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  • Português (Portugal)
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  • País: South Korea
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 16
  • Exibido: Jun 6, 2022 - Jul 26, 2022
  • Exibido em: Segunda, Terça
  • Original Network: tvN
  • Duração: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Pontuação: 8.1 (scored by 15,366 usuários)
  • Classificado: #2081
  • Popularidade: #303
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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Elenco e Créditos

  • Yeo Jin Goo in Link: Comer, Amar, Morrer Korean Drama (2022)
    Yeo Jin Goo
    Eun Gye Hoon
    Papel Principal
  • Moon Ga Young in Link: Comer, Amar, Morrer Korean Drama (2022)
    Moon Ga Young
    Noh Da Hyun
    Papel Principal
  • Kim Ji Young in Link: Comer, Amar, Morrer Korean Drama (2022)
    Kim Ji Young
    Hong Bok Hee [Da Hyun's mother]
    Papel Secundário
  • Ye Soo Jung in Link: Comer, Amar, Morrer Korean Drama (2022)
    Ye Soo Jung
    Na Chun Ok [Da Hyun's grandmother]
    Papel Secundário
  • Song Deok Ho in Link: Comer, Amar, Morrer Korean Drama (2022)
    Song Deok Ho
    Ji Won Tak [Jihwa Substation Police officer] / Han Se Jin
    Papel Secundário
  • Lee Bom So Ri in Link: Comer, Amar, Morrer Korean Drama (2022)
    Lee Bom So Ri
    Hwang Min Jo [Jihwa Substation Police officer]
    Papel Secundário


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Jun 6, 2022
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 8.0
História 8.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.5
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A not-so-cozy mystery/thriller!

More on the light-hearted end but perfect for fans of Beyond Evil, Sell Your Haunted House and He Is Psychometric.

This series is a fabulous blend of romance and mystery. Right from the first episode, you see the actual mystery (and I mean MURDER mystery) unfold in no time! This drama is fast-paced and speculative. The opening scene is indeed very gripping. However, the main characters' encounters seem too cliche, abrupt and convenient—basically, there's too much plot convenience!
But if you are here for the thrill, the guessing game and can pull through a few cliches, STAY! It seems like we have an exciting mystery brewing. The past and the present follow two separate suspicious disappearances, so let's see if they tie together at the end. I like the alternating timelines, the flashbacks add multiple layers to the story. There is an equal degree of suspense surrounding the other people living in the neighbourhood whose past connects them all to each other. With so many characters to account for, the possibilities are endless. You can't help but keep speculating and theorizing.

The actors have such great on-screen chemistry and the acting is like—chef's kiss (get the reference?) Their relationship has the ideal amount of pushing and pulling, ideal amount of pining and ideal amount of jealousy and love.

The music also seems quite promising for this one, so look forward to the OST's!

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90 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Jul 20, 2022
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 20
No geral 6.0
História 5.5
Acting/Cast 7.0
Musical 5.0
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Try not to fall asleep

Updated with final thoughts.

What started as a unique concept became tiresome at times. Sometimes shows drag a few episodes but I've become tired at how slow this show has been moving. I've been watching it at 1.25x or 1.5x speed because the show is about to complete and it's dragging. It feels like there wasn't much of a story to begin with so what could have been completed in 10 episodes was stretched out to 16.

The earlier episodes of the show were enjoyable but you slowly start to get fed up and just wish the characters would tell each other what's going on. By the 14th episode, you are just waiting for things to be done already because you've lost hope in anything redeemable in the plot.

As far as acting goes, the male lead has only been able to express concern and sadness and the rest of the time he is straight-faced whereas the actress had to play a clueless bunny who weeps frequently. Not the actors fault for having to portray such characters.

If they had established that the sister was dead and they just needed to find out what happened to her, I would feel less frustrated with this story. And the chef has not been able to open up his restaurant until the 15th episode which just adds to the madness. I had hoped that the ending might be able to redeem itself but alas, it continued to drag. One final question remains. Why? What was the motive? It is never explained. It seems like no one was interested in finding out if there were more possible victims. Everything else just seems like an attempt at rescuing this show but there's not much they could do at this point.

High expectations. Low return.

I am going to leave the final score at 6 but honestly I would not recommend nor rewatch this show.

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  • Drama: Link: Comer, Amar, Morrer
  • País: Coreia do Sul
  • Episódios: 16
  • Exibido: Jun 6, 2022 - Jul 26, 2022
  • Exibido On: Segunda, Terça
  • Original Network: tvN
  • Duração: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 15+ - 15 anos ou mais


  • Pontuação: 8.1 (avaliado por 15,366 usuários)
  • Classificado: #2081
  • Popularidade: #303
  • Fãs: 41,543

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