de lo_ve, Setembro 8, 2022

Girls Day Park So Jin will work alongside Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Kyu Hyung  in the upcoming Disney+ drama "May It Please the Court."

On September 8th, it was confirmed that Park So Jin will be added to the cast of the upcoming series "May It Please the Court." She will work closely with Jung Jin Young's character. Park So Jin will play the role of Jang Yi Jeon, the daughter of Jang Ki Do. 

"May It Please The Court" will tell the story of Noh Chak Hee, a lawyer who faces the biggest dilemma in her entire career. Noh Chak Hee has been tasked to defend a murderer for three long months.

The upcoming series will be directed by Kang Min Gu ("Itaewon Class," "The Goddess of Revenge," and "Good Job") and written by Kim Dan ("New Recruit"). It will be produced by Walt Disney Company Korea, Arc Media, and Slingshot Studio. 

"May It Please The Court" will premiere on September 21 and it will exclusively air on Disney+.

Park So Jin is busy for the whole year. She started the year by appearing in the drama "Sh**ting Stars." She also participated in the recently ended tvN drama "Alchemy of Souls." After this, she is set to join the upcoming series "May It Please The Court."  

The idol-actress will also join the upcoming movie "Moradong" led by Lee Dong Hwi and Han Ji Eun.

Park So Jin made her debut in 2010 as part of the k-pop girl group, Girls Day. She started acting in 2013. She has starred in several dramas such as "The Dramatic," "The Family Is Coming," "Oh! Dear Half-Basement Goddesses," "Hot Stove League," "The King: Eternal Monarch," "The Spies Who Loved Me," and more. 


Have you seen any dramas that Park So Jin starred in?