de lo_ve, Setembro 13, 2022

Jin Goo will be one of the main leads of the new mystery investigation Disney+ drama.

On September 13th, Jin Goo's agency Baro Entertainment revealed that Jin Goo will be starring in the Disney+ original series "Veteran Detective."

"Veteran Detective" will revolve around a detective who is about to retire but will have a warfare with a mysterious man who is tracking him while hiding his identity. 

Jin Goo will be working with Lee Sung Min, Kyung Soo Jin, Lee Hak Joo, Kim Hong Pa, and Jang Sung Bum

"Veteran Detective" will be the latest work of director Han Dong Hwa. He is known for the dramas "Navillera," "Miss Lee," "Bad Guys: City of Evil," and "38 Task Force." 

Jin Goo will play the role of Gook Jin, a detective who's chasing a mysterious blackmailer.

The series will be added to the upcoming Disney+ original Korean dramas like "Connect," "Third Person Revenge," "May It Please the Court," "Casino," "Moving," and more. 

"Veteran Detective" will premiere this October and will exclusively premiere on Disney+.

This will be the second drama of Jin Goo for 2022. He last starred in the OCN series "A Superior Day" together with Ha Do Gwon, Lee Won Keun, Im Hwa Young, Cho Yu Ha, and Han Yi Jin

Jin Goo is also set to star in the upcoming series "The King of the Desert." Aside from that, he is also included in the upcoming movie "Re-Born" together with Lee Yoo Mi, Song Deok Ho, Kim Min Seok, Park Kyung Hye, and Eum Moon Suk.

The actor made his acting debut in 2003. Since then, he has starred in several dramas such as "Legal High," "Untouchable," "Night Light," "Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek," "Tokyo Shower," "Spotlight," "All In," "Descendants of the Sun," and more. 


Are you going to watch the premiere of "Veteran Detective"?