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With a personal look, the Thai actor, director, screenwriter and assistant director Aum Natthaphong Aroonnet, known for the BL dramas 'Triage' (2022) and 'Manner of Death' (2021), the film 'Dew' (2019) or His role in 'The Love of Siam (207), among many other dramatized ones, gives us the romantic drama 'Beating Again', in which, in addition to addressing the boys' passion for dance, he portrays several stories of characters belonging to the LGBT+ community, its coming out and the challenges that come with being queer in today's world.
With great camera skill, sequential games and visual seduction, the director explores, among other topics, the search for one's own identity and the realization of dreams as the core of a drama that explores, as if that were not enough, many other issues such as family relationships, sexuality, love, pain, living with fear of being judged, past traumas, loss, acceptance, overcoming obstacles, the need for physical and emotional connection with other human beings, gender identity, discovery or passion for art.
Since before the first episode was broadcast, the audiovisual has awakened different emotions, especially on social networks, by inviting the audience to reflect on ourselves and on current societies, in addition to the topics represented, confront stereotypes and show human beings with their nuances and in various circumstances.
«I have been a lucky director. Since we published the trailer for 'Beating Again' and the actors and others involved in the project began to give statements to the press or through writings on social networks, there are those who say that the series is going to be liked and will positively attract the public's attention. ; Other people say that there are topics that they do not like. It is still early to predict if it will work or not. I think it is a series that is very well written. My staging, and that of the actors, was constantly trying to live up to the scripts,” said Aum Natthaphong Aroonnet.
«After editing, I liked how the chapters turned out. I have no doubt that they will move people and involve audiences. Let's let the series progress a little, to make conclusive judgments. Our goal is that the audience is not disappointed, that they remain hooked, that they have a closing that lives up to their expectations. We work for that, whether we achieve it or not. The arc of the characters is very coherent, as well as the development of the characters and the conflicts,” adds the director.
At first glance it might be easy to understand that the desire of young men to dance was not hindered by any reason, or at least human. However, 'Beating Again' reflects the incessant struggle of several boys to achieve a dream and thus fulfill a vocation regardless of the discrepancies to which they may be subjected during the process of achieving it, including the homophobic gazes of several of them. the secondary characters.
And even if your environment does not understand you, you cannot give up your passion, your talent and your vocation. The internal talent of each person must be firmly exploited regardless of the consequences that may arise for it.
Of the work, it is worth highlighting its transgressive capacity to break clichés and prejudices for a single but consistent reason: the firm attitude of young people to pursue their dream and illusion, that of being dancers and dedicating their lives to underground dance. In this way, a small group of people can have the power to create great change for the entire world through the love and passion for dance. The series is an example and a tribute to the triumph of perseverance, dedication and conviction.
In addition, it seeks to send other messages, such as respect and acceptance of sexual diversities, the spirit of coexistence between people who are initially strangers or unknown to each other, and honesty and sincerity as human values.
The attention to detail to be as realistic as possible, the convincing performances of a cast made up of established and young actors and actresses, some with experience in the BL genre, the depth of the themes it addresses, and the aesthetics with which it presents them , determine, among other elements, the quality of the series.
Scripted by Visuttchai Boonyakarnjawa ('The Iron Ladies', 2000), the Thai drama, in four episodes, presents its protagonists immersed in the world of dance in a sincere, lyrical and emotional way. While Dindaen (Oh Anuchit Sapunpohng) long ago achieved glory by becoming a dance champion, the young dancer Nai (Kang Korn Sirisorn) has a paradigm to follow in the now volunteer teacher. The character must face a conflict from 10 years ago that still haunts him.
For her part, Focus (Sophie Marguerite Indracusin), the self-confident young woman who loves dancing, after much effort, has managed to materialize her dreams of being an idol, but now she has been involved in a professional scandal and has had to return to his hometown where he will be part of a dance group with Tawan, Fae, Kai and Jidrid. To move forward, Focus will have to face his past.
If dance united Focus, Nai and Dindaen since they were children, love, friendship and passion for dance today continue to be the strong ties that unite them. The characters, like so many other young people in real life, have as their highest aspiration to be able to manage their own talents, believe in and become owners of their virtues and manage each of their potentials to achieve the goals set.
In addition to the conflicts of the three main characters, other problems will add complexity to the plot. I am specifically referring to the story of a girl trapped in a male body who, despite being overweight, likes to dance, the story of the teenager who juggles her life to balance high school studies and her passion for dancing. , and the love between two boys: Kai (Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen) and Famous (Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote).
Love and dance will unite Kai and Fae, young people who also like to dance alternative dance (also known as indie dance or underground dance, the musical genre that fuses elements of alternative and indie rock with those of electronic dance music.
The public will enjoy young people while they dance to music that fuses new wave, "eurosynth" and postmodern technopop, as well as those arising from the indietronica or indie electronic movement, which is nothing more than a subgenre of alternative dance but more oriented towards indie. with great synth pop influences.
Among former member of boy group KLIMAXX and best known for his role as Long in the hit BL drama 'TharnType', Turbo Chanokchon in the Thai adaptation of 'Love Stage!!' and Talay in 'My Universe: The Camp Fire', in the latter two as the protagonist, and the actor identified for his roles as Tar in 'Love By Chance', Intouch in 'Until We Meet Again' and Seeiw in 'My Only 12' %', also in main roles, a passionate romance will emerge.
How I enjoyed, in episode 3, the scene in which Tawan, Fae, Kai and Jidrid have lunch in temple areas. At one point, Kai (Kaownah) and Famous (Earth) exchange pieces of the fish they eat and Tawan says, "So sweet!" And they try the fish and answer: "It's not sweet. It's salty," and she laughs mischievously because she was not referring to the food, but to the budding relationship between the two boys.
Jidrid suffers rejection from homophobes for being transsexual. These two are one of the topics addressed in the series, that is, homophobia and transsexuality.
I like the dynamics of the group, how the seven protagonists integrate into the community that they themselves have created, how setbacks are turned into victories, like when Famous accidentally spills a container of paint on the floor and the others, instead After reproaching him for the destruction, they pour other containers with paint and turn the place into a stage to practice dancing.
Does the theme of the series revolve around homosexual characters and their relationships with others, or LGBTI characters in secondary roles and whose sexuality does not influence the plot of the audiovisual? To know this and other conflicts we will have to watch the series until the end.

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