de Lara, Novembro 21, 2017

The Hallyu ban has been finally lifted! 

In July 2016, South Korea announced that they will deploy the THAAD  (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense), an American missile-defense  system, by the end of 2017 as a response to North Korea’s missile  threats. Thereupon, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that  this step could jeopardize “China’s legitimate national security  interests.”  The Sino-Korean relations have been very tense since then,  leading to measures like economic retaliations or the Hallyu Ban. On Tuesday, October 31, 2017, China and South Korea’s foreign ministires  issued an agreement recognizing the importance of a good relationship  between both countries. They want to strengthen exchanges and  cooperation in all areas again as soon as possible, since this will  benefit both sides. - source

There are a lot of Chinese dramas with Korean actors that will now probably air soon. 

Here are the ones I want to watch the most, in no particular order:

1) Jade Lovers

I think this is the drama almost everyone wants to see the most. Both Lee Jong Suk and Zheng Shuang are huge stars. It will be interesting to see their collaboration and I’m also looking forward to the costumes from the Republican era. (Romance, Historical)

2) Braveness of the Ming

Another historical drama this time set in the Ming dynasty, so there will be many beautiful costumes. Park Min Young and Zhang Han are huge stars as well, plus the amazing Janice Wu is also in this drama. This will certainly be epic. (Historical, Romance, Drama)

3) Mr. Right

I don’t know the leading actress Wang Xiao Chen yet, but Mr. sexy Ji Chang Wook is in this drama, do I need another reason to watch it? (Romance, Comedy)

4) Honey, I’m Sorry

Joo Jin Mo and Zhang Li fell in love while filming this drama and have been a couple since then. Who doesn’t want to see real chemistry on screen? (Genre: Romance, Suspense)

5) Secret Society of Men-Friends 

A remake of A Gentleman’s Dignity? With Park Hae Jin? Yes please! (Friendship, Life)

6) Graduation Season

Deng Lun has become really popular thanks to the hit drama Because of You. I loved him in this drama and am looking forward to see him together with Krystal. Furthermore, the drama is also about fashion. I’m already curious about what they’ll wear. (Romance, Business, Youth)

7) Love Express

I like Joo Won and the second male lead Qiao Zhen Yu and am hoping for a good rom-com with two couples instead of love triangles. (Romance)

8) Once Loved You, Distressed Forever

Jang Dong Gun, Tina Tang, Puff Kuo, Jiang Chao and Lorene Ren, so many amazing actors, this will be a feast! (Romance, Drama)

These are the 8 dramas I want to watch but there are many many more upcoming Chinese dramas with Korean actors! Here's a full list below (some of the titles have almost no information available online and so aren't  in the MDL database):

*Note: Some of these dramas have made adjustments and either exchanged the Korean actors for Chinese ones or cut out their scenes in order to be allowed to  air. Those titles are striked.

Which ones do you want to watch?