Playboyy Episode 1

Sex is Everyone's Matter

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Soy's good friend Nant disappears without a trace, and he also meets the impassioned Phee during art class. (Source: GagaOOLala)
  • Exibido: November 16, 2023

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Nov 19, 2023

Bit of a slow introduction

Playboyy is working with a huge cast, and the character introductions honestly seemed a bit clunky. There's about 12 of them in the cast and we really only got to meet 4 in any meaningful way so far. We got an interesting thesis statement about sex and its potential to either unify or divide people, along with an introduction to the dangers the Playboyy guys face given that sex work is illegal and doesn't officially exist in Thailand - which is probably going to be relevant in the missing persons case that's going to link all of this together. I think there's potential to explore interesting things with Zouey and his relationship to sex, given the judgement he got from pretty much everyone around him for having trouble being touched. But given that I can't tell whether the trouble is because he's inexperienced/overwhelmed or if he actually dislikes it is making me worry that it's going to be clunky and awkwardly handled. Especially since they talked about First and Soong both liking rough sex and what they showed was pretty vanilla thanks.

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Nov 18, 2023

Five Stars

I'm so interested in everything! I want to know more about what's going on with Zouey. How will our stealthy second twin infiltrate?! What the hell are these jerks going to do to these two soft hearted guys? I'm not hating on their sex work, I'm hating that they want to play with emotions. Get laid and get paid, you don't have to be extra and cruel.
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Nov 17, 2023

Close up's on back acne/face acne while…

Close up's on back acne/face acne while also showing 10 pounds of makeup.. All NC scenes show clear view of underwear even when giving 'blowjobs' like.. wtf you bobbing on ? thin air?!?!?!. Rich guy/klepto talking about liking it rough and going rougher next time when they did nothing rough at all!!
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