de lo_ve, Dezembro 28, 2023

The cast of the thriller mystery K-drama Payback: Money and Power will not participate in the upcoming SBS Drama Awards.

On December 28, SBS announced that it would be difficult for the cast of Payback: Money and Power to attend the upcoming SBS Drama Awards due to the sudden news that happened in the industry. This is with the passing of actor Lee Sun Kyun who was the main character of the K-drama. 

Payback: Money and Power was one of the most successful SBS K-dramas for this year. The K-drama was the third highest rating K-drama for 2023 after Taxi Driver Season 2 and Dr. Romantic Season 3. The K-drama received the maximum viewership rating of 11.4%. 

The K-drama aired from January to February 2023. It was led by Lee Sun Kyun, Moon Chae Won, Kang Yoo Seok, Park Hoon, Kim Hong Pa, and Lee Gi Young

Actress Moon Chae Won already stated that she would not be participating in the awards show even before the incident happened. Meanwhile, other casts of the K-drama such as Kang Yoo Seok and Park Hoon were supposed to attend the ceremony but have decided to no longer participate in respect to Lee Sun Kyun's passing. 

The SBS Drama Awards will be held without the Payback: Money and Power team. It was also reported that the actors that will be attending the event are currently rearranging their outfits for the ceremony into black to express their condolences to the deceased.

Meanwhile, many are already anticipating the upcoming 2023 SBS Drama Awards because of the outstanding candidates for the grand prize. SBS recently announced that actors Lee Je Hoon for Taxi Driver Season 2, Han Seok Kyu for Dr. Romantic Season 3, Kim Tae Ri for Revenant, and Kim Rae Won for The First Responders Season 2 are nominated for the grand prize. 

All four SBS K-dramas were not only highly rated but it was popular among local and international viewers. 

The 2023 SBS Drama Awards will be held on December 29, Friday and the live broadcast will begin at 8:40 PM KST.