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Nov 11, 2022
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Wonderful mini-show with a sweet love story

This is such a wonderful mini-show. Even if the storyline sometimes jumps a little too much and creates a brief confusion, it makes sense after a short while. I love these stories where someone goes into a novel/manga/comic book and has to complete missions to go back.
Character wise: FL is clever and works on the missions tirelessly. ML (or 2ML in the book) is so cool and it’s obvious why FL falls in love with him instead.
Acting wise: Most of the actors are pretty good but some have a tendency to over-act a bit. That is normal for these shows with short formats. It didn’t ruin anything.
Only thing I thought was that it’s a bit too fast paced. As I am not proficient in Chinese, that is a bit of a problem because I had to slow down the speed to 0,75 and even had to pause every now and then - and I actually read English very well (my 2nd language).
Well, if you like a fast paced, funny and interesting mini-show - with a great love story to spice it up - this is definitely well worth watching.

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