de lo_ve, Janeiro 12, 2024

Another K-drama has been offered to DEX

On January 12, media outlet OSEN shared that DEX will be having his first-ever leading role in the upcoming K-drama Tarot. This will possibly be his second upcoming K-drama since his debut. 

DEX's agency responded to the casting reports. According to the agency, DEX is positively reviewing the casting offer.

Tarot is a horror genre K-drama that revolves around seven mystery thrillers. The story will begin as the main character receives a tarot card. 

The upcoming K-drama will be released through U+ Mobile TV. Other notable K-dramas that were aired through the platform were High Cookie, Night Has Come, and more. 

There is no information yet on who will join the cast of the upcoming K-drama Tarot. The premiere date of the K-drama is also not yet been revealed. 

2024 is the year that DEX will also venture into acting. 

DEX became known to the public through the Netflix original program Single’s Inferno Season 2. He participated and became one of the most famous participants of the season. After becoming a participant, he is now part of the main hosts of the recently ended Single’s Inferno Season 3

Aside from the program, he also participated in several variety shows and made more people fall for his charms. He was included in the cast of Adventure by Accident Season 2, Zombieverse, The Art of Eating, Men on Fire, and more. 

He will also be the new member of The Zone: Survival Mission Season 3. He will join Yoo Jae Suk and Girls Generation's Kwon Yu Ri. He will also replace Lee Kwang Soo who was part of the first two seasons. 

DEX is also reviewing the offer to star in the upcoming K-drama i Shopping with Yeom Jung Ah, Won Jin Ah, and Kang Ji Yong. He will play a supporting role in the series. 


Which actors should join DEX in the upcoming K-drama Tarot?