- same actors (Boss/Noeul) if you like their chemistry together
- both stories written by MAME
- the main leads give off similar dynamic to Phayu and Rain with one being more serious and the other perceived as cute
Recomendado por Starberry Moons
Mame's "The Boy Next World" BL focuses on the characters Cir and Phu who are a secondary couple in TharnType 2.
Recomendado por AthenaTheStorierX
Both stories involve one of the leads having a long-term secret crush on the other lead. This lead is very attentive and knows everything about their love interest. both dramas also feature similarly shameless female villains who don't get the time of day. And both dramas feature a main lead that really needs learn how to court their crush like a normal person (without spoiling too much).

They both also feature the beginnings of other relationships, including an established lesbian one.
Recomendado por AthenaTheStorierX
Both of these dramas play with the idea of alternative universes where small details defer, and the leads are forever connected by a single interaction with each other.
Recomendado por AthenaTheStorierX
same author, main cast of both series were co-main casts before, love in the air, mame, thai series, bl series
Recomendado por DannahRhyzGulen
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