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Hey everyone, after noticing the many positive and praising comments about Actors Who Need Another Duo article and how much people loved my picks, KKdrama decided to do a part 2 but with a little twist, I'll be collaborating with the lovely btsgomo.  

The same principle with the first article, we will be talking about couples, friends, a team whose chemistry is undeniable and left watchers craving for more. So we pray they get paired up again even though it's been a while for some of them and the possibility of another duo project is slim but let's cross our fingers and pray, hopefully, it will come true.


  • Some of these ships may not be so popular but it's our personal picks of duos we ship.
  • It will contain mostly couples on the list.
  • This is about the chemistry between the actors, not the characters.
  • There is a total of 10 duos on the list.

Let's start!!

It's KKdrama,

First, thanks for all the comments on the previous article, it's what gave me the idea of doing a second part! Second, I really hope u like this list just as much as the first one <3 Last but not least, let's not tell Yang I collaborated with someone else.  (⚆ _ ⚆ ) 

Nakagawa Taishi  &  Yamamoto Maika

My Little Lover

Without a doubt, this is the cutest cohabitation couple with a lovely touch of fantasy, childhood love, comedy and an OTP with fabulous chemistry that made me finish the whole thing in one day and I have to say ever since they started living under the same roof, every scene brought butterflies, no forget the butterflies, I felt the entire zoo in my tummy!! Seeing that they look even more adorable in real life, I had to add them to this list, and I know those who've seen My Little Lover would be more than thrilled to see these two together again <3 

Kang Ha Neul  &  Park Seo Joon

Midnight Runners

Our Dumb and Dumber!! This hilarious duo stole watchers' hearts in their movie Midnight Runners with their marvelous chemistry and a strong brotherly bond we all crave to have. Who wouldn't want to be part of their squad?! They are less crazy and weird in real life but their off-screen chemistry and interactions can still make me shake with laughter. Let's not forget about their killing good looks and acting skills. They are the perfect combination.

Park Soo Young (Joy)  &  Woo Do Hwan

The Great Seducer

Their drama was the definition of TOXIC. It was too suffocating. I never hated characters in my whole life as much as I hated that group of fake inhuman cruel selfish..."friends". I even ended up wanting the couple not to end up together and for the FL (the only character I liked) to just forget him and move on. But all of this only applies to their characters. Off-screen there was no denying that their chemistry is stunning and I really want to see more of them away from that horrible toxic entourage their previous characters were stuck in. Strangely, the dark gloomy theme suited them and I wish to see them work in a new drama that would make their chemistry shine even within the darkest plots.

Ma Dong Seok  &  Jo Dong Hyuk  &  Park Hae Jin

Bad Guys

If you haven't seen this drama, you should, if not for the one-of-a-kind plot then for the EPIC bromance that blossomed within the unstoppable team consisting of 3 criminals trying to catch other criminals to reduce their sentences while working with a former detective and a cop. I was beyond disappointed when both the movie and the sequel didn't bring back our bad guys' squad, their bro-chemistry is special and addicting, you couldn't help but fall in love with their gang. The BTS of the drama shows just how adorable, funny and friendly the actors were, plus they looked super comfortable around each other. It's like they've been friends for a while, so I think both fans and actors would be thrilled to work on another project.

Gao Tai Yu &  Nate Huang

A Round Trip To Love  &  A Round Trip To Love 2

What started like a fairytale ended in a tragedy. The first movie was a typical boys love story: two students falling in love, getting caught, parents disapproving, break-up, and then the cycle restarts with some twists, that's why the title is "a round trip to love" I guess. I bet the majority, including me, doesn't ship the characters but there is no way you wouldn't fall for the actors' mind-blowing chemistry. Something about them being together just feels so right. And since I don't want to re-watch the movie, I hope that their new project would be less tragic so I can keep on re-watching it day and night, but never have enough of this special pair.

Hi everyone and for the first time - It's btsgomo!

This will be my first article on MDL, so I'm excited to collaborate with the wonderful KKdrama

Kim Seul Gi  &  Nam Joo Hyuk

Surplus Princess

Kdrama GIF

Give my girl, Kim Seul Gi, the lead roles she deserves already! I swear all of her performances are always enjoyable, no matter if she is a supporting character or gracing us with a cameo. In Surplus Princess, Kim Seul Gi and Nam Joo Hyuk lead a ship that I jumped on without a life jacket. Hye-Young was the carefree and level-headed noona. BIG was the tall and boyish dongsaeng with a sexy satoori. I need to see them together on the screen again. They look adorable together!

Lee Yeon Hee  &  Choi Jin Hyuk

Gu Family Book

Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk portrayed the love story of the hero's parents in Gu Family Book. We only got 2 episodes of these two! Short, sweet and tragic. I ugly cried when their story ended. That was how bad their chemistry got to me, I wanted them to be together forever! I believe they are both very competent actors and would love to see them in a full drama whether historical or modern.

Jang Nara  &  Shin Sung Rok

The Last Empress

The Last Empress was a roller coaster ride from episode one. You'd never think you'll fall for the conniving, spiteful, villainous Emperor Lee Hyuk. I could not deny the amazing chemistry between Jang Nara and Shin Sung Rok! Their characters hated each other, and you could feel the intensity of that grudge. Lee Hyuk's change of heart could not redeem his character, but if they had met under different circumstances... We deserve another chance to see them together, please!

Moon Chae Won & Moon Geun Young

The Painter of the Wind 

These ladies are amazing! I went into this drama expecting the usual historical strife our heroine Shin Yoon Bok, played by Moon Geun Young, would have to endure. However, I was absolutely captivated by Moon Geun Young and Moon Chae Won's chemistry, their conflicts of impassioned longing and mutual, loving support for one another. Although Moon Chae Won was only playing a support role, their dynamic was so incredible that at the 2008 SBS Drama Awards, they were awarded Best Couple! They are the first female pairs to win such an award. They are also good friends in real life. We all know boys love and bromance dramas are what sells, but what about our girl ships?! Perhaps, they will only exist in our little hearts. Nevertheless, Moon Chae Won and Moon Geun Young gave us a wonderful performance in The Painter of the Wind, and I hope we can see them in another project.

Kim Sun Ah & Hyun Bin

My Lovely Sam Soon

Do you see this glow up?! I mean look at them. I know we are recovering from CLOY and the in real life wonderful revelation of that ship. My Lovely Sam Soon came out 15 years ago! It was one of my first dramas and favorites back then despite being a tween and not understanding anything about Noona Romance. Back in 2005, they both were awarded the MBC Drama Best Couple Award. As they've both advanced in their acting careers, I'd love to see them together once more. 

That's it for now! Hope you enjoyed it <3

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