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Not really a bad remake. I wonder why people are complaining so much. (P.S. I love remakes)

Ep 1 to Ep 5: Before I started watching I went through the comments and most were pretty much bashing the show, the cast, & the story. When I finally got to watching it, I realized that most of them are being too negative. It isn't a bad remake. I can see why the actor who's playing Brandon, he sometimes resembles Park Seo Joon. Its the eyes and side profile. The actor Paulo is doing a good job as Brandon if you watch the drama without comparing. And Kim Chiu is really very pretty, her dimples are just so adorable. Her acting is also good. I like that they speak in English majority of the time, so I focus more on the scenes and people. In Korean version, Secretary Kim is more subtle in showing her emotions whereas here Secretary Kim is too emotional with expressions exaggerated. The one thing that they got wrong is the office space for the staff, it just doesn't go well with the theme of the show. I do like Brandon's throne though. They introduced Morpheus, he is one character that looks very sleezy, he looks like a young John Schneider who got a surfer dude haircut. I am not a fan of the other characters so far but lets see how it develops.

Ep 6 to Ep 10: Even with the 20 mins episodes it drags a bit from time to time. I have to skip a lot of scenes because I'm only interested in what's happening between the leads. A few people in the comments said that the leads lack the chemistry, they must be blind. I see the chemistry. The remake has made a few changes as to when things happens and I like them. I also liked that Brandon chose to participate in the games instead of watching from the sidelines. Still not liking Cyrus's look though, give that guy a surfboard. I'm really not a fan of fusion food. Even other people eating it makes me go why!

Ep 11 to Ep 29: The story progression is fine, the chemistry develops gradually, and you are glad that they get together. However, the decision to hide the past seems to have been made very complicated but it isn't in reality. But that's trauma for you. But the FL already suspects that he is the 'Ninja Boy', so he might as well confide in her.

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Jim Jong Jun
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A slow and draggy version of one of my most fav K dramas I have seen.

It could have properly summed the entire story in 24 eps instead of making it 33 eps. The characters are more annoying than the original and story arcs keep on getting dragged. The chemistry is mediocre to say the best as I just don't feel the chemistry between the leads. Even when not compared to the original drama, this one becomes boring midway. If they wanted to make it a slow burn, it could have been done better.

If you haven't watched the Korean version, you may give it a go otherwise it can be ignored.
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