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Mouse: A shocking murder mystery with countless mind-boggling twists and turns.  

  • This intriguing tale of psychological-thriller juggles over too many character variations by shedding a light on one of the most complex subjects of science but remains a fantasy of its own world. 
  • Choi Ran's story of psychopathy vs. psychopaths perhaps tries to do too much, but both Lee's acting of this eccentric tale gives it focus. 

This article contains information that might be revealing for readers. It is advised to skip the story part of this article if you are planning to watch the series after its original run.  Any inconvenience caused by this piece of information is not intended. 

tvN has always managed to capture its viewers' attention with its power-packed productions and quality content. With thirty-three out of sixty spots on the list of the highest-rated Korean dramas in cable television history, tvN is home to exceptional psychological and mystery thrillers.

Previously helmed Flower of Evil in association with Studio Dragon was an excellent example of how a television series can keep its audiences at the edge of their seats, by keeping all the elements of thrill in momentum. From the same production house comes another triller-packed series, which is moving towards its end, a psychological thriller, Mouse, that has managed to create a huge impact on its viewers, by touching daring concepts of psychopathy and psychopaths. 

As catchy as its title, Mouse, which is primarily based on the concept of psychopathy, has become a debate for viewers who are currently in the middle of a long battle-like discussion to project their theories, into this dark tale of murder-mystery.

Unfortunately, the series itself is not a discussion on this heavy topic, rather it is left for the public to probe into this complex branch of human psychology. While the series focused on a typical cop, chasing a killer who is obsessed with divinity by claiming people's lives in the name of sins, mentioned explicitly in Seven vices or otherwise known as Seven Deadly Sins. The premise closely entangles the storyline of its characters that are woven in a web of lies.

Production Details

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Writer(s)Choi Ran
Director(s)Kang Cheol WooChoi Joon Bae
Producer(s)Jeong Hoe Seok, Nam Gun Jung
CastSee the full list here
Original Episodes20 
Related / Special(s)Special and The Predator
Production Studio(s) HIGROUND,  Studio Invictus
Online Availability  Viki (sub), Viu (sub), IQiyi (sub)
Original Release
March 3, - May 19, 2021

Background of Mouse

Given how dark the subject of the series is, it wasn’t a surprise to know that the inspiration behind the story was even darker. In 2017, the shocking and grisly event of the Incheon Elementary School Murder Case became the headline that sent shockwaves to the nation, when a dismembered body of an 8-year old girl was found on the rooftop of a building. Two suspects were arrested and they soon confessed to their crimes who turned out to be minors.  

This event subsequently resulted in becoming the inspiration behind this series, for reasons that are as disturbing as murder itself. The director and writer developed Mouse on the facts revealed during the trial of this murder case. The prime suspect and the defendant found guilty in this case exhibited breathtakingly cold and calm behaviour. During questioning, the victim's mother asked the defendant a question expecting a remorseful answer, but what the defendant said, shook the entire courtroom. Defendant said, “the weather is nice outside, but it's a pity for me not to see the cherry blossoms.” 

The response was widely seen in a spectrum of traits possessed by a serial killer or in other words a psychopath. The defendant later was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Director Choi Joon Bae said, “the emotional gap between the victim, whose life was destroyed, and the killer, who is ignorant and makes a comment about cherry blossom season, enraged writer Choi … The series will show how the writer put that emotion into the story.”

What happens when psychopaths capable of no emotions, 
starts to feel the weight of their crimes? Is there any salvation for such people? 
Will there come an absolution for what they have sinned?

While this incident may have cemented the plot for this crazy tale, writer Choi's determination to show, no matter how cold and brutal human beings are, they are all bound to emotions.

The Story Overview - Spoiler Alert!

Main article: Summary (Episode 1 - 17) + Predator

Mouse revolves around a Crime Unit Detectives Ko Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon) and Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi), along with reporter Choi Hong Jo (Kyung Soo Jin), who launched an investigation into ongoing murders to catch a killer, who Moo Chi claims to be a psychopath. However, the murders are not the only crime Moo Chi is involved with - his drive to kill the infamous serial killer Headhunter, remains his fueling vengeance to avenge his parents' death. Together with Ba Reum, and Hong Jo - Moo Chi unravel hidden truths and secrets in a close-knitted fate of people around him. 

The series details the events of twenty-one years or so in past over different timelines. The country is in complete distress over grisly murders committed by a serial killer known as Headhunter, who kills and beheads his victims. Dr. Daniel Lee, a genius geneticist, succeeds in finding a gene in humans associated with psychopathy. He proposes his research to the Korean government to enact legislation that would mandate people to take this test, and he claims it can be identified early in pregnancy. However, his proposition is rejected when it is found that there is a 1% chance of not detecting that gene, thus clouding the decision. Sometime later, a family is brutally murdered by Headhunter, with two sons of the family surviving and the youngest exposing the Headhunter. The killer turns out to be the famous Dr. Han Seo Jun who is also a close friend of Dr. Daniel. Shocked by this discovery, Daniel is devastated to know that Seo Jun also killed his sister and their stepfamily.  Seo Jun is sentenced to life with the death penalty when his wife Sung Ji Eun testifies against him. Ji Eun, who was pregnant at the time of her husband's arrest, tested positive for a psychopathic gene along with another woman she met at the hospital but both decided to go ahead with their pregnancies to prove the search wrong.

Many years later, a volatile detective Moo Chi is investigating a strange set of murders, he claims to be a doings of a psychopath. Moo Chi turns out to be a child who exposed Seo Jun and harbors a deep resentment towards him ever since. Another detective Ba Reum, known for his kindness gets involved with Moo Chi when his friend and fellow detective Na Chi Kook brutally stabbed and left for dead in a prison where Seo Jun is imprisoned. Their lives further get embroiled when they meet estrange but genius doctor Sung Yo Han, who treats Ba Reum's friend for his injuries. Yo Han is revealed to be Seo Jun's son and Hong Jo's boyfriend, who has known him since his school days. However, as the series progresses and more murders take place, Yo Han becomes the center of attention and a prime suspect of killings. 

In the midst of killing, a young boy Kim Han Kook is kidnaped by the killer and he challenges Moo Chi to expose his reason for the killings.  Along with Ba Reum and Hong Jo, they arrange a live program to expose the killer but Moo Chi's brother Ko Moo Won, who survived in Headhunter incident, gets murdered live on television, when Moo Chi exposes that the killer has been killing people for acting opposite of their desires, when deep down they wanted to act on their lusts - inciting that his brother forgave the killer of their parents, when he shouldn't have.

"He Who Does Not Envy... Is A Sinner" - The Psychopath

With no information and evidence, the narrative changes towards Yo Han, who has been seen present at all the killings. When Moo Chi gets to know his identity of being a Headhunter's son, he has him under surveillance, but no proof is found. Yo Han, who is now under police scrutiny visits Ba Reum and they get into a violent fight. While saving Ba Ruem, Moo Chi shoots Yo Han, who later dies in hospital and Ba Reum goes into a coma after having multiple surgeries for his brain injuries. Waking up to no memories, Ba Reum experiences a sudden change in his behavior, and strange urges start to overpower his brain. A neighborhood girl Oh Bong Yi, who takes a liking to Ba Reum gets devastated when he is unable to recognize her, and their relationship of all these years.  

One year after the events, Ba Reum comes back as an officer. Moo Chi was demoted for his part in killing Yo Han and now works in an evidence collection room. Several murders start happening again and during investigations, Ba Reum shows excellent instinctive skills to discover the motives of the murderer. It is then revealed that Ba Reum was given a brain transplant by none other than Seo Jun and the donor was Yo Han.  Ba Reum, who starts having strange memories is devastated by this discovery and visits Seo Jun. With this revelation, he continues to solve murders and his brains show drastic changes in his personality. The killer of these murders reveals to be Young Chul, the son of a woman who met Ei Jun in hospital. Young Chul is later murdered by Ba Reum. When Ba Reum tries to turn himself in, he is stopped by Daniel Lee, who was thought to have been murdered by Yo Han. He explains that his brain now can't resist the urges he has been having and his brain will slowly overpower if he continues to act against it. Lee, suggests Ba Reum kill people identified with the psychopathic gene, instead of acting on his urges randomly that will end him up killing his loved ones. 

"However there is a twist to all that is happening" and it is very satisfying to see the crux of everything coming to an end. The final shift in the narrative has begun to connect all the dots that were left behind.

Lead & Supportive Characters

Lee Seung Gi as Jung Ba Reum
Lee Hee Joon as Ko Moo Chi

A neighbourhood cop with a kind heart and lovely personality. He is raised by his aunt and lives alone. Friends to Na Chi Kook and Koo Dong Goo, he shares a special relationship with a troubled girl Oh Bong Yi and her grandmother, who constantly tries to court Ba Reum and Bong Yi. When his friend and prison guard Chi Kook is fatally beaten, he sets to find out the truth amidst a series of murders happening under mysterious circumstances. Together with detective Moo Chi, and report Hong Cho they investigate the murders to catch the killer. 

However, his fate changes when he encounters a young doctor, Yo Han, who treated Chi Kook. Their lives are slowly intertwined into a murder mystery, where Yo Han ends up trying to kill Ba Reum but is saved by Moo Chi. Ba Reum, who recovers from the incident, starts to feel different and is shocked to know that he has been given a partial brain transplant, and the donor is none other than Yo Han. It is further revealed that he was operated by Yo Han's father, the infamous serial killer, Headhunter, Seo Jun. Ba Reum's narrative changes rapidly with drastic and shocking revelations waiting to tear him apart.

Lee Seung like his previous works is astonishing in playing his character with his fullest capability. Initially, he felt like a side character, but as the show progressed, he held the reigns of his character and showed a wide range of expressions and emotions of struggling against good v bad battles. 
The eccentric and volatile detective who disregards his seniors, and goes to extreme lengths to catch the criminals - he, along with his elder brother, was a survivor of Headhunter’s final killing. Unable to save his parents, he lives in rage and regrets with an ultimate goal to kill Han Seo Jun. He gets caught up in a series of strange murders and with Ba Reum and Hong Joo he investigates to catch the killer.

Moo Chi is estranged from his brother, as he blames himself for her brother's disability caused during the Headhunter incident when his brother tried to save Moo Chi. Moo Chi has feelings for Hong Joo and after discovering her relationship with Yo Han, he is devastated, as Yo Han turns out to be Headhunter's son. 

Loud, quick to action, and hot-headed, Moo Chi is very entertaining in this dark tail of killing. Loved by his "sunbae" he has several enemies, but he couldn't care less, as his target is Seo Jun, and is ready to give his life away after avenging his parents' death. However, he has a very warm side to it, caring for Bong Yi, and Ba Reum, he harbors scars just like the other characters.

Lee Hee Joon has shown exceptional performance. He is the only character I usually anticipate watching. He is the only person who truly knows the motives and traits of a psychopath. I can't wait to see him face the biggest revelation he has been waiting for so far.
Park Joo Hyun as Oh Bong Yi
Kyung Soo Jin as Choi Hong Joo
Troubled and hot-headed, Bong Yi has only known her grandmother all her life. Having a huge scar from childhood, she appeared to be strong but suffers from depression and emotional outbursts.  A victim of a child predator, she has always shunned people around her. Although a skilled boxer, she is unable to overcome the pain of events that happened to her. With her grandmother feeling guilty over her misfortune, she asks Ba Reum to take care of Bong Yi and often tries to court them together. She is always at odds with her grandmother.

Bong Yi with her sharp tongue, has a heart of kindness. She finds comfort in Ba Reum but refuses to acknowledge her feelings initially. When her grandmother is killed, she is left devastated and heartbroken. Ba Reum takes responsibility for Bong Yi, but in a tragic incident that happened between Yo Han and him, he is left near death and loses his memory. He reconciles with her, after having his memory back, but struggles with his feelings.

Bong Yi's character comes with a package of grievance and misery. Her being unable to overcome the unfortunate incident has taken her other abilities to darkness. She is strong, independent and capable of taking care of her own, but she has not learned to let go which becomes her biggest problem. Later on, she freed herself and tries to find happiness with Ba Reum. Unbeknownst to her, the biggest heartbreak and revelation of her life is waiting for her. 
A fierce reporter and program director, very little is given on her background. She seems to harbour a dark secret directly related to Headhunter.  While investigating with Moo Chi and Ba Reum, she provides them with all the help they need to solve the case. However, she herself is embroiled in a chain of unfortunate events and has a dark past that she is hesitant to knock.

Knowing how much Moo Chi resents Seo Jun, Joo hides a secret that she is dating Yo Han, the Headhunter's son. When Yo Han is revealed to be a killer, and Moo Chi sets to chase him, it is revealed that Joo is pregnant. With Yo Han's death, she seems to regret it but eventually gives birth to a baby boy, despite making up her mind for abortion earlier. She is later confronted by Moo Chi for betraying them and gets to know that Moo Chi planned to propose to her.

Hong Jo's past is tightly knitted and is being revealed in bits and pieces. She is shown to have known Headhunter's secrets as she herself is one of his victims. It is revealed that her brother and she were kidnapped by Headhunter. While helping her brother to escape, she gets caught. It is not fully revealed yet, but it is clear that she is the daughter of the detective Du Seok, who has been searching for her all his life. Hong Jo for some unknown reason hides her identity. 
Ahn Jae Wook as Dr. Han Seo Jun
Jo Jae Yoon as Daniel Lee
The ex-husband of Ji Eun and infamous serial killer, Headhunter. Han Seo Jun is an exceptional neurosurgeon with eccentric abilities. He studied in England but was disgraced for intentionally killing a patient to perform an illegal brain transplant experiment. He meets Daniel Lee, a janitor at the hospital, who later becomes a world-famous criminologist. A hoax relationship to begin with, Lee acted as a benefactor for Seo Jun. An accelerator that further pushed Seo Jun towards his heinous crime, while Lee remained ignorant. 

To continue his research Seo Jun secretly performed many experiments using "mouse" as his subjects, while nowhere near success, he starts killing people to have their heads to practice, thus becoming the infamous Headhunter. Seo Jun's spree killings took a final turn when his own wife proved him to be a killer. Jailed for life with a death sentence he never showed any remorse or guilt. A stepping stone for a story, Seo Jun, though a supporting character, but is behind everything and every character's misery. It is always amusing to see his scenes, as he has always something to reveal.

A Korean-British geneticist and criminologist who identified the “psychopathic” gene returns to Korea to propose legislation that would mandate citizens to take the gene test early on in their pregnancies, to detect the psychopath gene. But his proposition is rejected when a possibility is found that a gene test could be wrong.

The character has a dark past with a twisting tale. He was a friend and colleague of Dr. Seo Jun, before discovering his friend's true identity. As a Korean-British immigrant, Lee suffered from poverty and had a terminally ill sister, whom he wanted to cure at no cost. While working as a janitor he met Dr. Seo Jun, who already had a negative reputation among colleagues. Not knowing Seo Jun's true motives, Lee forms an alliance with him to find cures for incurable diseases. When his friend’s identity is revealed as a serial killer, he is devastated to know that his sister was also killed by him. After a brief period of time, he returns to Korea, to continue his search but gets entangled in series of unfortunate events.
Kwon Hwa Woon as Sung Yo Han
Kim Jung Nan as Sung Ji Eun

A highly skilled doctor and genius neurosurgeon but he is distant, cold, and socially inept. He has always been the target of people for being a Headhunter’s son, and has been bullied, and beaten all his childhood. He was once saved by Ba Reum and his friend Na Chi Kook, from a group of bullies back in school. Later, he tried to commit suicide but Hong Jo stood for him and helped him moved on. 

Yo Han comes in contact with Ba Reum again when Na Chi Kook, who is mysteriously beaten, is treated by him. When a series of murders happen, he is always shown present at the scene and has a secret room full of pictures of all the victims including Ba Reum. Yon Han is declared a murderer when he is shot by Moo Chi while saving Ba Reum. Yo Han later dies in hospital. 

With almost no dialogues, he left a huge impact on the story. For future events to take place, he was a scapegoat for a real mastermind. For not even once I had him taken as a killer, my heart actually sank when I saw him going off like that. He had such an impact whenever he was on screen. Now that the cat is out of the bag, he will finally be free from the crimes he never committed. 
The ex-wife of Seo Jun and "supposedly" Yo Han’s mother. While married to Seo Jun, she was oblivious of her husband's identity as Headhunter and was eight months pregnant when Seo Jun was arrested. She testified against her husband when she saw him burying a head in their lawn. 

She goes into hiding after her unborn child has tested positive for a psychopath "gene". However, she decided to give birth. She later changes her name and remarries, but her step-family is murdered under mysterious circumstances. She loathed her teenage son who has always shown psychopathic behaviour and is always embroiled in problems.

She as a character has very few scenes but holds great power over the story. We have yet to see how she remarried, and who killed her step-family. It is also not revealed as of yet, who her son turned out to be. We only know that Yo Han is her son, but whether he is the real son or is there any foul play involved.

Other Characters

Several other characters helped develop the story but were either killed or appeared from time to time whenever their connections needed to affirm the story. Among those, there is the character Jae Hoon played by Kim Kang Hoon. He is a key figure of the past that leads to the chain of events that happened in the future. In line with him, there is  Bong Yi's grandmother played by Kim Young Ok who is killed when she discovered the killer's identity. She was the only person Bong Yi had and was entrusted to Ba Reum by her grandmother.

The ill-fated brother of Moo Chi, Ko Moo Won played by Kim Young Jae, who sacrificed himself while saving Moo Chi from Headhunter's attack, suffer from injuries sustained during that incident. Moo Chi's hostility and coldness towards his brother is the guilt he feels for the sacrifice his brother made for him. Moo Won later gets killed by another serial killer live on television for forgiving Seo Jun.  Friends of Ba Reum, Woo Ji Hyun as Koo Dong Goo - a police officer and Lee Seo Joon as Na Chi Kook - Ba Reum's high school friend and prison guard, have also played a huge part in the series. Both regard Ba Reum as their best friend, but Chi Kook, who nearly gets killed by a psychopathic killer knows more than what Dong Goo does. 

Ba Reum's aunt played by Kang Mal Geum is a mysterious character who appeared after his accident to help recover his memory. She has a six years old son, Hoon Suk played by Lee Chae Hyun, however, she seems to be hiding facts about Ba Reum's life. She lies to Ba Reum about her being transferred to the US and every time she appears, she seems to be afraid. Another mysterious character is the obnoxious young detective Lee Min Soo played by Kim Min Soo. He is shown to disregard his seniors, especially Moo Chi and Shin Shang, and seems to harbour resentment towards Moo Chi. He was shown to be watching Moo Chi from the sidelines with unreadable expressions.

The unfortunate detective Park Du Seok, played by Ahn Nae Sang, whose own two children were victims of Headhunter, is always in regret and takes care of his mentally unstable wife during the investigation of his killings. Although pronounced dead, her daughter remains are yet to be found. Detective Shin Sang played by Pyo Ji Hoon is a cheerful addition to the cast. Born after ten years of marriage, he is the son of the next presidential candidate. He solves cases with Ba Reum and Moo Chi. However, his father was the one who refused to vote for the "gene" test, thus coming under suspicion of having a psychopathic gene. Choi Young Shin played by Jung Ae Ri is a President secretary who knows the deep secrets surrounding Headhunter and the crimes involving Yo Han and the serial killer. However, to save the President from public scrutiny she is keeping everything quiet.  

Psychopath v Serial Killer v Predator 

The following study is based on the comprehensive research on Serial Murder by Behavioral Science Unit - 2 

Throughout the series, two terms are used constantly - psychopath and serial killer. However, there is a misconception and lack of understanding, what these two terms really are? One may assume that all psychopaths are serial killers and all serial killers are psychopaths but there is a significant difference. The relationship between psychopathy and serial killers is particularly interesting.

All psychopaths do not become serial murderers. Rather, serial murderers may possess some or many of the traits consistent with psychopathy. Psychopaths who commit serial murder do not value human life and are extremely callous in their interactions with their victims. This is particularly evident in sexually motivated serial killers who repeatedly target, stalk, assault, and kill without a sense of remorse. However, psychopathy alone does not explain the motivations of a serial killer.

The basic definition of a serial killer is: 

"The unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events."  

According to research, this definition was put forth in the already available definition that was limited in its application. A serial killer does not have a specific motive and they do not have a generic profile. However, traits common to some serial murderers include lack of remorse or guilt, impulsivity, the need for control, and predatory behaviour. These traits and behaviours are consistent with a psychopathic personality disorder.

Psychopathy can best describe as:

"Psychopathy is a personality disorder manifested in people who use a mixture of charm, manipulation, intimidation, and occasionally violence to control others, in order to satisfy their own selfish needs."

Psychopaths are not sensitive to altruistic interview themes, such as sympathy for their victims or remorse/guilt over their crimes. They do possess certain personality traits that can be exploited, particularly their inherent narcissism, selfishness, and vanity. In past successful interviews of psychopathic serial killers, specific themes focused on praising their intelligence, cleverness, and skill in evading capture. It is important to mention, not all violent offenders are psychopaths and not all psychopaths are violent offenders.

The third used term is "Predator", this trait directly belongs to psychopathy. Predatory violence is violence that is planned, purposeful, and emotionless. Such type of violence is "cold-blooded" and it is one of the prime traits of a psychopath. And if you have seen the show's special episodes, you will understand the term and the cruelty behind it.

I know it will sound boring to many readers, however, it is an extremely intriguing study on how these behaviour are born. Is there really a "gene" that exists causing all of this or does a person evolves on their own and become violent? It is a human study and regardless of how many criminal profilings have been done, each person, each individual is different, and with time everything evolves.

Thoughts on story, concept, and finale 

This drama has one of the best pilot episodes I have ever seen in the Korean drama industry. The opening, in the church where a blood-soaked boy asking God, why He made him a monster to the climax where a killer, under heavy snow, kills mercilessly, to the final scene where he pulls a running kid back in the bus, whose scream and plea of help send shivers down your spine but everything calms down when thick gore blood seeps through the corners of the bus. I was hooked, and remember Lee Seung Gi's words, "it is about time that Korea had this kind of series", I kind of felt it and was prepared for an even cruller story ahead. However, the series went off track with its logic and ethic but remains shockingly jaw-dropping and confusing.  

It started really strong and the first six episodes felt like a mini-season, perfect score there. But after that, it took an entirely different turn. It felt like they needed to fill the season somehow, and when they thought it is time to pace up the story. The big moment came with episode fifteen, which makes a viewer a little disappointed, like nothing solid happen for about six episodes straight, apart from murders after murders.  And the release of a sixty-minute two episodic Predator spin-off, that could have been easily added to the original broadcast would have made much more sense than to just watch those repetitive scenes only have a handful of actual events not shown in the original run. 

The writing of "Mouse" has reportedly been the focus of the psychology of psychopathy, but unfortunately, there is a serious lack of probing into that aspect. A serial killer story at least focuses on two aspects, the comprehensive investigation to catch the killer, and trying to understand what drives that killer. For the latter, Mouse has been disappointing so far. Choi Ran's story of psychopathy vs. psychopaths perhaps tries to do too much just like her previous work, but both Lee's acting of this eccentric tale gives it focus. As an avid fan of psychological thriller and crime series, Mouse however is a far-fetched fantasy in this genre. It pains me to see the story drifting away from reality so quickly. I have watched the author's previous work Black, and those who have watched the series, know how messy it became at the end.

When Mouse and its theme was announced, one show that came to my mind was Mindhunter. While I wasn't expecting something even close to it - I did expect it to be mature enough to seize the opportunity. However, this intriguing tale of psychological-thriller juggles over too many character variations by shedding a light on one of the most complex subjects of science but remains a fantasy of its own world. 

Having said this, I want to pursue it to the end. With the story reaching its end, it has picked up its pace. With only five episodes left, I am really curious to know how it will end. The last series I watched where the hero was an anti-herodid not end well. The possibility for any kind of salvation for its villain is very bleak, and there shouldn't be, no matter how much our hearts break and how much we want to save the lost soul.

The writer's words are actually the crux of this whole show - to make "psychopaths feel for what they have done". However, It is not possible in reality, that is why the writer infused her own rage to pull the strings for characters. This freedom does not exist in real life, but if you give voice to your words, they become reality. Mouse is definitely a change in the narrative to what we have been accustomed to usually. It may not be the perfect series, but it does hold its ground to deliver what it promised, even at the cost of logical facts and reasoning. 

Mouse is streaming on Viki, Viu, IQiyi in selected regions. The finale is scheduled to air on May 19th, 2021, at 10:30 PM.

What are your thoughts on the forthcoming finale?

Last but not least, actress Chun Jung Ha, who played Chi Kook's mother, recently passed away. 
Her scenes are yet to be aired. This article is dedicated to her memory. May the departed soul rest in peace.

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