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Hello and welcome to the Ultra Fan Guide to Park Jeong Hwa!

A talented woman perhaps mainly known for her work in girl group EXID, I became such a fan of hers actually not knowing this! I became a fan of Park Jeong Hwa through her acting skills first, and did some digging… and then, here we are. A talented singer and actress who also has the perfect personality for a variety show or two, what’s not to love? 

Below, you will find general information about her life, the best selection of her works in dramas, alongside some of her most interesting TV/Variety show appearances, what her future looks to be shaping up like, a brief outline of her musical career, alongside some fun facts about ours truly, Park Jeong Hwa.

Birthday: May 8, 1995

Height: 1.69 m (5 ft 7 in)

Birthplace: Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea

Agency: J-Wide Company

Occupation: Actress, Singer


Selected List of Dramas Involving Park Jeong Hwa

2017: Mask

Mask is a short but sweet web drama that doesn't necessarily shine so brightly in regards to the story, but the characters, OST, and overall mystery regarding the plot before finishing the drama is enough to recommend. However, the easiest and most definite positive was Park Jeong Hwa. 

In Mask, Park Jeong Hwa plays the character Anita/Lee Chae Ri, an idol who has an eating disorder (well, it is a little more complicated than that, but if you want to know more, I do recommend you watch it for yourself, it is easily accessible and the episodes are quite short). 

The reason why I love Park Jeong Hwa in this drama is because seeing her performance gave me nostalgia for some reason, even though I had never watched her performance in this before! Let me explain… When you were perhaps a child, or very young, was there ever a specific actor/actress that you had loved from the beginning? So whenever you saw them in a newer series or film when you were older, you had the same feeling as before? Like it took you back to a place where you could be immersed without any worry in the world? Well, that’s the feeling I received from her amazing performance, for whatever bizarre reason! Her facial expressions just sent me to a place of comfort. 

2019: Our Baseball

Our Baseball is another short but sweet web drama that I believe is better than Mask. Our Baseball perfectly showcases life on this earth. The wonders, the mystery, the pains to be forgotten - all in a baseball format, a little surprising but it is executed perfectly. It is one of the strongest sports web dramas I have ever watched and I think everyone, no matter if they are a baseball fan or not, would love this.

Park Jeong Hwa, as you would expect, again delivered incredibly. In Our Baseball, she plays the character known as Sung Shi Eun. Sung Shi Eun is someone a little difficult to describe because of how realistic she is. While she does have a job, the episode that showcased her the most looked at her resilient ways of never giving up looking for a better and more professional job, and her breaking down the barriers of women being able to compete at the same competition level as men. 

I loved to watch Park Jeong Hwa in Our Baseball because of her ability to act and I was deeply wishing for her success, so much I forgot that I was in dramaland and not real life. The way that sometimes she just acted so unemotional and gave blank expressions, or her addictive smile that made her become so alive - this was my introduction to Park Jeong Hwa, and I’m glad it was.  

2021: One the Woman

One the Woman is a mystery/investigation type drama and Park Jeong Hwa’s most recent work. In this drama, she plays a character called Park So Yi, a news anchor who is involved in a secret relationship with Han Seong Woon, the second son in the Han family. Now I’m not going to say that this drama is the best, in fact I did find it a little boring at points, but the scenes involving Park Jeong Hwa I did enjoy thoroughly. 

I would say the main reason I enjoyed her in this drama is that this character was totally different than the other two, instead of playing this likable or good-hearted type role, a more vicious character shows her versatility and the range of emotions she can handle on screen. Her facial expressions were great and her ability to show her anger on camera was a delight to watch. It was also nice to see her contribute to the story in her role as a news anchor too.

Music Career - EXID

In regards to knowing everything about K-Pop, I don't. These days I don’t listen to much music. It was actually due to the involvement of the implementation of EXID’s song Up&Down in one of her dramas (mentioned above) that I  found out about Park Jeong Hwa’s career before dramas, and that was EXID! This song is very addictive and made me want to listen to more EXID songs (Up&Down is still my favourite EXID song, however :P). 

EXID’s other most popular songs include ‘Ah Yeah’, ‘I Love You’ and ‘Hot Pink’, with these three songs alone racking up more than 220 millions views just on YouTube. 

So I guess, thanks to Park Jeong Hwa, I also now know about EXID. Their music is great and they also have a few shows/TV specials that you can see here on MyDramaList. These include We are EXID, EXID Amigo TV and EXID’s Showtime.

Selected Variety/TV Show Appearances

Men on a Mission/Knowing Bros

Park Jeong Hwa appears on episode 157 of Men on a Mission alongside other EXID members. As someone who has watched many episodes of Men on a Mission, I have laughed out loud multiple times, albeit on a rare occasion. I'm not just saying this because I'm making this article, but this episode is honestly one of the funniest in the history of Men on a Mission (my opinion, obviously ;)), I can only remember myself laughing when I am thinking back on this episode. 

King of the Mask Singer

On King of the Mask Singer, she sings a beautiful rendition of this song (click here to listen) and more. Like I stated previously, music isn't really that impactful for me these days, however, her voice is just something I cannot skip. It's one of the only pieces of music I listen to nowadays. For those unfamiliar with this, if you stumble on this perhaps or just didn't know she appeared on this show, I hope you ears enjoy this as much as mine. ^^

Her Future

In the drama sphere, her next drama will be Mask Girl, where she has been casted in a supporting role with the character name of Lee Areum. As per the MDL synopsis, Mask Girl is where “Kim Mo Mi is an ordinary office woman with a severe sense of inferiority in appearance, and is caught up in various incidents while as an internet broadcast jockey with her face covered with a mask. Joo Oh Nam is Kim Mo Mi’s coworker. He harbors a one-sided crush on Kim Mo Mi. As a character who also feels inferior about his appearance and lacks presence in general, Joo Oh Nam’s only source of joy is watching internet broadcasts. He will get swept up in an unexpected incident with Kim Mo Mi.” 

In the world of movies, her next movie will be Handsome Guys, where again she has landed another supporting role with the character name of Bo Ra. As per the MDL synopsis, Handsome Guys is “The story of a woman in a mountain cabin in Gangwon province who’s been possessed by an evil spirit and a priest tries to stop it. 66 years and six months later, best friends Sang Goo and Jae Pil buy the cabin and Mi Na ends up intertwined with them after coming on a trip. The movie follows the terrifying things that happen to the group, and it’s described that the film is about the “satanic” goat-headed figure Baphomet. The character Sang Goo is said to be a man who appears intimidating but is really naive, while his friend Jae Pil is a man who seems rough on the outside but is actually warm. In contrast to the others from rich families, Mi Na grew up in a normal household in the countryside and she’s described as eccentric.”

Five Fun Facts

  1. Her hobbies include exercising and reading.
  2. She considers herself to be very introverted.
  3. She has the same birthday as Korean rapper Jang Woo-hyuk.
  4. She has had many nicknames, including “Merida”, based on the Disney princess from the movie ‘Brave’, due to her at one time having bright orange hair.
  5. She has collaborated with producer Pinkmoon, creating 5 songs together, under the name “pp”.

What are your thoughts on Park Jeong Hwa? Isn’t she amazing? What do you think about her and her acting skills? Tell me in the comments below!

P.S. For all the Ultra ULTRA Fans of Park Jeong Hwa, who remembers the first ever drama she was in? I will be replying to the correct answers in the comments below!

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