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With a summer filled with many Chinese dramas hitting the scene, finding one that interests you and you can commit to is not easy. Thankfully, it was made much easier for me with the Legend of Yun Xi because this Chinese drama happens to be an adaptation of a novel I really like called Poison Genius Consort

Although I enjoyed the novel, I had my doubts even starting this Chinese drama for two important reasons. The first reason is there still a Chinese law that bans time travel stories, which means anything depicting the alternating of history through transmigration is off the table. Poison Genius Consort happens to be a time travel story so the chunk of the story, dedicating to that is out of the drama. The second reason is that they are likely going to dumb down all the characters and plot, which is originally quite complicated.

Considering my doubts, why would  I still give this drama a chance? Well, it was a bit of a 'damn if you do, damn if you don't' situation. The temptation was too real,  I just couldn't help myself but try. And here is the evidence for MDL's eyes only.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead!)      

             THE  STORY            

The story takes place in Tian Ning, one of the three most powerful kingdoms. Han Yun Xi, our heroine,  has been forced to marry the Duke of Qin, Long Fei Ye by the Emperor of Tian Ning's decree. Neither Yun Xi or Fei Ye expect much from this marriage nor do they expect to slow fall in love. With a background filled with betrayals, poison cases,  and political turmoil, they must work through at each and every step. 

Personally, I expected them to take some of the original plot away. I didn't expect them to shift it the way they did, but I wasn't terribly upset by it. There are currently a lot of characters flowing around in the story, it is too early to say much, but you are presented with a sort of case to solve so you have something solid to follow before you can familiarize yourself with everyone. 

             THE MAIN CHARACTERS            

HAN YUN XI (played by Ju Jing Yi)

Han Yun Xi is the main protagonist of the story. Yun Xi is the daughter of Doctor Han and Lady Tianxi, both of whom have medical skills. Unlike her parents, Yun Xi's medical knowledge is limited until she receives her mother's bracelet which holds amazing medical texts specifically pertaining to poisons, soon becoming a poison expert. She is a kind, persistent, and smart lady, but most of the country believes her to be ugly, stupid, and disfigured. Because her mother saved the Empress Dowager a long time ago, Yun Xi was granted a marriage with the Duke of Qin, Long Fei Ye as a political payback by the Emperor and Empress Dowager (his mother).

LONG FEI YE (played by Zhang Zhe Han)

Long Fei Ye is the male lead and the protagonist of the story. He is well-known as the Duke of Qin, younger brother to the Emperor. Fei Ye is intelligent, coldhearted, and ruthless with many secrets. He is a powerful figure in the country and often thought to be on par with his imperial brother. However, the Emperor and Empress Dowager begin doubting whether Fei Ye is even the Emperor's real brother and therefore distrust him. Emperor decrees for Fei Ye to marry Han Yun Xi, a woman below his class and considered to be a useless disfigured mess as a way to keep him in check and find out his identity. 

GU QI SHAO (played by Yalkun Merxat)

Gu Qi Shao is the second male lead of the story. He is the Master of Yao Gui Valley, a place filled with medicinal herbs and poisons. Qi Shao is a very mysterious figure whose motives aren't clear. He presents himself as a clever, decisive and at times, playful character. He appears to be the antagonist of Long Fei Ye, as he tries to ensnare him on multiple occasions. Qi Shao, quickly becomes friends with Han Yun Xi after she enters into his valley by bravely going through the poison gas protection barrier. His character doesn't really come into play much of the time really. 

             THE REVIEW            

I was pleasantly surprised by how cute the drama was. It seems quite light and fun so far. I am happy with Yun Xi as a female character. She is far more fearless towards Fei Ye compared to the novel where she is scared of him at times. I genuinely find Yun Xi's character just adorable, though I wish she was more mature and actually behaved fitting with the setting in Wu Xia period. Although she isn't the only one who doesn't seem to fit the period, you can see several supporting characters behave in ways that are nearly opposite to the behaviour you see being displayed in the place. It is a tad off-putting at times. 

As for Fei Ye, he isn't as tough as an ice block. Good news to some. He does seem to be staring at empty spaces instead of people a lot of the time, which is both hilarious and disturbing at the same time. There was also this crazy transformers freak out where he turned into a white-haired powered up version that was weird, to say the least. Seriously, though, he went all super saiyan in the middle of a fight. Other than that, I didn't really have much of a problem with his characters as of yet. The side characters are the comedic relief for this drama if they aren't in the palace. If they are side characters and they are in the palace, they are just plotting the whole time. My biggest complaint, so far, is the lack of one character's presence who is worthy mentioning if you read the novel.

For the first couple episodes I've watched, everything looks to be going somewhere. Lets hope it all goes well.


 The moment of truth has arrived with its one question. Should you watch this drama? Well, let me put it plainly for you in a bulletproof format, dearies. If you like the following:

  • Historical drama with action, politics, and romance
  • A medical historical drama
  • A cute female lead who will hopefully blossom into a badass (she is also super pretty)
  • A tsundere ready to let it all go for the female lead (he is naturally hot)
  • Need something a little lighthearted
  • Are willing to commit to a 48-episode drama

Then watch the drama. Let me know what you all think in the comments below!




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