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Dear MDL’ers,

This is my first article, I’m both excited and nervous. I hope you’ll like it and also find it helpful. Since I started watching Kdramas, I’ve been a huge fan of dark and intense dramas which increase my level of anxiety and give me a thrilling experience. And keep me on the edge of my seat!

Being a part of a dark cult and a huge fan of such dramas, I want to recommend to you guys some of my favorite dark, intense and thrilling dramas which will definitely up your anxiety level and give you a new experience.

Warning: All these dramas are dark and many may have disturbing moments, bullying, abuse, cursing. If you’re light-hearted, you’re not advised to watch them.

8. The World of Married

An intense drama revolving around a married couple whose betrayal of one another leads to a whirlwind of revenge.

Why you should watch

It focuses mainly on the life of adults. We’ll at some point feel our life is perfect, but a small truth may break our dreams into pieces. This drama will make you go crazy, screaming your head out and even willing to kill some characters, but hey, calm down, it also shows various emotions and problems many people face in their life. 

There were many unpredictable moments and it explored human emotions and decisions. 

7. Save Me

An underrated gem that in reality projects the very sensible and important topic of ‘fake religious cults’. The plot revolves around Sang Mi after moving to Muji Gun, where she and her family get entangled in pseudo-religious cults and four of her high school friends try to rescue her, which forms the crux of the story.

Why you should watch

This drama has a perfect balance of darkness and intensity. Many moments may disturb you and haunt you for days, sadly that happens to many people in a reality where some fake people call themselves ‘messengers of god' and con people.

Seo Ye Ji was just excellent in this drama, her acting made her presence strong, and also, Woo Do Hwan and Jo Sung Ha were show-stealers. This story is interesting and the plot is very well written. What makes it stands out differently is this drama leaves a heavy impact on you and also executed a very sensitive topic in a more integrated way. It's a classic, so don't miss out!

6. Extracurricular

We’ll have secrets and some are better not to be revealed. But if they are revealed, what will it cost us? The plot follows three high school students who start committing crimes to earn money, and the unpredictable dangers they face as a result.

Why you should watch

This drama takes a different turn in portraying humans of various shades and personalities. It was a fresh breath of air and also thrilling and made me anxious at many moments. I was biting my nails and anticipating what's gonna happen next. The story takes turns in every episode but it still stays true to its whole concept. 

Kim Dong Hee and Park Joo Hyun aced their roles as their characters were complex. For the first time, we got an anti-hero-based drama. You can never conclude who is what in this drama. With just 10 episodes, it’s just perfect for a binge-watch night.

5. Sweet Home

A dark-themed survival drama that shows different sides of human nature. The plot follows the strange incidents happening when people start turning into monsters.

Why you should watch

This gave me an adrenaline rush for us to know who’s going to survive till the end. It’s packed with action and thrill. Some moments may scare you off. There are various characters with various traits and backstories who will become close to you throughout the drama. As you pass by each episode, you start to relate to every character unknowingly.

Lee Do Hyun and Song Kang gave an incredible performance, but Lee Shi Young and Lee Jin Wook were the backbones of the drama. You laugh with them, cry with them. The character development of every character is phenomenal and also every character is given equal focus. Buckle your seats for the rollercoaster ride of emotions....

4. Sky Castle

This drama is actually what’s happening to many of us in our life. What should be our priority - Money? Power? Or Happiness? The plot follows housewives living in the exclusive Sky Castle community, who use every way they can think of to get their children into Seoul National University.

Why you should watch:

This drama is pitched in a dark theme. There are many elements including revenge, murder, and also the pressure which forces us to be the best in everything at the cost of our peace and happiness. It also raises the question of the negative impact on children due to pressure in the competitive world. Many incidents happening, you may find relatable. Who knows, after watching it, many may have a change of heart.

Kim Seo Young and Kim Hye Yoon's acting still makes me shiver. The whole cast of the drama was a perfect fit for the characters and their acting was magnificent. This drama is definitely worth your time.

3. Penthouse: War in Life

This drama is one of a kind that is becoming a craze nowadays. The plot follows the residents of Hera Palace, a luxury penthouse apartment with 100 floors, which have many secrets and hidden ambitions.

Hats off to all actors who brought the characters to life. Every character is given equal importance and there are many good character developments in the drama. Trust me, you won’t regret watching this drama. I wish you all the best for not turning crazy like me!Why you should watch:

As mentioned, this is not just a drama, but also a battle of who is fittest to survive - Rich and Powerful or Righteous and Honest. The first four episodes may be hard to cross but after that, there is no stopping. It’s filled with twists, turns, and mysteries. There are various revelations and incidents which will blow your mind. But this also has side effects like increasing your blood pressure, maybe wanting you to rip off your phone screen, or turning into a serial killer to kill them all off. All characters are very different and unpredictable. The screenplay, direction, and writing all are worth praising.

2. Beyond Evil

I did not watch this drama but was instead obsessed with this drama. This has a character-driven plot, more than being a crime investigation drama, it leans on the side to shed light on different characters and their qualities and behaviors.

Why you should watch:

If I can.... I can write a whole book on why, but let me tell you the highlights of this drama. Firstly, the drama is well-written and well-directed, there were many breathtaking moments and revelations throughout the drama which leave you in shock. Secondly, the acting of the characters needs a standing ovation, especially Shin Ha Kyun and Yeo Jin Goo will impress you every moment they're on screen, and also every other actor did an amazing job for the role they were given.

Thirdly, the bromance - I mean, they feel like husband and wife who keep on bickering with each other, but when they team up together, nothing is impossible for them. Fourthly, there were really good character developments, backstory, and the way all the events turned out to be and gave you a clear picture of what actually is going on without confusing is really appreciable. Lastly, it had the right pace and it might feel like being repetitive and stretching but believe me, 'everything happens for a reason.'

1. Strangers from Hell

A Masterpiece, I would say, this drama stands for the real definition of dark thriller drama, from direction to acting, everything was just perfect and stunning to the point.

Why you should watch:

This drama is unpredictable, from start to end you never know what’s happening. Every character is interesting and unique, you are on a quest to know who they are. The background music still haunts me. The pace might be a bit slow, but for 10 episodes, it doesn’t bother you much. Even the conversations gave me goosebumps. The acting of Lee Dong Wook and Im Shi Wan gave me chills down my spine. The acting of every actor is top-notch. 

You’ll feel scared and anxious throughout the drama. I was looking into my laptop screen to find out what’s gonna happen next. What is also interesting is that it doesn't rush anywhere, it takes its own time to give you an experience as a drama watcher to feel the intensity of the drama. If you love dark intense dramas, you should definitely watch this no matter what.

These dramas might be dark and intense but they also act as a mirror to reality. Various incidents happening in these dramas are also events in real life. Apart from watching and enjoying these dramas, we should also take serious steps against bullying, abuse, and towards improving mental health.

Author's Note: This is only based on the dramas I've watched, there may be many others which can be included too. So if your favorites didn't come up, don't worry, they'll be in part 2. I hope you can have fun watching these dramas and like them.

This was my first article so feel free to write comments on how it was and also correct me or give me suggestions to improve my article. 

Thank you and have a nice day ahead!