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Ho Goo’s Love


There’s absolutely nothing that I don’t like about this drama. I started it because it’s tvN and because of the leads. And I’m glad I did. I know many cannot stand extreme comedy but I love it. A touching and realistic story presented in a comic way. I laugh my head off throughout the episodes and I cry at times.


I’m not into single mothers’ stories. I appreciate, respect and applaud their hard decision of raising a kid on their own in this rotten world. But I can’t understand it. I avoid men just because I’m scared of having kids. Those who go have kids without men by their sides are miraculous for me.

Here I cannot just talk about the plot aside from the characters so I’ll mix them.


Our hero Ho Goo (Choi Woo Shik), whose name means a fool or a pushover, is a bighearted, obliging, selfless, timid and childlike young man working as an assistant manhwa writer. Though he’s loved by his family and friends, he’s pushed around and made fun of. He’s also aware that he resembles his name. His good-heartedness hidden behind his naïveté and his altruism eventually make others’ hearts flutter.


Because of that personality, Ho Goo hasn’t dated properly yet. Not able to express his anger or frustration, he simply talks it out with his friends and tolerates the result. One day he runs into his first love; the national swimmer Do Do Hee (Uee). He believes it to be fate. After he runs into her again, their fate really starts.


Do Do Hee is a talented and beautiful swimmer who’s stuck in 2nd place. Her dream is to win a gold medal. A great obstacle stands in her way. On her way to get rid of that problem, Ho Goo appears and reaches out to the innermost of her soul. He brings the human out to the surface.


The lonely Do Hee, who doesn't know how to express her feelings, finds herself under the burden of her conscience and guilt because she starts feelings drawn to the one honest person she meets. Unable to overcome her feelings and believing she shouldn't have them, she hurts Ho Goo over and over. Ho Goo, on the other hand, even after all the scars, goes back to her just because his heart tells him to. The feelings both should not express get manifested in the baby between them. How touching!!


No matter how close Ho Goo gets to Do Hee, she keeps pushing him away. But until when?


Do Hee’s life mistake was with the arrogant and childish perfectionist; lawyer Byeon Kang Cheol (Im Seul Ong). Kang Cheol who used to be the school president and who comes from a rich family has everything. He -seemingly- abides by the law to the letter. He goes around uttering clever-clever remarks and taking selfies to make himself look more intellectual. He doesn't do anything that would be annoying. He hides, however, some secrets.


Stuck between Ho Goo and Do Hee, many sides of Kang Cheol are brought out - to his own surprise.

Now allow me to talk about the cast:


Choi Woo Shik is perfectly nailing the role. Nobody would have performed it so well. His multiple and rich expressions which make up for his tiny and cute eyes, his dishevelled hair and attire and his innocent voice add to his portrayal of the character a deep and moving dimension. What I love the most about him here is the way he looks at the baby. I’d faint.


I fell for him in Rooftop Prince and loved him a lot in Pride and Prejudice. Glad to see him landing a lead role and performing it this well.


Uee, my lovely Uee. I, as so many others, did not like her at first. I thought of her as wooden and fake. But after watching Barefoot Friends, there was no way I wouldn't like her - that innocent and naïve girl! I admit she’s not an awesome actress but she’s really doing great as the cold Do Do Hee.


As for Im Seul Ong whom I hated to death in Personal Taste and loved completely in Hotel King, he’s impressing me here. Yes, I would have liked Park Jung Min to play the role. I can’t help imagining him there. But ISO is outdoing himself here. He’s a real jerk but I like him!


As for the second female lead, Kang Ho Gyeong (Lee Soo Kyung; whom I’m watching for the first time), she is a carefree and immensely talented Masters student in Psychology. She never dates seriously and she doesn't believe in love until her first love resurfaces. That first love is none other than Byeon Kang Cheol. What will she do to win his heart over?

Now, this actress in the pleasant surprise. Oh god, it’s been a while since a young and new actress appeared. How refreshing! She’s hilarious and she’s giving the drama another taste.


And since it’s a comedy, the extended cast is hilarious. I’m perfectly loving everyone; Ho Goo’s parents and friends, Do Hee’s coach and Kang Cheol’s parents and secretary. The one I love the most here is Choi Jae Hwan. When are they going to give the guy a main role?! The guy is a lump of talents! Can I just cry?!

I also love the droll scenes they perform and the songs they play in the background then. Their use of certain words as a turning point to the next scene is brilliant (I use that technique when I write!). The allusions and parodies to classic shows is just awesome. That cameo of Lee Sung Min as Misaeng’s Oh Sang Shik got me literally going insane. And having the setting of their manhwa in Jordan! Daebak! With Arabic music in the background and all!

Sexuality and relationships are presented openly and realistically with all related issues. My total respect! Social expectations and criticism are bluntly shown as well; to the point it hurts.


The twists are really surprising! The drama is not predictable at all. I like the 4-leaf clover thing and Kyuhyun’s OST – though it played once so far; finished 10.


Be it the comedy, the brilliant acting or the touching plot, Ho Goo’s Love is worth every minute spent on it. It’s a journey I’m glad I’m going on.