de lo_ve, Setembro 20, 2022

Go Kyung Pyo will reportedly be the main character of the upcoming JTBC series "No Secret."

On September 20th, YTN News shared that Go Kyung Pyo received the offer to lead the upcoming JTBC drama "No Secret" which will be penned by writer Choi Kyung Sun and will be produced by KeyEast. 

"No Secret" will showcase the world of freelance announcers who have to fiercely compete for their dream, survival, and success, unlike other celebrities.

Go Kyung Pyo got the offer to play the role of announcer Song Ki Baek. He lives with the image of a perfect-looking announcer but after an accident, he is suddenly incapable of lying. 

There are no other details yet on the broadcast date of the upcoming series and which actors will work alongside Go Kyung Pyo in the drama.

Ever since Go Kyung Pyo was discharged from the military, the actor became very busy with films and dramas. In this year, he has already starred in four films and is also set to appear in two upcoming dramas. 

Go Kyung Pyo started the year by appearing in the films "Haruki Urakai," "Decision to Leave," "6/45," and "Seoul Vibe." For the second half of 2022, he will now be focused on dramas. 

Tomorrow, Go Kyung Pyo will star in the tvN drama "Love in Contract" together with Park Min Young, Kim Jae Young, Lee Joo Bin, Kang Hyung Suk, and Jin Kyung. Before the year ends, the actor will also join director Miike Takashi's series "Connect" and will reunite with Jung Hae In.

Go Kyung Pyo made his acting debut in 2010. He was part of the dramas "Private Lives," "The Best Moment To Quit Your Job," "Strongest Deliveryman," "Chicago Typewriter," "Jealousy Incarnate," "Naeil's Cantabile," "Flower Boy Next Door," "Reply 1988," and more. 


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