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안녕~ ^^ Walking in here with baby steps.  This marks my first article here on MDL, so please be lenient with me. I'm still a growing child. ^^

As with Japan's Noodle Cart edition, here I'm bringing you the Korean version, which I hope you'll dearly like. Before you continue to the March version, I highly suggest that you check out the January and February version first. There are tons of interesting facts that happened in the first two months, that you might not want to miss out on, so hop on over to the links below and let's get this party started. ~~~


  • Girls’ Generation’s Kim Tae Yeon’s father passed away due to sudden cardiac arrest on her birthday. ~ SoompiNaver
  • NU’EST’s Ren’s grandfather passed away. ~ SoompiSoompi
  • JBJ95’s Kenta’s mother passed away due to a chronic illness. ~ Naver
  • Moon Ji Yoon (36) passed away due to acute septicemia (blood poisoning). ~ NaverMDL


  • Police found no evidence of high-ranking officials’ involvement in the manipulation of votes in Idol School nor in Produce 101 series. ~ NaverSoompi
  • Eddy Kim received a suspension of indictment in his court case related to the chatrooms with Jung Joon Young and the sharing of pornographic material. ~ Soompi
  • Hong Ji Koon got himself involved in a drunk driving incident, which consequently made his currently airing drama Hyena edit his scenes out. ~ Soompi
  • Parasite becomes the most commercially successful Korean film in Japan, after previously topping the Japanese box office and becoming the first Korean film to do so in 15 years. ~ Naver
  • Parasite becomes the highest-grossing foreign-language film in the U.K. after The Passion of the Christ held that title for the past 16 years. ~ Naver
  • Brother of the late former KARA’s member Goo Ha Ra shared via his lawyer his stance on the ongoing case with their mother who is seeking half of the late singer’s inheritance. ~ SoompiNaver
  • Ha Yeon Soo, after being on the receiving end of sexual remarks and other malicious comments for the past seven years, decided to sue the café page and its owner that’s been bothering her. Consequently, this forced the owner of the café’s page to issue a direct apology to the actress, after which Han Yeon Soo decided to not sue them anymore, accept their apology and forgive the page owner. ~ SoompiNaver
  • Yoo Seung Jun won his final trial case after the Supreme Court upheld the original verdict that his ban on visa made by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Los Angeles is illegal. ~ NaverSoompi
  • Former MONSTA X’s member Won Ho has been cleared of all charges involving his drug case from late last year, and his former agency Starship Entertainment has released a statement informing that the investigation has been concluded. Dispatch also released an exclusive interview with the singer that shared his experience of going through such a situation. ~ Soompi, Naver, Soompi, Naver
  • Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In shared her frustration through a post on her Instagram account for having that same account hacked several times from January till March. ~ InstagramSoompi
  • Former FTISLAND’s member Choi Jong Hoon received his court sentence for attempted bribery during his drunk-driving incident back in 2016 and for spreading illegally-taken footage. He has been sentenced to one year in prison suspended to two years of probation and to attend 80 hours in a sexual violence rehabilitation program. ~ Naver
  • Former TVXQ and JYJ's member Park Yoo Chun is reportedly scheduled to face trial after failing to pay damages to one of the women who accused him of sexual assault back in 2016. ~ IlyoSoompi
  • TVXQ’s U-Know Yun Ho applied to register a patent on a mask design, with which you can drink water through it. ~ Naver
  • Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee got booked without detention for a drunk driving incident. Later it was revealed that the accident which happened around 6 a.m. was caused by the other driver who swayed into the second lane and made a small dent in the singer’s car. Hwanhee having had drinks the night before drove the next day thinking all the alcohol flushed out already. ~ NaverNate


Hope you enjoyed this month's news snippets. If there's anything that's missing or you'd like to see implemented in the next month's edition, please let me know.

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