen as Hayul's father, Soo Geun; Baek Ji Won as So Min's mother, Oh Gye Hyang; and Cha Hwa Yun as In Ah's mother, Joo Myeong Ok.  

Park Joo Hee portrays Lee Chae Hwan, a nun who assists Sung Jae in running the church; Park Ho San plays In Ah's superior Dae Jang; Yoon Seo Ah plays Chae Young Ji; and Baek Joo Hee comes as Do Jung Ah, Young Ji's mother.

Goodbye Earth will be exclusively released on Netflix on April 26.