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                                                                               Hello, dear MDLers!

Hope everyone is doing well. I am back with part 2 of my Dream Drama Pairings, you can check out the previous article here.

I believe when it comes to Chinese dramas, there is a bigger chance that these pairings may actually come true since they produce a lot more dramas in general compared to Korea.

Again, I will list several actor pairings that I would love to see in the future. There may be repetitive actors in the pairings. Let's go! =D

Zhu Yi Long And Liu Yi Fei

First pairing goes to my current favorite Chinese actor! I fell in love with Zhu Yi Long in the drama The Rebel in which he did an amazing job, and then I started following his works and this man is "Class", I would say, and so is Liu Yi Fei, who I really liked in Meet Yourself. I would love to see them both in something kind of dark yet healing... a movie more than a drama even!

Zhang Jing Yi And Wu Lei


Song Wei Long

I mean, our 99 liners are killing it, the finest young actors out there, would love to see them paired up in a drama with strong leads. I am a fan of modern dramas, but would not mind a historical that is not xianxia or wuxia.

Yang Yang And NiNi

I think the words "Class" and "Elegance" come to mind when it comes to these two. Romance (Mature Characters) is the genre that I would love to see them in because I think their chemistry would be sizzling, I mean the visuals alone... No comment!

Zhao Lu Si And Liu Hao Ran

 I would love to see Liu Hao Ran in a new drama, and I think he would do great with Zhao Lusi, maybe in something similar to Love Like The Galaxy? Two strong leads just nailing it.

Xing Fei And Xu Kai

I have seen several works with Xing Fei and I like her growth as an actress, and she usually picks good scripts I would say, I think she would make a great pair with Xu Kai. 

Jing Bo Ran And Dilraba Dilmurat


Ma Si Chun

This is a pair that I would love to see, all of these actors are versatile, I would choose a mature, romantic, melodrama. To see them in any good script would do, really!

I would also love to see Dilraba with Li Xian, and Ma Si Chun with Zhu Yi Long.

Li Xian and Zhou Dong Yu

This is one dreamy pair, two capable and great actors, I would choose a movie for these two, maybe something similar to Us and Them? I would love to see them together in a project anyway. 

Bai Jing Ting And Bai Lu

A family drama would be a great choice for these two, I think, and I also think they would make a beautiful pair. 

Tan Song Yun And Chen Fei Yu

Not everyone may agree on this, I love Tan Song Yun's acting and choices, she has been paired with a lot of actors and had different roles, I would love to see her in a "noona romance" where a strong female lead is being chased by a cheeky, strong male lead, and the one who came to mind that may fit this image is Chen Fei Yu.

An additional pairing of Tan Song Yun would be with Shawn Dou, he unfortunately doesn't have good script choices, but I like his acting and I think these two would be a good pair!

Yang Zi And Steven Zhang

Both are really good actors, and have good script choices.

Bonus Pairing:

Ding Yu Xi And Xu Ruo Han

I have seen Xu Rouhan in only one project, and I think she is a really good rising actress. These two came to mind when I was thinking of fun, cheeky characters where both leads would bicker with each other. It would be fun to see them both being charming that way!

Hope you enjoyed part 2 of my article.  =D

Let me know in the comment section below which pairings you liked the most, and what are pairings that you would like to see in the future?  

Until next time, dear MDLers!

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