Florescendo Episódio 1

9.4/10 from 40 users
Mar 15, 2024
After ten years of non-stop searching, Pan Yue finally found his childhood crush Yang Cai Wei who was now an undertaker. They decided to find out the truth behind the extermination… read more

Florescendo Episódio 2

9.4/10 from 40 users
Mar 15, 2024
Together, Pan Yue and Yang Cai Wei solve the murder of the Li family. Pan Yue declares his marriage to Cai Wei, who believes he is only fulfilling the marriage contract obligation… read more

Florescendo Episódio 3

9.4/10 from 42 users
Mar 15, 2024
Cai Wei (in the body of Shangguan Zhi) witnesses Shangguan Zhi’s death (in the body of Cai Wei). She wakes up after a 1-month coma and reaches out to Xiao Sheng to help find the… read more

Florescendo Episódio 4

9.4/10 from 41 users
Mar 15, 2024
Pan Yue makes his first arrest as the county magistrate and makes enemies with the 4 powerful houses that rule the county. In Cai Wei’s attempts to gather information about Shangguan… read more

Florescendo Episódio 5

9.4/10 from 40 users
Mar 15, 2024
Cai Wei is able to quell Pan Yue’s suspicions about her for the time being. The young master of the Silver Rain Terrace arrives and wreaks havoc by accusing Pan Yue of killing his… read more

Florescendo Episódio 6

9.5/10 from 38 users
Mar 16, 2024
Cai Wei discovers Shangguan Zhi’s body and attributes her cause of death to a thin, gold needle. Suspecting Pan Yue used the needle to kill Shangguan, she keeps this information… read more

Florescendo Episódio 7

9.5/10 from 38 users
Mar 16, 2024
The trail of the gold needle leads them to the Life and Death House, where Cai Wei and Pan Yue assume the identities of two patrons. Cai Wai makes a scene to lure out the murderer,… read more

Florescendo Episódio 8

9.5/10 from 39 users
Mar 17, 2024
Pan Yue makes a bet with Cai Sheng that he and Cai Wei will be able to escape Life and Death House. Pan Yue begins to see Cai Wei in Shangguan Zhi, but he forces himself to purge those… read more

Florescendo Episódio 9

9.5/10 from 38 users
Mar 17, 2024
Master Lan Jiang Zhuo, bent on finding Cai Wei’s murderer, picks up on her cues and decides not to pursue further. In order to protect her, he proposes marriage at the county magistrate’s… read more

Florescendo Episódio 10

9.4/10 from 37 users
Mar 18, 2024
Cai Wei and Pan Yue begin investigating an old case concerning deaths happening around the time of the Lantern Festival, rumored to be caused by a Wyvern deity. They interview the… read more

Florescendo Episódio 11

9.6/10 from 34 users
Mar 18, 2024
Cai Wei and Pan Yue find more evidence about the case, leading them to a decomposed body. Cai Wei uses her skills to determine the cause of death and weapon used, which points to the… read more

Florescendo Episódio 12

9.6/10 from 33 users
Mar 19, 2024
Though Gu Yong does indeed own the Blood sword, matching the description of the murder weapon, his right hand is rendered useless, and the murders were committed by a left-handed person.… read more

Florescendo Episódio 13

9.6/10 from 31 users
Mar 19, 2024
Trapped in the dungeon where Gu Yong kept his son, Gu Shan, Cai Wei, and Pan Yue barely make it out alive when Gu Yong fills the room with smoke. They decide to resume the Lantern… read more

Florescendo Episódio 14

9.6/10 from 32 users
Mar 20, 2024
Xiao Sheng and Master Zhuo stay in hiding to mount a surprise attack on the Gold Water Sect, who are trying to assassinate Master Zhuo. Cai Wei recruits A Ze and then Constable Liu… read more

Florescendo Episódio 15

9.6/10 from 32 users
Mar 20, 2024
While interrogating the captured Gu Shan, Pan Yue realizes he’s just an imposter, meant to throw them off the trail. Grasping the severity of the situation, Pan Yue desperately searches… read more

Florescendo Episódio 16

9.9/10 from 28 users
Mar 21, 2024
Gu Yong decides to reveal who is the leader of the Ripple organization if Pan Yue can guarantee his safety. However, a mole in the county magistrate’s office gets to Gu Yong before… read more

Florescendo Episódio 17

9.9/10 from 28 users
Mar 21, 2024
Xiao Sheng gets in trouble with the Silver Rain Terrace but is saved by Master Zhuo and Shangguan Zhi. Shangguan Zhi makes it clear to Master Zhuo that she only sees him as her friend… read more

Florescendo Episódio 18

9.9/10 from 28 users
Mar 22, 2024
Pan Yue is about to tell Shangguan Zhi that he knows who she really is, but changes his mind, realizing that she will be targeted by the Ripple organization if they know her true identity.… read more

Florescendo Episódio 19

10.0/10 from 28 users
Mar 25, 2024
Pan Yue makes a trip to Shen Ci’s hometown for more info and takes Cai Wei with him, hoping to tell her he knows her true identity. Master Zhuo unearth’s the spy in his organization… read more

Florescendo Episódio 20

9.8/10 from 30 users
Mar 25, 2024
Pan Yue reveals to Cai Wei that his betrothal to the princess is fake, so he can pursue the Ripple organization without being targeted. Though Cai Wei has feelings for him, she’s… read more

Florescendo Episódio 21

10.0/10 from 26 users
Mar 26, 2024
Cai Wei and Pan Yue investigate Miao Zhuang’s death, leading them to the back of the XinZheng Academy where they are attacked and Pan Yue is poisoned by the Huanming bug. Pan Yue… read more

Florescendo Episódio 22

10.0/10 from 25 users
Mar 26, 2024
Xiao Sheng informs Cai Wei and Pan Yue that Master Zhuo is held captive at Silver Rain Terrace. Pan Yue suddenly gets an invitation to meet Master Zhuo’s father. Though Pan Yue knows… read more

Florescendo Episódio 23

10.0/10 from 24 users
Mar 27, 2024
Pan Yue discovers who the spy is and finds information regarding Cai Wei’s father. They investigate their lead, ultimately bringing them to Cai Wei’s master for information on… read more

Florescendo Episódio 24

9.9/10 from 24 users
Mar 27, 2024
Cai Wei and Pan Yue investigate the Resurrection of the Heavenly Master Case and discover Lu Ai Ge is actually Lu Shen Shen. They fall into her trap, and Ling Er is put in a precarious… read more

Florescendo Episódio 25

10.0/10 from 24 users
Mar 28, 2024
Cai Wei and Pan Yue bid farewell to their friends in Heyang and made their way back to the capital to continue the investigation. However, things don’t go as planned when the Empress… read more

Florescendo Episódio 26

10.0/10 from 24 users
Mar 29, 2024
Cai Wei passes the Princess’ test, allowing her to spend time with Pan Yue. Cai Wei’s brother is not pleased with the news of Pan Yue marrying the Princess, which causes Cai Wei… read more

Florescendo Episódio 27

10.0/10 from 22 users
Apr 01, 2024
Cai Wei goes under cover as a courtesan to get more information on the Ripple organization. Things go awry when she is forced to relinquish her sachet of powder so Pan Yue can track… read more

Florescendo Episódio 28

9.9/10 from 20 users
Apr 01, 2024
Shangguan Zhi’s nemesis, Sima Xuan, causes trouble when she spots Cai Wei and Pan Yue together. Pan Yue is suddenly invited for dinner by Madam Jia, the princess’ older sister,… read more

Florescendo Episódio 29

10.0/10 from 19 users
Apr 01, 2024
Though Pan Yue is severely injured, Master Zhuo spares his life. He follows the clues to General Lu, whose mannerisms lead Pan Yue in ascertaining who the mastermind is. Meanwhile,… read more

Florescendo Episódio 30

10.0/10 from 18 users
Apr 01, 2024
Shangguan’s brother confronts Pan Yue, who finally tells him the truth about Shangguan Zhi and Cai Wei. To further torture Pan Yue, Jia Quan forces Pan Yue to preside over Cai Wei’s… read more

Florescendo Episódio 31

10.0/10 from 18 users
Apr 01, 2024
Based on the skeletal remains of Qing Di’s courtesans, Cai Wei surmises that Yun Chang is still alive, so they search for her. Though found, she manages to escape, convincing Zuo… read more

Florescendo Episódio 32

10.0/10 from 19 users
Apr 01, 2024
Jia Quan’s ceremony for cementing his as Grand Marshal of the three armies is underway, but Pan Yue and Cai Wei lack the necessary evidence to unequivocally prosecute him. They wait… read more

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