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Drama OSTs Featuring On My Playlist

While watching a drama is an experience in itself, which can lead to all-time favorite leads, actors, characters, storyline, couple, scenes, and all things possible, a Drama OST is equally impactful. They have the power to make or to break a situation. And some of these OSTs stayed with me long after the drama has ended.

Today’s post is a dedication to those OSTs who jumped/dove (let’s just say, were quickly added) to my playlist! For Other songs on my playlist, you can check my Music Playlist.

Note: You can click on the song name, to listen to it!

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Song Name



Why I Keep On Loving Them



Stand By Me






Boys Over Flower


While "Paradise" is a very well-known OST, my favorite was always this one, and it led me to Kpop and my favorite Kpop group!

Notes: finding this song is a major reason why I liked watching this drama :D


Ending OST


William Chan


Only Side By Side With You (Cdrama)


It was a drama I was destined to watch! It's my most favorite couple of all and this song still tops my playlist.



I’m Saying



Lee Hong Ki





A much much better song than “Love is the moment”, and let’s not forget Lee Hong Ki’s vocal Power!



Auditory Hallucinations


Jung Jae In ft. NaShow


Kill Me Heal Me


Who doesn’t like this one? Best OST Ever!

Notes: The singing portion goes really well with Cha Do Hyun and the rap portion is the perfect BGM (background music) for Shin Se Gi.


My Love

Foolish Love



Lee Hi

John Park


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

When The Camellia Blooms


Both the lyrics and music of the two songs are really soothing.


Tiramisu Cake

When I See You On Tv


Kim Sung Chul

Lee Da Hee



Search WWW


Both of them are very catchy and sweet songs. I end up singing along to these two most of the time.

Notes: these are my go-to songs while making tea, one has cake other has TV: the perfect accompaniments.


This Love

Writing Our Stories



SG Wannabe


Descendants Of The Sun

Chicago Typewriter


Actually, all the OSTs from these two dramas are great!

Notes:  for DOTS, as I cheered more for the 2nd couple, I guess I am more attached to this OST ^_^



I Love







Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo


My fangirling on Takeru Sato continues, so does the excitement for the song!

Notes: This OST takes me back to the episode when Tendo kissed Sakura as “a part” of the treatment! #fangirling

Special Mention: 

Me To You, You To Me (Classic)

Notes: Being one of my most favorite movies the OST always takes me back to the rain scene (this clipping itself was the reason I watched the movie!)

Yim Jae Bum, For You (Sorim Couple)

Notes: People familiar with We Got Married may be aware of this couple (my favorite couple on the show) and this song goes really well with their on-screen relation I feel.

Do you have any Drama OST on your playlist? ^_^

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