de Lily Alice, Janeiro 12, 2024

Netflix movie Badland Hunters unveiled its main poster and trailer on January 12.

Badland Hunters is an action-packed thriller that unfolds the struggle of individuals striving to survive in a world reduced to ruins where power reigns supreme.

The main poster portrays Nam San (Ma Dong Seok, aka Don Lee), Yang Gi Soo (Lee Hee Joon), Choi Ji Wan (Lee Jun Young), and Soo Na (Roh Jeong Eui) in an intense battle for survival against the backdrop of ruins. 

The trailer gives a glimpse of the desperate circumstances the characters are entangled in. As unidentified enemies appear before Nam San, the sight of Yang Gi Soo, the only doctor among the survivors, shouting, "I'll help you all survive," leaves viewers wondering about his true identity. 

Additionally, the Nam San, Ji Wan, and Eun Ho trying to rescue Soo Na in the post-apocalyptic world, coupled with the text "One Last Hunt To Save Us All," tantalize viewers. 

The wild explosions, crazy shootouts, intense fights, and the grand sets of the post-apocalyptic world promise a visual treat for action movie enthusiasts. 

Badland Hunters will premiere worldwide on January 26, exclusively on Netflix. Watch the official trailer here