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Mystery solved

Iit was a great Filipino drama wherein it tackles about the different common problems in every family household. I enjoyed watching it, and I find it funny too, I am more of a Sorene fan I love their love-hate relationship. This is the kind of drama that's you will see unbelievable plot twist that you are eager to know what going to happen next. I am not satisfied with the ending of Bingling but I have to commend all the makers of this drama, you all did a very good job for entertaining us viewers.
They picked the best casting all stand out, they gave justice to every character that was given to them. The locations are perfect specially the Batanes scenes it was shot beautifully it really shows the beauty of the Philippines 🇵🇭 .
For the longest time that they have given us assignment on who really is the killer of Divine no one dod suspects it not until the last 2 episodes, everyone is shocked to know who.
I can say that this drama gives a different flavor, you will laugh and cry in this series which gives us a problem on thinking mystery. It may take long but I enjoyed it. I will miss the cast the binondo family and the Tui family.

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0 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
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78 of 78 episódios vistos
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No geral 8.0
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Stayed for the story and mystery

Regardless of the flaws of this show. This made my parents—my Mom's not a big fan of movies and TV shows, my Dad's also not a fan of shows with long episodes—hooked and every week they're asking me if there's new episodes. Like me they also don't like love teams, so we definitely stayed because of the mystery—that's also all over the places—and storyline.

Every week we have theories who's the real killer and sometimes we're also getting frustrated with the characters' actions—like my one-sided beef with Bettina—we even give suggestions so the problem will be solved quickly lol but obviously this is a Filipino show, we need ✨drama✨.

For the song of the show on the first season the main song kept on playing that it's so annoying to hear now, whenever I hear it this season it's making my blood boil lol. Can we please stop repeating one song every episode?

kudos to the actors, they're all so good!! hands down 🙇🏻‍♀️

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