•Both have secrets.
• Rich and Powerful people.
• Woman takes stands for eachother.
But I prefer Mine better cuz Penthouse 1 was so new and exciting others part were too but not in comparison with 1st one. Mine has its own suspense and thrill but it's leaa stressful as they all aren't that cruel to kill anyone who gets into their path. Women are rivals at first but for their child and family they team up and support eachother, penthouse lack this. Mine is funny, emotional and sweet, penthouse has these qualities too but for me Mine >>>>>Penthouse.
Recomendado por Surbhi Singh
beside it being written by the same writer, both have the same class, same powerful smart women and the same struggle and tension of the rich vs poor
Recomendado por XingBack
both have kim seo hyung and both have that "rich greedy people that can never be happy". both are female centered and full of makjang
Recomendado por XingBack
> Both makjang
>The biological mothers meets their child
> Deals with infidelity
> A lot of secrets
> Both high society -> Chaebol and Royalty
> Disapproving in laws
Recomendado por baby inzhagi
They both have the rich family settings with secrets about the children's birth/secrets about the family not to be known to the public and both dramas have strong female leads as the main leads
Recomendado por Sasa
Both showcase strong, powerful, rich, and most importantly flawed female leads. They both include cases of misunderstanding in business, childhood, and relationships. They're also both really interesting! But I will say, the characters in Kill Heel are much more evil. Mine has more humane characters (not exactly good people but way more justifiable).
Recomendado por div
- Both dramas revolved around a female-centred cast.
- Both dramas is set in an upper class setting.
Recomendado por caprisan
Both dramas are twisted makjang drama.
Both dramas have the same themes such as Extramarital affair, illegitimate child, conglomerates, non-straight character and tragic past
Recomendado por baby inzhagi
The story of Hi Soo, Ji Yong and Ja Kyung is very similar to the plot of Pink Lipstick.
=> Hi Soo = Ga Eun
=> Ja Kyung = Mi Ran
=> Ji Yong = Jung Woo

>Both female lead are both married
>Of course both makjang
> Betrayal, Revenge, Affairs
>The husbands are still in love with their ex girlfriend
>The children are born out of wedlock -> children of the husband and the ex
Recomendado por baby inzhagi
The mine drama revolves around the murder of a man {Hanji young} and he's proved as major antagonist with a trail of lies and evil deeds behind the fake identity of being a good husband and responsible father. In High class drama we put up with similar situation but the only difference between them is the truth was revealed before death in Mine whereas , the wife explores the miser of truth after her husbands death in high class.
Both dramas spins around the supreme wealthy class with a mask of smiles burdened with endless sins and evil within.
Yet it isn't proved in High class though protagonist's husband had an affair and even in Mine the han ji young had secret affair.
Both dramas had sons with malicious father with a history of misdeeds behind them.

I hope the explanation may fulfil the requirment.
Recomendado por NCT-ERA
- both dramas are chaebol family related
- murder is committed
- both fl are (former) actresses
overall the dramas are pretty similar so if you liked 'Mine' you must check out 'Tower of Babel'
Recomendado por mire
rich people problems that have power in society.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Recomendado por Hala
-both about wealthy but dysfunctional families
-both melodramatic comedies like Sky castle
-in both the youngest son falls for a "poor" girl, but in Heard it through the Grapevine they had to get married because she was pregnant
-smart and witty female lead

i personally believe 7.6 is too low of a rating for this masterpiece
Recomendado por Red Block
Both dramas have great female cast
Both dramas revolve around powerful, rich, intelligent and smart women who are affiliated to powerful families and live a life of luxury.
In both dramas, these women strive to achieve and protect what they want (freedom, peace of mind, happy marriage, affluence, power etc) and most of all take revenge on those who hurt them.
Recomendado por unnie.daph
Both dramas have a woman out to get her daughter back from her shady ex, and teaming up with women that were originally her enemy in order to do so. Additionally, they both just have a lot of morally gray/complicated female characters. Queen of Masks is darker than Mine, while Mine has a more polished veneer and perhaps a more optimistic outlook overall.
Recomendado por Convenientalias
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