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  • País: Thailand
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 12
  • Exibido: Abr 19, 2023 - Jul 5, 2023
  • Exibido em: Quarta
  • Original Network: WeTV
  • Duração: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Pontuação: 7.5 (scored by 933 usuários)
  • Classificado: #5810
  • Popularidade: #5373
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)

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Jul 26, 2023
12 of 12 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 7.5
História 7.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Musical 7.5
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One Step At A Time

Step By Step is one of those dramas that I feel you either love it or hate it. I found it to be different from most standard BLs with it's office setting and focusing on the office dynamics and work relationships as well as the romantic ones. It was initially pleasant that the leads' relationship wasn't rushed and had time to develop, but I do feel that it lost it's way towards the end. It's not a perfect drama by any means, it didn't always seem to know what to do with it's side characters, there were plot lines that popped up out of nowhere and others that were simply ghosted, there weren't always good explanations for why characters reacted the way that they did, etc. Still, I personally enjoyed it and thought it was a pleasant diversion.

The plot is nothing fancy, essentially an office romance between a boss and his subordinate, which of course is going to cause drama. What I liked about it though was the attention to detail in regards to that office setting. We actually get to see the characters working, going to meetings, presenting, and so on. Maybe because I'm at the ripe age of 32, I didn't find it boring, but I can understand those who did. Personally it felt like a slice of life drama with an office focus, but more realistic than others I've seen. Yes, there's the ridiculous and over the top moments and things that would never happen in actual office, but I enjoyed that quality of peeking into a world I'm not at all familiar with fictional though it may be. It did feel like the story started to lose steam a little over halfway through and didn't seem to know where to go from there. And then there at the end there was a lot of drama thrown in which, besides being unnecessary, felt rushed. And I have to say that the ending, while cute, was rather anti-climatic. Despite it's length, it still felt like there were unanswered questions.

The pacing was a mess. Most of the drama and actual issues with our leads' relationship were relegated to the last three episodes and that's because they didn't actually get together until Episode 10. I have no issues with a slow burn which this definitely was, but I think the story could have been better spread out, allowing them to get together sooner and actually have some time as a couple before the drama started and then showing them handling those issues as a couple or delving into their characters more to show why things ended between them the way that they did prior to the time jump. Time in general was a struggle with this drama as it was hard to tell how much time had passed. It didn't feel like much time had passed, but then things like Ae's pregnancy would make me realize that a lot more time had gone by than I thought. Especially in an office setting, it felt like they should have been able to more clearly show that time progression. There was also the issue with the side couples/story lines not getting the attention they deserved which, again, could have been rectified if the pacing and story planning had been better. As it was, we were left with a very unsatisfying ending for Jaab and Jen who essentially just disappeared as the story progressed, Ae, Khanun and Beam were also shuffled off to the side and only showed up on occasion after a while, Chot and his boyfriend were thrown in at random times, and there were other parts that just needed better planning.

One of the biggest things I felt was lacking was insight into the characters' thoughts and the reasoning behind their reactions. Two examples would be Jaab's sudden rejection of Jane and Pat's reaction to finding out Jeng was gay. Jane was a fairly minor character throughout the series, so I can understand to an extent not going in depth with his emotions and mental state, but given that we are given the impression that he is in a happy, committed relationship, I do think there needed to be more insight into why he was so swayed by Jaab. With Jaab, he's liked Jane for a while, so why when Jane reveals that he and his boyfriend broke up, does he say they should just be friends? They shared a kiss, it was obvious Jaab still had feelings for Jane so what was with that? There was no explanation, no reasoning, nothing as to why he didn't want to give a relationship with Jane a shot. Similarly, Pat's reaction to finding out Jeng was gay seemed over the top and unnecessary. Why was he so shocked and put off by that revelation? Pat's reactions to things involving Jeng didn't always make sense, but this one and his decision to ghost Jeng for two years felt like taking things to the extreme. There needed to be more explanation as to why Pat reacted the way that he did for me to understand and sympathize with him.

The characters ranged from good to mediocre. There were a couple of gems in there, but most of them didn't leave much, if any, of an impression. Overall, I found the way characters were treated to be a bit disappointing just because it was so all over the place. Some characters had great character development and others were left stagnant.
-Pat was definitely more on the mediocre side for me. His childishness, tantrums and changeability made him a hard character for me to really get on board with. More insight into his character, why he was the way that he was, would have been helpful. As it stands, he really did just come across as immature and there were times that I really struggled to understand what Jeng saw him in aside from that he is a cute kid. Jeng talked about how smart he was and that's something that should have been shown and utilized more because while he did seem intelligent, it didn't seem like he was extraordinarily so. There also needed to be more insight into his feelings for Jeng. While initially he was obviously attracted to Jeng before realizing that he was his boss, once that revelation came about, his interest seemed to cool. Afterwards, there were a few hints that maybe he was developing feelings for Jeng, but when he went back to Put, it put those feelings in question. Regarding Put, that conflict felt like it resolved far too quickly. We went from Pat not wanting to see him, speak to him, anything, to, what felt like in a very short time span, being willing to start a relationship with him again. And then Pat goes from crying over their breakup to confessing he has feelings for Jeng. I almost felt like I had whiplash with the way Pat's feelings seemed to keep jumping around. I also wanted to explore more as to why Pat didn't believe that Jeng's feelings for him were real and why he didn't feel like he deserved Jeng initially. I was frankly a bit disappointed in Pat's character growth. He talks at one point about he's grown so much and is no longer as emotional, but I didn't really see that a whole lot. He still seemed overemotional and overreactive to the end.
-Jeng was definitely one of the best characters. He was very interesting to watch, especially as his feelings for Pat developed which I felt was well done. His feelings were clearly built up, starting from polite interest which then grew into romantic feelings. There was never any doubt regarding his feelings for Pat. I wish they had done as well with Pat and his feelings. I also appreciated his character growth from no nonsense, perfectionist boss to someone who was able to let loose a bit. Part of what also appealing about him was that he wanted to change for the better and he made an effort to do so. There's the element that Pat did inspire those changes, but he made the conscious decision to change on his own. His maturity especially in contrast to Pat was refreshing especially when it came to things like Pat blaming him for essentially not being a mind reader. Pat seemed to think that he should be able to change with a snap of his fingers, not realizing that change does take time, and I was very impressed with Jeng's patience. I would have liked a little more time spent on his background and his relationship with his parents, especially his father. A lot of that was just skimmed over and there at the end, it didn't really feel like things had been resolved between him and his father. Still, I felt that he was overall a decently well-rounded character and I really liked him.
-I didn't have particularly strong feelings about most of the remaining characters save for a few. I found Jaab to be a weird combination of interesting and boring. He had moments where I was invested in him, but there were a lot of other moments where I almost wanted to skip his scenes because he wasn't doing anything for me. Once his relationship with Jane petered out, I really lost interest in him. I did like some of his interactions with Jeng though and the support he was willing to provide eventually. Jane could have been a much better character if he was fleshed out more. As it was, there just wasn't much too him and that made it difficult to relate to him or really feel anything strongly about his character. I was disappointed with that because I did like his relationship with Jaab and I wanted to see more of it's development. I really liked Ae and I wish there had been a bit more of her. Her confidence was awesome as was her obvious love for her friends. She was always ready to go to bat for them and she was just in general an awesome character. I like strong female characters and I feel like they tend to be lacking in a lot of BLs so she was a pleasant surprise. I did find the revelation that Beam had been in love with her to be a bit out of the blue since I hadn't gotten that impression earlier on and it just felt unnecessary. Chot was another gem, I loved that he had a well balanced personality. He had just the right amount of over the top without it being grating. Plus he was just a sweetheart in general, always there to listen and be supportive, an understanding friend and lover, and just an all around lovely person. I could use someone like him in my life. The last character I want to mention is Jeng's father. He was too much of an enigma for me to really appreciate his character and he definitely needed a bit more fleshing out. His actions and thought process were left very ambiguous which works sometimes, but not here. I wanted to understand his treatment of Jeng and Pat as it felt more than a disapproval of his son being gay and getting involved with one of his subordinates.

As for the acting, can I just start off by saying how refreshing it was to see them cast an age appropriate actor for Jeng's role. I couldn't help but thinking about like Moonlight Chicken and how they tried to convince us that Earth could pass for an almost 40 year old. Hair, makeup and clothes can only go so far and trying to make actors look and act older than they are really does not work. Man was perfect because he both looked and acted the part. He gave a certain maturity to the role that someone much younger simply can't. I enjoyed the nuance of his performance and thought he played the part perfectly. This was Ben's first acting role and it showed. He wasn't bad per se, just compared to Man, he felt green. His expressions didn't vary a whole lot and some of the emotional scenes felt forced. I do think if he'd had more experience, he could have better conveyed some of the emotions and thought processes of his character. I was pleased that they cast two actors who are clearly comfortable speaking English since the fluency matched both of their backstories. I've seen far too many dramas where they give their characters backstories of having grown up in the US or spent a lot of time there and are supposed to be fluent, but the actor is clearly not comfortable with the language. I completely understand that learning another language is a challenge, so no disrespect to those actors, it just personally pulls me out of the story when it's clear that they're not as comfortable with the language as the story is trying to make them seen. Both Man and Ben were articulate and clearly understandable and delivered their lines effortlessly.

Despite it's flaws, I overall enjoyed Step By Step. It's not perfect by any means and could have been better with some tweaks, but for what it is, I found it entertaining for the most part. The build up of the characters' relationship, the setting, and the characters themselves had a different feel from other BLs I've watched recently and I liked that. It felt distinctive in it's own way. As I said before, I think this drama is rather polarizing in that you will either love it or hate it without a whole lot in between. If you go in without any major expectations and understand that it is flawed, I think that can stave off the disappointment that some might feel. For my part, I wouldn't discourage anyone from watching it, just be aware that it's not for everyone.

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2 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Ago 2, 2023
12 of 12 episódios vistos
Completados 13
No geral 7.0
História 7.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Musical 5.0
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Romance de bureau éloigné du BL standard (review uncut n°4)

Au départ, je n'avais pas prévu de regarder Step by Step. En fin de compte (et malgré ses défauts), j'y ai passé un bon moment.

J'ai lu beaucoup de commentaires après visionnage et je pense qu'une partie des gens l'ont catalogué comme mauvais pour des raisons discutables. Certains avaient des attentes différentes de ce qu'il ont obtenu et cela est venu impacter les notes. Après tout, si 7/10 est une bonne note pour moi, sur MDL ça ne l'est pas.

Tout d'abord, le scénario.

Celui-ci concerne l'évolution de deux personnes. La première (Pat) en tant que nouvel employé au service marketing. La seconde (Jeng) comme directeur de service et futur directeur de l'entreprise. La thématique principale de ce drama c'est l'évolution professionnelle. Et pour cause, cette partie prend énormément de place - un bon 80% de l'intrigue.
S'ajoute ensuite les sous-intrigues et les thématiques secondaires dont fait partie la romance.

Au détour d'un commentaire, quelqu'un disait que Step by Step était (je cite) "insultant pour son public". Je ne comprends pas cette remarque. Qu'on me dise que H4 était une insulte envers son public, je suis d'accord. Mais en quoi Step by Step l'était ?

J'ai l'impression que lorsque les gens entendent "BL", ils n'attendent que ça. Le fait d'être dans un contexte professionnel très développé donne du contraste contrairement aux productions précédentes, mais ici, cela a juste fait souffrir ce drama qui méritait mieux. D'ailleurs, s'il n'avait pas été un BL, son accueil aurait été meilleur.
Le fait d'ajouter l'étiquette "BL" change les attentes du public qui est habitué à voir du BL pour du BL sans chercher plus loin. Ainsi, on se retrouve avec des productions comme Step by Step qui ont un fort potentiel, mais finissent par se faire descendre dans les notes parce que les gens ne veulent que du BL. Je ne dis pas que Step by Step est parfait (il ne l'est pas), ni que mon opinion vaut plus qu'une autre. Je relève seulement qu'un BL c'est plus qu'une romance entre garçons.

Il faut donc comprendre avant même visionnage que la romance est secondaire, donc si vous attendez de Step by Step un BL standard, il ne vous plaira pas c'est certain.

Passons aux personnages/acteurs...
(j'ai balancé quasiment toute une boîte de clous sur Pat (joué par Ben)).

Commençons par Pat, joué par Ben Bunyapol Likhitamnuayporn.

C'est un personnage que je n'ai pas trouvé attachant ou émouvant. Au contraire. Il n'est jamais montré à son avantage et apparaît souvent comme quelqu'un d'immature et capricieux. Je veux dire, après s'être fait remonter les bretelles par son supérieur (Jeng), le type rédige sur un coup de tête une lettre de démission parce que "le monsieur l'a grondé ohlala". Si ce n'est pas être immature, c'est quoi ?
Sa seule qualité pourrait être son amabilité et encore, lorsqu'elle ne donne pas l'impression d'être fausse car mal jouée. Au bout du 9ème épisode c'est franchement devenu pénible de le regarder. Parfois, il semble s'améliorer et lors de la scène suivante, plouf !

L'acteur, Ben Bunyapol Likhitamnuayporn, ne m'a pas convaincu une seule seconde. C'est son premier rôle, je suis d'accord sur le fait qu'il doit bien débuter quelque part, mais pas sur un projet aussi long et qui demande tant d'implication.
Ben ne partage rien avec le spectateur. Il a cette manie de grimacer chaque fois qu'il parle ou veut transmettre une émotion. Le sourire forcé qu'il affiche sonne faux. Et le voir froncer les sourcils pour donner l'impression de réfléchir est pénible. Les larmes sont et donc très théâtrale, mais j'ai apprécié l'absence de bave, morve et toute la panoplie disgrâcieuse habituelle. Pour finir sur sa gestuelle (et sa posture), ce n'était pas terrible. Il ne bouge que quand il y pense - et le problème c'est qu'on le voit y penser.
Son manque d'expérience est flagrante plus d'une fois. À titre d'exemple, lors d'une scène de l'épisode 06. On suit une réunion entre Jeng, Jane, Chot et Pat. Les trois premiers acteurs offrent une scène fluide, naturelle et réaliste. Quant à Pat, il est mauvais et je ne plaisante pas. J'en étais mal à l'aise pour lui.
Pour finir (et c'est un point suggestif et purement superficiel (j'assume)), Ae qui veut que son bébé ait un visage mignon comme celui de Pat, à défaut de celui plus sombre et beau de Prem... Rien ne va dans cette phrase, mais ok. J'avais juste un dernier clou a enfoncer.

Depuis plusieurs années, la Thaïlande a conscience du marché juteux du BL. Il pourrait y avoir un effort sur les castings, notamment les rôles principaux. Je ne comprends pas ce qui a convaincu le directeur de casting de choisir Ben. Un petit cachet car acteur débutant ? Je suis horrible de dire ça, mais j'ai beau y réfléchir, je ne vois pas ce que Ben avait de plus que les autres candidats.

C'est bon, j'en ai fini avec Ben/Pat.

Maintenant parlons de Jeng interprété par Man Trisanu Soranun.

C'est l'un des meilleurs personnages de la série. Il fallait bien que ça tranche. Parce qu'avec douze épisodes de plus d'une heure, on ne tient pas facilement à moins d'avoir un personnage solide à l'écran. De toute façon, faire mieux que Ben n'était pas très compliqué (j'ai encore quelques clous dans la poche).
Jeng tente de sauver le service marketing de l'entreprise, mais il a quelques soucis pour faire confiance aux autres et déléguer. On suit son évolution sous un autre angle et on sent qu'il veut bien faire, mais laisse peu de personnes graviter autour de lui.
Man Trisanu Soranun est brillant. L'acteur correspond au rôle. Je veux dire qu'on nous parle d'un homme qui doit reprendre l'entreprise, mais souhaite avant tout garder son service marketing ouvert. Et ça fonctionne. Man incarne très bien son personnage jusqu'au bout, d'autant plus qu'il n'a pas le profil habituel du personnage de BL.
Soyons honnêtes ! En temps normal, on nous balance des minets tout droit sortis d'une revue de mode. S'il n'y a rien de mal, c'est tout aussi agréable d'avoir un bel homme (j'accentue sur homme/adulte) qui porte divinement les costumes et paraît si bien avec un charme fou. Exactement comme on voudrait qu'il soit. Et en prime, il n'agit ni de façon gênante, ni comme un lourdaud jaloux et encore moins comme un brun pseudo ténébreux de pacotille (j'ai tant d'exemples en tête, mais cette critique est bien assez longue).

Bref, Man c'est la découverte de ce drama.

Concernant la romance et le couple Jeng/Pat.

Elle arrive tardivement surtout pour un format de 12 épisodes de plus d'une heure chacun (et presque le double pour le dernier). Pour ma part, ça ne m'a pas dérangé bien que je puisse comprendre ceux qui n'attendaient que cette partie. J'imagine que la version TV est plus légère sur le plan professionnel, mais ils ont gardé pas mal de parties et en soit, la romance est très lente et tardive.
Cela dit, je ne peux m'empêcher de me questionner. Que Pat tombe amoureux de Jeng ne me surprend pas. Jeng dégage un charme fou et j'ai aussi senti mon cœur papillonner entre deux sourires, mais l'inverse m'échappe. Plus d'une fois on nous montre les moments où Pat semble toucher la corde sensible de Jeng, mais je ne comprends pas à quel moment Pat est séduisant ou mignon ni comment on peut tomber sous son charme. Bon ! L'amour ne s'explique pas.

Niveau baiser/intimité, ce sont de bons moments. Jeng guide les scènes et Pat suit le mouvement ce qui donne de très jolies séquences. Le premier baiser était tout chaud et m'a rappelé le premier de Lovely Writer également.
Malgré tout, à l'écran que ce soit en tant que couple ou patron/employé, Man éclipse totalement Ben. Ce n'est pas rare, mais c'est toujours gênant quand ça arrive.

Au sujet du second couple, Jaab/Jane.

Je regrette vraiment la façon dont leur histoire fut balayé sous le tapis. C'est comme si les scénaristes n'avaient plus d'idées et ont juste décidé d'abandonner sans offrir plus. Alors qu'il était si facile de supprimer quelques scènes de bureau pour se concentrer sur eux. À la place, ça se termine sans trop se terminer, on ne sait pas trop (ou je suis passée à côté).

Pour les autres personnages :
La relation Jeng/Jaab était intéressante et jolie.
Voir Up (Put) avec une veste en cuir était cool. A part un ou deux cameo, je ne l'avais pas revu depuis Lovely Writer. Un vrai petit plaisir de le retrouver avec un personnage bien développé et une bonne interprétation.
Bruce (Chot) est un acteur qui s'améliore même si la majeure partie de ses personnages ne m'intéresse pas. Je regrette qu'on lui colle toujours la même caricature d'autant plus qu'il y avait une réelle profondeur pour le personnage de Chot. Et je ne désespère pas de le voir un jour dans un autre registre que la romance.
Zorzo (Ae) était magnifique, tout comme Hymn (Prem) qui méritait un peu plus d'attention d'après moi. C'est un personnage qu'on voyait peu, mais qui semblait hurler en même temps. Peut-être que ce n'est que moi, mais lors de la photo post-accouchement, il y avait quelque chose chez lui qui semblait si forte et je n'avais pas pensé à "cette révélation". Un personnage sous-estimé, malheureusement.
Kong (Big) était seulement un élément perturbateur inutile de son entrée à sa sortie.
Et tout le reste était bon - même si l'équipe de marketing n'est pas la plus exemplaire.

Pour finir avec les clous, pourquoi les gens ivres sont toujours gênants ? Pat n'était pas mignon ivre, il était juste gênant et stupide. À quand des personnages avec l'alcool joyeux ?
Aussi ! Que les scènes soient tournées dans le désordre, c'est courant. Mais il serait agréable de ne pas faire un petit tour chez le coiffeur entre deux tournages. C'est un détail mineur, mais ça me rend toujours dingue.

Quant au reste, il était agréable d'avoir des épisodes de plus d'une heure. Le jour où les K-BL y auront le droit, ce sera comme Noël chaque semaine ahah. J'ai apprécié la légèreté des bruitages, Tee Bundit Sintanaparadee n'a pas fait la même erreur que sur Lovely Writer.
La partie pro est très présente, mais pas désintéressante. Parfois ça traîne et quelques scènes sont trop longues, mais le rythme reste entraînant avec de jolis plans et de bons éclairages.
S'il est difficile de passer outre un personnage principal, cela valait clairement le coup pour Man que j'ai découvert et ohmondieu je rêve de le voir dans un nouveau drame prochainement. Le charme de cet acteur est fou et son sourire est comme un rayon de soleil (et oui Fan2Dramas, ses jambes interminables, pfiouh !).

Pour résumer :
Malgré ses défauts, ça reste un drame intéressant quand on sait ce qui nous attend. Si vous attendez de Step by Step un BL standard, alors vous n'aimerez pas. En revanche, si vous souhaitez découvrir un drama avec comme couple principal deux hommes qui évoluent dans un contexte professionnel à des postes différents, vous serez plus à même de l'apprécier.

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  • Drama: Step by Step: Uncut Version
  • País: Tailândia
  • Episódios: 12
  • Exibido: Abr 19, 2023 - Jul 5, 2023
  • Exibido On: Quarta
  • Original Network: WeTV
  • Duração: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 18+ Restrito (violência e palavrões)


  • Pontuação: 7.5 (avaliado por 933 usuários)
  • Classificado: #5810
  • Popularidade: #5373
  • Fãs: 2,024

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