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Train to Busan director Yeon Sang Ho commented about his upcoming Netflix dramas The BequeathedHellbound Season 2, and Parasyte: The Grey

The Bequeathed tells the story of Yoon Seo Ha (Kim Hyun Joo), who inherits the family's gravesite from her late uncle. From then on, she experiences mysterious incidents, all of which revolve around the gravesite. 

Writer and director Yeon Sang Ho was in charge of planning and writing, and director Min Hong Nam, who collaborated with director Yeon Sang Ho as an assistant director in Train to BusanPsychokinesis, and Peninsula, helmed the K-drama.

Commenting on The Bequeathed, director Yeon said that the conflicts among families surrounding inheritance is a familiar topic, and it can be a bit cliché. So, while writing the script, he went one step further than the stories people already knew and pondered what would make the K-drama unique.

He said, "I thought about what setting could express the duality of a family in an extreme way."

The latter part of The Bequeathed includes a somewhat shocking twist. However, it doesn't end with just the twist. The real message of the work comes after the twist is revealed.

Director Yeon Sang Ho said, "I believe a good work [production] should be able to pose good questions." "The protagonist's line at the end is both a question and a message that The Bequeathed delivers. After everything is revealed, the perspective on the characters changes."

Director Yeon Sang Ho's next project is Parasyte: The Grey, starring Jeon So NeeKoo Kyo Hwan, and Lee Jung HyunParasyte: The Grey is a Netflix series that portrays a conflict between humans and unknown parasites that fall from space, take humans as hosts, and create their own forces using humans as hosts and commit murder. It is based on a Japanese manga series Kiseijuu by Iwaaki Hitoshi.

Director Yeon Sang Ho stated, "It is a completely new story with only the setting of parasites taken. While the original manga dealt with events in Japan, Parasyte: The Grey sets the premise that parasites have also fallen in Korea. I tried to express the original work's theme sincerely."

Talking about Hellbound Season 2, director Yeon Sang Ho expressed, "We are currently working on the second half of Hellbound Season 2, and I think it will be possible to release it around the second half of this year." He also said, "I am really looking forward to it a lot." "Moon Geun YoungKim Sung CheolIm Sung Jaeand Kim Shin Rok all did their best in this work. They are amazing actors."

The Bequeathed will be released on January 19 exclusively on Netflix.

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