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안녕~ ^^ We already reached May, so buckle up and let's check out what interesting things happened in the month of April.
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  • Claudia Kim and her husband Cha Min Geun, WeWork Labs co-founder, announced through her agency that they're expecting their first child. ~ MK
  • Lee Yoon Ji and her non-celebrity husband welcomed their second child, a baby girl nicknamed Ra Dol. ~ Naver
  • Jang Sung Kyu and his non-celebrity wife welcomed their second child, a baby boy. ~ Instagram, Naver
  • EXO's Chen and his non-celebrity wife welcomed their first child, a baby girl. ~ MDL, Naver

  • Baek Sung Hyun (31) announced through his agency that he tied the knot to his non-celebrity girlfriend after four years of dating on April 25, 2020. ~ Naver, Soompi, Spotv News
  • So Ji Sub (42) announced through his agency along with a personal letter that he tied the knot with TV presenter Jo Eun Jung on April 7, 2020. ~ MDL
  • Click-B's Kim Sang Hyuk (36) announced through his Instagram that he is divorcing his wife, shopping mall CEO Song Da Ye, after one year of marriage. ~ Instagram, Soompi

  • After the police found Wheesung passed out at his home on two occasions this past month for using an anesthetic similar to propofol, the singer has tested negative for all illegal drugs. Nevertheless, Wheesung has been forwarded to the prosecution over suspicions of propofol usage in the past after the police acquired a testimony from a drug dealer that claimed they sold illegal drugs to the singer before. ~ Naver
  • Jo In Sung recently went to a hospital to perform a small procedure on his knee after he started feeling pain in going about his everyday activities. The agency stated that the knee pain was not due to his filming for his new film Escape. ~ Naver
  • Jeon So Min halted all activities for a period of one month due to increasing health concerns. After not being in good physical condition for some time, the actress had visited a hospital and with the doctor's recommendation was advised to rest at home and has, therefore, halted all activities in order to recover from the accumulated fatigue. ~ Naver
  • Former KARA's member Kang Ji Young was hit by a drunk driver while going back home from filming her new drama Midnight Snack Couple. The actress suffered minor injuries and has since received proper medical treatment, which consequently temporarily halted her filming activities. ~ Naver
  • After Jang Geun Suk's mother, who's the CEO of Tree J Company, the actor's former agency, got indicted without detention on charges of tax evasion, the director of the agency stepped up to inform the public and the actor's fans that Jang Geun Suk had not been aware nor involved in any way of his mother's wrongdoings. The actor and the director had already planned to part ways with Tree J Company and to establish their own agency, even before the actor's mother got involved in this incident. ~ Naver, Full English statement - Soompi
  • Supernova's Jung Yoon Hak, after finishing his individual promotions in Japan and coming back to Korea, got diagnosed for COVID-19 and has since been hospitalized and is receiving treatment. ~ Naver
  • After falling off stage during a rehearsal for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun in December 2019, Red Velvet's Wendy has suffered injuries to her face and fractures of her right wrist and pelvis, for which she has then been hospitalized and consequently halted all ongoing and future activities. Since April 3, 2020, the singer's agency confirmed that Wendy has been discharged from the hospital and is now receiving outpatient treatment at her home. ~ Naver 
  • Jung Joon Young, after being sentenced to six years in prison for aggravated rape, has also been fined an additional 1 million won (~$810) for violating laws related to prostitution. ~ Naver
  • After receiving his court sentence last month for attempted bribery during his drunk-driving incident back in 2016 and for spreading illegally-taken footage, the former FTISLAND's member Choi Jong Hoon has filed an appeal against the ruling, causing his case to go into the second round of trials. ~ Naver
  • Ha Jung Woo shares his experience in an interview after being blackmailed for three months when his phone got hacked with several other celebrities. Earlier this past month two people have already been indicted over the said hacking of the phones of several celebrities. ~ Naver, Full interview - Soompi, Xports News
  • Former JBJ's member Kim Dong Han underwent tonsillectomy (tonsil removal surgery) on April 10, after experiencing continuous discomfort in his tonsils despite going through treatment. ~ Soompi

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