de lo_ve, Junho 22, 2023

Director Yoo In Shik Commented on the Possibility of Dr. Romantic Season 4. 

On June 22, director Yoo In Shik expressed his feelings about the conclusion of the K-drama. He also shared some behind the scenes from the filming, and more. 

Dr. Romantic Season 3 premiered last April 28 and ended on June 17. Just like the first two seasons, the latest installment to Dr. Romantic is a success. Although it did not surpass the highest rating of Season 2, Dr. Romantic Season 3 still achieved a high rating of 16.8 percent. 

The third season was led by Han Seok Kyu, Lee Sung Kyung, Ahn Hyo Seop, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Joo Heon, So Ju Yeon, Jin Kyung, and more. 

It depicted the story of how Kim Sa Bu and other doctors and staff of Doldam Hospital expanded and operated the new Doldam Regional Trauma Center. 

Director Yoo In Shik helmed the K-drama for all three seasons and worked with screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung on the script. 

With the last scene showcased on Dr. Romantic Season 3, many are anticipating another season. Even the actors of the K-drama showed their affection and hope for a new season of Dr. Romantic Season 3. 

Director Yoo In Shik was asked about how he feels about the conclusion of season 3 and if there's a possibility of a fourth season. 

The director shared, "After the last filming, I roamed around the Doldam Hospital set where no one is around. I stood there for a long time because I felt an indescribable emotion. It felt like I'm moving out of the house where I lived for a time. I'm one lucky director." 

He continued, "I gave my best to the drama 'Dr.Romantic' but it gave me something more precious. I met such a good script and actors in their heyday. I also learned the happiness of doing it together. Most of all I'm grateful for the support of the viewers as they sympathize with our story."

For the possibility of season 4, director Yoo In Shik commented, "It is not easy to assure the possibility of the next season as the drama was not originally planned as a seasonal K-drama. It's a matter of brainstorming on what stories can be done after the trauma center and whether the actors can miraculously gather together once again with their schedules. Again, I am thanking the viewers for all their support in the series."


Do you think there must be a 4th season for the K-Drama Dr. Romantic?