Too lazy to write but these series are similar. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Recomendado por Arobunny
In both of these BL dramas, two friends become lovers and then strangers. Many years later, they reunite - but the sudden distant temperament of one of them causes confusion in the other, as well as the avoidance of topics surrounding the past.
Recomendado por AthenaTheStorierX
In the second couple, the character Gimbo reminds of Yechan from Love Tractor. He is a shy, sweet, and socially out-of-touch farmer who’s innocence and happy atmosphere charms his love interest.
Recomendado por AthenaTheStorierX
Both are second chance romances/the one that got away. The chemistry in LIBTSTA is exceptional as well as physical intimacy. LIBTSTA also doesn't have constant BGM every few sentences and no irrelevant side couple.
Recomendado por skuukzzkyyy
- friends to lovers
- seperation due to misunderstandings will see if you watch the other
Recomendado por MincefireStorm
To Be Continued (2024) poster



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