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Hello, again, fellow MDL'ers. I decided to do something different this time. Since I usually watch a lot of Chinese Dramas, I thought why not make an Article about upcoming dramas since I always keep myself updated? 

Fun Fact: Although these dramas are being released in Fall, we call it Autumn in my country, and it's Spring right now where I'm from. :)


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Note: There are probably dramas that I have missed. There probably won't be much information on October and November as Chinese Dramas can be quite spontaneous when it comes to announcing airing dates of upcoming dramas. Some of these release dates may change in the future. 

No Way For Stumer

Other Name: The Counterfeiter 

Network: iQiYi 

Episodes: 24 

Release Date: Sep 3, 2019 

Cast: Li Zhuo Yang, Wu You

Synopsis: Branching out from the usual law enforcement themes is a Chinese drama that follows a team of investigators who make equally considerable sacrifices in their mission to put a stop to counterfeit money.

Watch on: iQiYi app 

Mountains and Ocean

Network: Youku 

Episodes: 24

Release Date: Sep 3, 2019

Cast: Zhuang Da Fei, Huang Sheng Chi, Fan Zhi Xin

Synopsis: A story about history and art is told through a school romance. Her love has led him to see verdant hills and clear streams and paint the scrolls of mountains and oceans.

Watch on: YouTube (currently raw)

Adventurous Romance


Network: iQiYi

Episodes: 12

Release Date: Sep 6, 2019 - Oct 11, 2019

Cast: Li Wen Han, Sun Meng Yun

Synopsis: A love story about chasing your dreams also touches upon the dark side of using brain implants to control one's emotions. A once-famous idol and his fan-girl meet again. Their lives hang by a thread after being caught in the middle of a conspiracy.

Watch on: iQiYi app

Waiting For You In The Future

Other Name: Right Here Waiting For You 

Network: iQiYi

Episodes: 36

Release Date: Sep 9, 2019

Cast: Li Guang Jie, Fei Qi Ming, Sun Qian

Synopsis: A middle-aged man time travels back in time to his high school days as a high school teacher.

Watch on: iQiYi app, Viki (restricted access)

You Are My Answer

Network: Mango TV, Hunan TV, Youku 

Episodes: 40

Release Date: Sep 9, 2019

Cast: Wu Jin Yan, Guo Xiao Dong

Synopsis: A story that follows the romantic entanglements between the experienced head of the major crimes division and a young, quirky screenwriter.


Project 17: Skate Our Souls

Other Name: Project S: Skate Our Souls 

Network: Mango TV, Youku 

Episodes: 12

Release Date: Sep 10, 2019 

Cast: Guo Zi Fan, Ancy Deng

Synopsis: Through skateboarding, a young man suffering from depression overcomes his fears and finds the warmth of friendship.

Chinese remake of Thai drama Project S The Series: Skate Our Souls

Paratrooper Spirit

Network: Jiangsu TV 

Episodes: 35

Release Date: Sep 15, 2019 - Oct 3, 2019

Cast: Jerry Jia, Frida Li

Synopsis: With actual combat as their training ground, a team of paratroopers pushes hard to level up their fighting abilities and complete different missions.

It is part of the 86 recommended dramas to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

On the Road

Network: Dragon TV, Youku, Zhejiang TV 

Episodes: 58

Release Date: Sep 23, 2019 

Cast: Liu Ye, Ma Yi Li

Synopsis: Yao Yuan is a man who fought many setbacks to achieve a breakthrough in the field of online express delivery. This story revolves around 20 years of ups and downs in his life.

The World Owes Me A First Love

Other Name: Lucky's First Love

Network: iQiYi

Episodes: 24

Release Date: Sep 27, 2019

Cast: Bai Lu, Xing Zhao Lin

Synopsis: A story about first love and romances from the perspective of three couples in the workplace. It follows an independent young woman brimming with potential who crosses paths with a black-bellied boss.

A Little Thing Called First Love

Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV

Episodes: 32

Release Date: Sep 2019

Cast: Lai Kuan Lin, Angel Zhao

Synopsis: The story is about an unattractive 14-year-old girl who's secretly in love with the most popular boy in high school, You Nian. She tries to do everything in hopes to get his attention.

Chinese remake of the Thai movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Begonia Rouge

Other Name: Hai Tang's Rouge Shines Through The Rain 

Network: Mango TV, Anhui TV

Episodes: 50

Release Date: Sep 2019

Cast: Li Yi Tong, Deng Lun

Synopsis: Set in the world of rouge making during the Republican era, the story follows the romantic entanglements between the second young master of Lang Manor and the mysterious Gu Haitang.


Fake Princess

Other Name: Counterfeit Crown Princess

Network: Baidu TV

Episodes: 24

Release Date: Oct 2019

Cast: Eleanor Lee, Zhao Yi Qin

Synopsis: The rise to power of a free-spirited bandit who somehow stumbles into marriage with the Crowned Prince.

Love and Passion

Network: Unknown 

Episodes: 50

Release Date: Oct 10, 2019

Cast: Kevin Yan, Qing Lan

Synopsis: The story promises to be an epic melodrama fraught with the onslaught of war in the 1930s, painstaking love triangles and a complicated romance that is met with opposition at every turn.

Project 17: SPIKE

Other Name: Project S: SPIKE

Network: Mango TV, Youku

Episodes: 12

Release Date: Oct 2019

Cast: Zhu Zhi Ling, Rainbow Xu

Synopsis: A story about underdogs follows a volleyball team who loses an ace player to another team and a captain who has trouble keeping the new replacement in line.

Chinese Remake of the Thai drama Project S The Series: SPIKE


Network: iQiYi, Baidu TV

Episodes: 70

Release Date: Nov 1, 2019

Cast: Chen Ze Yuan, Li Mo Zhi

Synopsis: After being reborn, a woman eradicates the obstacles in her way one at a time in the name of vengeance.

Watch on: iQiYi app

The end of 2019 is approaching yet China currently has around over 40-45 dramas that have not aired including the highly anticipated drama Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book.

What dramas are you excited to watch?

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