Both stories portray different twists on the journey rags to riches, showing the disparity between the rich and the poor. We see how the leads find ways to navigate and try to escape from their humble beginnings.

The Golden Spoon includes a fantasy aspect, whereas Anna is led by small lies that snowball. The characters are portrayed for their struggle and ambitions rather than simply greedy and grovelling. Our leads are unpredictable in the way they navigate their environments and relationships.

Both tell the stories of our leads from youth into adulthood, so we get to see the growth they experience along the way, and whether a life of wealth is really what they want.
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Both shows are binge-worthy, short dramas! They are both full of metaphors and small details that you will appreciate upon rewatching :)

Themewise: Both leads in this drama have illegal secrets that they constantly trying to hide. They both underwent downward arcs throughout the story (their mental health and confidence are better at the start, then decline towards the end). So, if you like one, you better try the other to get a similar sensation.

In my opinion, Extracurricular has a faster pacing and the final is more epic. Anna has better fashion and scenery.

*Bonus: Both shows feature burning cars!
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