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  • País: China
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 27
  • Exibido: Jul 29, 2023 - Ago 22, 2023
  • Exibido em: Segunda, Sábado, Domingo
  • Original Network: Hunan TV Mango TV
  • Duração: 45 min.
  • Pontuação: 7.8 (scored by 256 usuários)
  • Classificado: #3574
  • Popularidade: #5362
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: Not Yet Rated

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Ago 21, 2023
27 of 27 episódios vistos
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No geral 8.5
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Musical 8.0
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The father, the son and the holy sheep.

After a long hiatus, Young Blood 2 picks up right where Season 1 left off with the team heading to Western Xia to rescue Zhao Jian's father. There they get embroiled in a plot to assassinate Yuan Hao, aka Emperor Jingzong of Western Xia. Yuan Hao was a formidable general and founder of the Tangut dynasty, which lasted almost two centuries. This narrative largely respects history so if you do not want to be majorly spoiled as to how this ends, resist the urge to Google him.

Initially, Season 2's somber, pensive tone took me aback. But it is fitting for the desolate, rugged, mystical Helan Mountain terrain. It also ties well with the personal losses, betrayals, and disillusionment the team experiences at the end of Season 1. While screenwriter Wang Juan's humor and clever dialogues are evident in the writing, the difference in the directing team is noticeable. Character shots and comedic moments are not as well captured by the camera. Many of the people shots are not filmed at interesting camera angles and the main cast's humor does not flow naturally. The actors may be trying too hard to convey that some of their joie de vivre have faded after all that they've been through. Their energy often seems lethargic and their banter is lackluster despite the witty dialogue. What still shines is their unspoken affection and trust in each other which seems more mature, time-tested, and unbreakable. The "new" Yanei integrates well even though he unavoidably looks younger and is missing the swagger. Su Xiaotong's acting has most visibly improved and I enjoyed Pei Jing's growth this season.

In terms of comic relief, the antagonists steal the show in Season 2. The humor in their dialogues, the bald-faced lies traded with deadpan expressions among the Western Xia royal family had me in stitches. But it is the oddly gullible, absurdly superstitious, and unexpectedly sincere Yuchi Yuan that made me laugh hardest only to cry hardest when he admits he is someone that just needs to believe in divine intervention. Many supporting roles like Yuchi Yuan, the heroic Section 8, and the antagonists are so well written and dimensioned that they are the show stealers. Not only does Section 7's banter seem to lose its mojo, they also don't get to do the important tasks in the mission, other than show up for the finale. Indeed the main architect or spymaster is not from Section 7.

This season, most of the main characters grapple with the kind of person their father is, what he expects of them, and whether that is compatible with who they want to be. To different degrees, each parent and child take a measure of one another and don't quite like what they see. Yuan Zhongxin's dad may be a particularly nasty, cold-hearted, and misguided sociopath with questionable methods; but ultimately he wants his son to survive. This is not the case with Yuan Hao, who is the biggest, baddest, daddy of them all. Thanks to Hai Yitian's intimidating screen presence, Yuan Hao is a terrifying freak of nature, a giant rock formation that must have been hewn out of the sacred mountain itself. Just his menacing, diabolical appearance made me break out in cold sweat. Yuan Hao knows exactly what his son is up to and he gives him every opportunity, practically dares him to succeed. The dialogue within the dialogue and the dark humor behind barely veiled threats that petrifies poor Ningling Ge out of his wits is signature Wang Juan. I never felt more sorry for such a vile and duplicitous character; an apple that falls far, far from the tree. He seems diminished and less smart in Season 2, over-shadowed by the larger-than-life Yuan Hao. Father and son are both oddly pitiful to me as their story as recorded in history is already wildly dramatic and treacherous.

The plot is tighter and more focused than Season 1 because there is only one mission that spans several years with a time jump that interrupts the momentum slightly. The sub-plots are cleverly structured around the interplay of recurring themes around the father, the son and the holy sheep. At the time, the Tanguts practiced folk or natural relgion steeped in mysticism with shamans, and many spirits or gods. Like many ancient cultures, they believed that the ruler is divinely blessed but in times of chaos or natural disaster, can lose the mandate of heaven. In planning the mission, the yummy Wen Wuqi of Section 8 infiltrates Western Xia by assuming the identity of a sheep deity's envoy come to anoint Yuan Hao's regime. There are many allusions to fēngshén/封神 or the creation of gods, which is the underlying strategy the Song spies use initially to elevate and then subsequently to undermine Yuan Hao. Wang Juan's well researched and superbly written script clearly draws inspiration from Fēngshén Yǎnyì 封神演义 or The Investiture of Gods one of the great vernacular novels about Chinese history, mythology, folklore, fantasy and legends.

The ending will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows the history (or used Google). Even then, the finale delivers an epic showdown that the entire season builds up to. The fast paced and thrilling action choreography is one of the highlights of Season 2. The desperate, bloodthirsty and stunning final fight had me squealing, jumping up and down and bouncing off walls with adrenaline fuelled fear and excitement. I personally would have ended the story at the mid-way point of the final episode, where the ending credits roll. It is fitting and exactly the kind of irony, cynicism and dark humor I expect of Wang Juan. But that would have resulted in an outcry of gargantuan proportions and I equally enjoyed the final message that a father does not have to explain himself to his son. Despite the fantastic writing, I still wish the original team's chemistry worked a bit better. So for me, this was mostly tracking just a bit better than an 8.0/10.0 but I think ending a drama well is super important and I like the ending so much so I am happy to bump this up to an 8.5/10.0.

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Ago 25, 2023
27 of 27 episódios vistos
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No geral 10
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Acting/Cast 8.5
Musical 9.0
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Adulting, the Qi Zhai way

“Everyone was young once. The ambition during youth, sometimes, is just a nice dream. Now, it’s time to wake up. It’s time to grow up.” Wang Kuan’s dad, EP 5


“Youth… [you all] only know passion…, don’t know the way of the world.” Yuan Zhongxin’s dad, EP 15


“Growing up is not a bad thing. These 3 years with your own efforts, you all have your own direction and achievements. Why throw your lives at Xi Xia? Just treat Xi Xia as a youth’s dream. Now it’s time to wake up from this dream. Your futures now have other possibilities.” Si Gui Uncle, EP 16


Season 2 picked up right where Season 1 left off. Our beloved Section 7 (Qi Zhai) find themselves with a new mission that brings them to Xi Xia - to kill the ruthless Yuan Hao who’d instigate wars to be the ruler of the world if he was not stopped.

And this would be the greatest challenge that Qi Zhai came across. Yuan Hao was almost invincible. At first blood, Qi Zhai barely survived their assassination attempt - they and we knew it was mainly due to Yuan Hao [kinda] letting them go.

As Qi Zhai went back to Da Song, there were many opposing voices, mainly from the older generation, who came from rightful places because Xi Xia would be a suicidal mission. We have Yuan Tian Guan, who’d rather disabled Yuan Zhongxin so the latter can’t go Xi Xia to die; Prime Minister Wang who lectured with Wang Kuan on the ways of the world, hoping the latter would “get it and grow up”; Si Gui Uncle and Bei Hexing who gave Qizhai another mission and way of living in hopes that the latter would love their new life and possibilities over going to Xi Xia.

If Season 1 was about a bunch of misfit teenagers who found camaraderie in each other at school, I’d say Season 2 was them finding their own roles and way of living in the world after graduating.

And their dynamics with their dads were the main theme of this season as they figured out what adulthood means to them. Yuan Tian Guan, Commander Wei and Prime Minister Wang were the more prominent dad figures where the tension with their sons were shown on screen. Prince Zhao’s expectations and “presence”, though absent from the show, can be greatly felt through Zhao Jian. Xue Ying’s dad was the supportive one. Pei Jing’s parents were the uncaring ones. The dynamics may be different for each family, but message remained - they all want their children to live.

I like how QiZhai dealt with these expectations. They heard their dads’ messages, but they also prioritised their inner voice and do things their way. And when they departed to Xi Xia once again, they were not accounting to any Headmaster or superior. They only had themselves to answer to and rely on.

To me, this is what proper independence and adulting looks like. …
Though this phrase feels like a graceful and appropriate way to end the review of Young Blood 2, I have to make shoutouts to the lovely supporting cast.

Yuan Hao’s and Ning Ling Ge’s relationship is the foil of another dad-son dynamics who put power higher than relationship. As ruthless as Yuan Hao was, he gave a lot chances to his son - whether for bloodline or because he arrogantly trusted his own invincibility, no one can tell for sure. But if anything one can say with conviction, it’s the fear Yuan Hao invoked in others and his ruthlessness - indeed, any of sane mind would not want to be his enemy. It was shown time and time again how strong, smart and ruthless Yuan Hao was. It seemed like he was born to kill - those who stopped Qi Zhai may be right, it’d be a suicidal mission and it didn’t have to and shouldn’t be a bunch of youths’ responsibility to stop this “monster”.

The Queen, the concubine and prime minister of Xi Xia had interesting personalities too - more the Queen than any other. I’d say she’s probably the “smarter” one among this Xi Xia royal family when you look at their endings.

Section 8 (Ba Zhai) are one of the stars of this show! Though their moment are short, it surely represents an epitome of youth and passion. I hope they all got a spin-off from this series - am sure a lot of us would be interested…if the story is done with care!

Let’s not forget Liang Mai Xiang, Si Gui Uncle and his rooster. They may be supporting characters, but they are also characters with their own defining traits. Ok, maybe not the rooster, but you know you can’t bring up Si Gui uncle without his rooster. I thought Liang Mai Xiang is only introduced as Xue Ying’s love interest - she did get her mini arc on taking over her dad’s position at Youzhou army.

If I list anymore characters, my review will start to lose focus. But, the last shoutout must be given to Yu Chi Yuan! He is the comedic relief of this more somber season, and probably more - the kind of character that creeps into you unknowingly.

Script, story and acting wise, I would say it’s still the Young Blood we love. And I am glad they managed to make this season came on screen. The only slight regret is the directing of the show who failed to capture some comedic moments timely. While I can’t professionally critique how, there’s an art to this skill which would make a difference in the production quality. Giving this a 10 is mainly my own bias.

For audience who had not watched Season 1, highly recommend to tune in to it first because the added context and background would increase the enjoyment of this story. For audience and die-hard fans of Season 1, I’d say both story, while related, are not the same kind of themes. Hence some elements of what we love in Season 1 would not be here in Season 2.

They are still the Qi Zhai we know. It’s just the Qi Zhai who are growing up. And that’s adulting, a phase we all go through.

While we may have our own expectations, let Qi Zhai show you their meaning of adulthood. It’s their story.


“I know, people change. Maybe someday, I will betray my current self, and live life the way I hated. But the someday is not now. People will definitely change.

But some thoughts, some persistence shouldn’t be shaken. If growing up means killing my past self, abandoning my inner spark, then I rather be youth forever.” Wang Kuan, EP 5


“Qi Zhai wants to kill Yuan Hao, is not because of personal vengeance. It’s to prevent war and protect peace. The country has different bloodlines, but we all use the same language, experience the same ups and downs of life. To love the country is to love oneself.

Is it wrong? [to have passion]” Zhao Jian, EP 15


“Time changes people. We have been through a lot in these 3 years and maybe matured too.

But who’s to say after all these experiences, people can’t remain as youth.” Yuan Zhongxin, EP 16

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  • Drama: Young Blood 2
  • País: China
  • Episódios: 27
  • Exibido: Jul 29, 2023 - Ago 22, 2023
  • Exibido On: Segunda, Sábado, Domingo
  • Original Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV
  • Duração: 45 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: Ainda Não Classificado


  • Pontuação: 7.8 (avaliado por 256 usuários)
  • Classificado: #3574
  • Popularidade: #5362
  • Fãs: 2,123

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