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Since you’re reading this, there’s no doubt that you’re interested in the newest hype on MDL: Thai Dramas aka Lakorns. So let me share a little portion of this new platform in here, as I am sure you were planning to explore it sooner or later. I will introduce you Suparburoot Juthatep, literally translated as Gentlemen of Juthatep, the hidden gem that resides in the Thai section of Dramaland.

Suparburoot Juthatep - Gentlemen of Juthatep


The Gentlemen of Juthatep is a five part series set in the 1960's produced by Channel 3. It depicts the lives of five brothers born into the prestigious title of Mom Ratchawongse. Due to a car accident which claims the lives of their parents, the five brothers are preciously raised by their grandmothers who expect them to behave like proper gentlemen, support each other and marry favorably. Each brother must choose between responsibilities towards their late father’s promise to a ‘friend’, which is to marry at least one of the high-class Ladies from the Taewaprom family, or their responsibilities to their hearts and true love. 

Khun Chai Tharatorn

1375337352-1785853864_n.jpg thumb1024_9139042624.jpg

Main Actors: Grate and Preem

What is it about? We start our journey with Mom Ratchawongse Tharatorn Juthathep aka Khun Chai Yai, the eldest of the five who is a professor as well as an archeologist, with a stronger sense of responsibility than his younger brothers. Naturally this leads to him being the one who decidedly takes on the duty of marrying the eldest daughter of the Taewaprom family; Mom Luang Katesara Thewaprom (Kate). However Mom Luang Raweerampai (Maprang), a childhood friend begins to muddle his decision to carry out the engagement as he begins to realize his feelings for Maprang. The two main girls disguise themselves as men on an expedition to the ancient temples where Khun Chai Yai finds himself having to choose between the lively, childish Maprang and the kind- hearted and mature Katesara. 

Why is it interesting? The first part is definitely the most laid back, with a mixture of the hilarious situations aroused due to the girls’ cross-dressing, romance, protecting the country’s pride and treasures. From this part the foundations are set, characters are introduced and we get a taste of what’s coming next. The brothers become known as The Five Lions of Juthatep and I personally guarantee that we only go up from here. 

Do you need more convincing? Here’s a fan-made MV to open your apetite:

Khun Chai Pawornruj

thumb1024_1081217549.jpg 069710.jpg

Main Actors: Pope and Mew

What is about? Now comes Mom Ratchawongse Pawornruj Juthatep aka Khun Chai Ruj, a diplomat with a serious complex as he is the only brother to have a mother from the lower class. Despite this birth ‘defects’ he enjoys playing the mother role to his brothers and meeting their every need, earning himself the nickname ’Kitchen Khun Chai’. However, respect for the Kitchen Khun Chai only runs in the family as he has to face the harsh prejudices served by the rest of the world. On a business trip to Switzerland he meets Rasa, who happens to be Than Ying Wanrasa, a royal childhood friend who disguised herself as a commoner forbidding Chai Ruj from recognizing her. The two fall in love, but ultimately as the pieces fall into place; Khun Chai Ruj finds himself unable to pursue her due to his complex. 

Why is it interesting? The biggest joke of this series would be the quick but smooth arrangement that was assembled from the country side in order to get Chai Ruj get married immediately after his trip to Switzerland. We see the funny side to the Juthatep family and the Taewaprom girls, but at the same time we are presented with the potential darker undertones to the girls’ characters that are to eventually build up further in the later parts to come.

I think a big pointer would be that there are more family interactions due to Chai Ruj being an integral part of the family. Chai Ruj is a strong communicator, he always strives to understand, always seeking clarity and never backs down. On the other hand he is also the Kitchen Khun Chai, the brother who internalizes the pain. He has already suffered heartbreak, is he fated to suffer another? This is a tale of the purest of love, amidst the social differences, the pride and prejudice, Khun Chai Pawrornruj is the gentleman who sees through into his lady’s soul. 

Do you need more convincing? Here's another fan-made MV with the OST of the drama:

Khun Chai Puttipat

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Main Actors: Jame and Bella

What is it about? Next up is Mom Ratchawongse Puttipat Juthatep aka Khun Chai Pat, the doctor prodigy who isn’t interested in anything other than work. This handsome and devoted doctor along with his righteousness and stubborn attitude risks everything in order to save a commoner who is endangered due to her new-found title; Miss Thailand. Nevertheless, being next in line, he has to choose between submitting to the promise made to the Taewaprom family and a feeling unaccounted for within his inexperienced heart. 

Why is it interesting? The third part was very well received in Thailand because of the hot newcomer Jame Jirayu. Distant and unresponsive to the ladies around him, his brothers delightfully watch him develop into someone else whilst he is temporarily trapped in denial. It’s fun that viewers get to watch an emotionless and indifferent doctor flourish into a cute romantic man. The bonus is Khun Chai Puttipat’s family and co-workers reactions to this change in attitude and behaviour. In this part, the bromance is hilariously touching.

Do you need more convincing? Here's a fan-made MV to get you in the right mood:

Khun Chai Rachanon


Main Actors: Bomb and Taew

What is it about? The young engineer, Mom Ratchawongse Rachanon Juthatep aka Khun Chai Lek, attempts to escape his fate with the Taewaprom family by arranging to oversee a construction project in Nong Khai (running away to the forest). He stumbles upon a rebel camp and despite running from marriage he ends up happily bound by a contract marriage to Soifah, the warrior princess of Wieng Phu Kam. The drama intensifies with the search and restoration of the rightful heir to the throne. 

Why is it interesting? Previously, we have witnessed the lovable and laid-back stories for the first three brothers, however the many failures to marry one of the Juthatep boys to the Taewaprom girls is evident and Chai Lek’s noble grandmother is now even more determined to fulfill the promise made. This establishes a sense of desperation regarding both parties to get Chai Lek to comply and marry Mom Luang Sininoot Taewaprom. This part in the Suparburoot Juthatep series received the highest ratings in Thailand, which is definitely because of the way the characters and events are perfectly interwoven together.

Do you need more convincing? This is an official MV featuring the ost and the singers of the ost but it has scenes from the drama to give you an idea, or for fans like me to reminisce. 

Khun Chai Ronapee

ronnapee-02.jpg D8C538437FFD4F784C22843A8CC7CA.jpg

Main Actors: James and Mint

What is it about? We finish with the youngest and most charismatic brother, the pilot of the royal air force; Mom Ratchawongse Ronapee Juthatep aka Khun Chai Phee. At a film’s set, he stumbles upon a PiengKwan. A beautiful angel who falls into his arms shattering his lonely soul and giving him hope for a love just like his brothers. Chai Phee disguises himself as a farmer to ensure that PiengKwan will love him for himself and not his nobility and bloodline. But Piengkwan harbours a prejudice for love due to the circumstances of her mother and aunt whom both have experienced the hardships of love and thus believes that love inevitably fails you. Meanwhile his grandmothers desperately want to fulfill the promise made to the Taewaprom family and Khun Chai Ronapee is their last hope. 

Why is it interesting? This is my personal favourite part of the series. The cinematography is stunning; I didn’t think Thailand was so beautiful until I saw this drama. Every scene we experience is the epitome of romance. The chemistry between leads is striking. The pacing of the drama is fabulous. The closure of the Suparburoot Juthatep series is splendid. 

Do you need more convincing? I personally made this MV because I absolutely adore these two, I couldn't help but share the love hoping that it will be contagious. Here's my Personal Fan Vid, I only own the editing, nothing more nothing less: 

Overall impression on Suparburoot Juthatep

The thing that I like the most about this series is the way everything connects so well. Each character was made to complete the other. And that is what makes this series special.


I hope you enjoyed my article, thank you for reading.

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