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The Crown Princess

My Rating:   10/10


The main heroine - a princess of a small country, comes into danger after her coronation. To protect her they send her to Thailand, where the main hero - a navy man- becomes her bodyguard. 

The main leads, Alice, played by Yaya, and Win, played by Nadech, come from two different worlds and countries. When they meet fireworks fly as they try to out do one another multiple times. They are both prideful and are usually seen bickering. 

I liked just about everything about this lakorn. The main leads had overflowing chemistry and their romance flowed at a good pace (and made me squeal). The story keeps you guessing as to who is the one trying to assassinate the crown princess. There are multiple suspects and as the lakorn goes on you start putting the pieces together. 

The secondary characters were a plus in this lakorn. The main lead's team and the crown princess's bodyguards were a source of comedic relief and true friendship and loyalty but the main leads really steal the show. While there is family drama it isn't like normal lakorns. The drama is mainly about who is the rightful heir to the throne and not around the romance. There are of course troubles in the relationship of the main leads because of the differences in rank. It was overall pretty easy going with no over the top dramatic plot twists or scenes.

Paragit Ruk Series: Yeut Fah Ha Pigat Ruk

My Rating: 10/10


Captain Karan Hanyotin received a secret mission from his Air Force Commando Unit. He was told by his commander to protect Dr. Irene Areeya, a researcher whom he saved from a research facility that was bombed.  She was given a new name of Airada Hanyotin, the wife of Captain Karan whom she found to be very serious and non-talkative. But eventually the two got closer and Irene was able to break the smile of the man known to his friend as the "Hard to Smile Tiger". How will Captain Karan go about this mission? 

Captian Karan, played by Mik Thongraya, and Dr. Irene, played by Stephany Auernig (Cat), are different and yet the same. Irene is a brilliant researcher and Karan is a brilliant soldier and although on the surface they have nothing in common underneath it all they are both brave and loyal to the people they love.

The progression of the romance was great and the chemistry was off the charts! The plot was also very entertaining and although there are a few frustrating moments the lakorn is still really good. 

This lakorn is the last part of the Pragit Ruk Series so all the other main characters of the previous 3 appear. I do recommend watching the first three before this one because they are good and it will help you come in with basic knowledge of our main lead. The series is about four best friends who belong to four different branches of law enforcement (or military) finding love while in dangerous missions.

Paraigit Ruk Series: Niew Hua Jai Sood Glai Puen 

My Rating: 9.5/10


Captain Puri a skillful sniper with a very firm heart found himself wavering for the first time after meeting his first love again. Dr. Napaschon was working as a volunteer doctor in a village near the border between Burma and Thailand when she along with her best friend got kidnapped by a Burmese rebel troop. His mission is to return Dr. Napaschon back to Thailand. Although his heart always pined for her but her recent status has changed Dr. Napaschon is now his friend's girlfriend.   He has been through many missions before but this mission had him thinking hard. How can he restrain his heart?  

Captian Puri, played by Weir Sukollawat, and Dr. Pat, played by Peak Pattarasaya, have life saving jobs. Pat is a volunteer doctor at the border and Puri is a soldier who watches over the potential dangerous and illegal activity at the border. They meet while trying to save some villagers and eventually fall in love. Because of a misunderstanding things go wrong.

If I'm being honest the misunderstanding was easily avoidable and the resulting drama could have been resolved quicker but the lakorn was nonetheless entertaining. I have a huge crush on Weir so maybe I'm a little biased but his chemistry and romantic nature with the female lead was amazing. The villains and secondary characters added what was necessary to make the plot more interesting.

As I mentioned above this is a part of a series of lakorns that take place in the same universe and involve the same people. This is the first one of the series so you can watch it right away. I recommend watching all of them as some of the cases/mission that happen are related and you might get confused. The second part of the series I haven't been able to watch because there are no English subtitles available but the last two parts are available.

My Hero Series: Matupoom Haeng Huajai

My Rating: 9.5/10

Techat is a spy who's hiding his identity. Awassaya is a sassy celebrity who is trying to reveal his true colors because of a misunderstanding. Techat tries to avoid the annoying girl that can cause the whole operation to fail, but Awassaya doesn't leave him alone, especially after she finds out he's the guy the elders are trying to set her up with. But everything becomes completely entangled when he's always saving her life and love grows unexpectedly.

Techat, played by Chatborirak Pakorn (Boy), and Awassaya, played by  Chippy Sirin, have been betrothed by their mothers but they meet each other in a rather compromising position.  The betrothal isn't forced as in the mothers are okay if any of them refuse. Techat doesn't want a fiance right now as he is completing a very dangerous mission and Awassaya doesn't want him as a fiance because she believes he is a playboy.

The chemistry is strong and the pairing is honestly perfect. They are exactly what the other needs. The female lead is just a bit annoying in the first two episodes but she gradually matures and I ended up liking her a lot. The romantic moments between the leads made me laugh and squeal! The secondary characters and the villains made the story better and kind of cohesive. 

This is also part of a series as you can see from the title but this one is the first one out of five. As of now their is only two of them that have aired completely with the third one currently airing. The series revolves around a group of young men who essentially grew up together in a home for teenager due to different circumstances. It was a great start to the series so I'm hopeful the others will be good as well.

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