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  • País: China
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 25
  • Exibido: Jun 20, 2023 - Jul 6, 2023
  • Exibido em: Segunda, Terça, Quarta, Quinta, Sexta, Sábado, Domingo
  • Original Network: Youku
  • Duração: 45 min.
  • Pontuação: 9.0 (scored by 41,103 usuários)
  • Classificado: #53
  • Popularidade: #111
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 13+ - Teens 13 or older

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Jul 7, 2023
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The Wish of First Love that She wrote on Paper Stars came True!! ♥

Cute and Wholesome ♡♡

Hidden Love is a binge worthy, adorable drama about a young girl in love with her brother's friend. Sang Zhi met Duan Jiaxu when she was just 14 years old and again when she was 17, with time she develops feelings for him. Jiaxu who was 5 years older than him only saw her as his little sister but she always had a special place in his life (as a family). They part ways for a period of time and meet again! And whoa now that she's an adult there starts a story of sweetness, hotness and the chemistry that literally do not leaves a chance of giving you butterflies!!

To talk about chemistry, nah they've physics, maths and every subject you can think off. It wasn't even much about the story tbh, most of us just adored this pair together! The good parts about this drama is probably the CHEMISTRY (*chef's kiss*), the ACTING (they look way too natural) and the LIGHTNESS (name a drama with almost no toxicity).

Not like the story left much impression, there was a lot going on and they could've gone in depth with it but instead they focused on our main couple and how to develop their relationship better. Sang Zhi kept saying "I'm not a kiddo anymore" and him finding his home in her and yet teasing her about it. This... This sweet banter, understanding and comfort they had around each other won my heart.

Sang Zhi (played by Zhao Lusi) is such a thoughtful character. Not only she never gave up on her love, the way she was giving her 100% for him and never being insecure or so damn sure that "yeah he is the one for me" is lovely to watch... and did I mention I fell for Zhao Lusi once again!! She ate her character. even her playing a 17 year old was kinda convincing, tho she was 23 when this was filmed. And she sang two songs that always lit up the atmosphere of each scene. She's genuinely impressive.

Complimenting her is Duan Jiaxu (Chen Zheyuan) . This man is a walking green flag. The reason I don't blame her for the puppy love is because who would not fall for him if the guy is this sweet and caring... and visuals obviously!!... Duan Jiaxu got his own struggles but he still walks like a sunshine being nice to everyone around... so take note future drama writers "past trauma do not makes every male lead poker faced and cold"

We also have some beautiful relationships around our leads like Sang Zhi and her brother Sang Yan (Victor Ma) who bicker so much like any other sibling would do... and her amazing parents that give off ideal family goals...

Just a reminder that this drama is FICTIONAL, Hidden love is a completely romance focused cheesy drama that kicks away all the toxicity very smoothly (unlike reality). there's no way a kind Sang Zhi like this or perfect Duan Jiaxu like this or a fully healthy relationship like this would exist. So don't get your expectations too high haha.

I did encounter some typical cdrama tropes but how come they made this drama extra sweet. I hope I'm not going to get tested positive for diabetes by next week as I plan on rewatching this a little more XD... its honestly been long since I've rated a drama a 10 but this one deserved it for staying in its genre and truthfully being what it is, a romcom.

Also trying to address an issue...
•• Is the age gap really an issue? No it's just 5 years.
•• Did he liked her too when she was still a kid? No. It was always her having a crush on him until they met again after she became an adult. so he is not a pervert

If the chemistry wasn't enough to give you diabetes, the songs will - sweet and perfect for the moment

1. Only Want to Secretly Hide You (只想把你偷偷藏好) ~ by Zhao Lu Si & Silence Wang (you'll hear this song for half of the time in the drama and you won't mind it cause it's actually soothing to ears)

2. I Have Someone I Like (我有喜欢的人了) ~ Zhao Lu Si (Ioved her vocals for this song. Zhao lusi is just impressive ❤)

3. Be Your Light ~ Ma Bo Qian (my favorite one, love the feel good casual vibes of the song)

4.The One Who Stole the Stars (偷星星的人) ~ Yi Hui
5. Have You (有你) ~ Zhao Lei

6. Forever Star ~ Zhang Yi Hao
7. You are My Only Wish in this Lifetime (你是我此生唯一所愿) ~ Zhang Bi Chen

So Hidden Love is a 10/10 for me for being that perfect light romance drama that makes you blush in and out with the butterflies. it's worth checking out for the fluffy, sugar factor!! Would definitely recommend it!!

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Jun 21, 2023
25 of 25 episódios vistos
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História 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Musical 10
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A Girl's Secret Crush Diary

Hidden Love (偷偷藏不住) adapted from the novel of the same name, is a youth romance drama revolving around Sang Zhi, and her secret admiration towards Duan Jiaxu, her brother’s friend and how it develops to a relationship.

Hidden Love is a captivating and heartwarming youth romance drama that explores the theme of love, friendship, and personal growth. The drama sticks closely to the novel, keeping the dialogues between the characters. In addition, the drama also manages to beautifully capture and translate the novel to life, capturing the nuances of the character’s relationship and also seamlessly intertwines comedy with poignant moments, romance, and many more.

Although Hidden Love treads some of familiar tropes of a youth romance drama, but it manages to distinguish itself with its heartfelt storytelling, nuanced character development, and some freshness into the genre. Sang Zhi isn't like any other young female lead who blindlessly chase after Duan Jiaxu, just because love at first sight and so on. However, just like any other young girls, she began to develop feelings gradually and secretly. Duan Jiaxu is also a very good male lead, whereas he truly looks upon Sang Zhi like a litttle sister, being kind to her, defending her, guides her, and more.

Hidden Love manages to strike a balance between tender moments of romance, family moments, and also youth leaving a lasting impact on its viewers. The comedic timing of the talented cast is impeccable, delivering punchlines and physical comedy with finesse. Although the drama primarily focuses on the youth and romance, but it also touches on deeper emotional themes. Moments of introspection and personal growth are woven into the narrative, allowing the characters to overcome their past and discover new aspects. Those elements bring an additional emotional depth to the story, ensuring a well-rounded viewing experience.

Chen Zheyuan and Zhao Lusi is the perfect Duan Jiaxu and Sang Zhi! Both of their performances are nothing short of brilliant, both of them are able to bring Sang Zhi and Duan Jiaxu to life. Zhao Lusi is able to bring innocent Sang Zhi to life, she brilliantly portrays Sang Zhi from a young age to adulthood. Her cute little actions are so convicing that makes one think that she really is a high school student! On the other hand, Chen Zheyuan also did a brilliant job in portraying Duan Jiaxu. He uses micro expression and his expressive eyes to act and communicate. Both of their performance transports and immerse viewers in the lives of their characters, making us feel their every emotion, as if we are experiencing the joys and sorrows together with them. Both of their chemistry is also palpable, enhancing the authenticity of the relationships portrayed on screen and making viewers deeply invested in the drama.

The supporting cast also adds depth and charm to the narrative, bringing a diverse range of personalities and subplots that enrich the overall storytelling experience, keeping viewers engaged throughout the drama. For instance, Sang Yan, Sang Zhi’s brother. Sang Zhi and Sang Yan’s on-screen witty banter and comedic timing add a genuine touch to the storyline. The banter between the two siblings looked so realistic, just like any other siblings argument; many of their actions looks genuine, and feels like it is unscripted!

Hidden Love cinematography manages to capture the innocence of youth, the sweetness and pain of one-sided love, and the intimate moments between the character. However, I personally am not a fan of the drama’s green/ grey muted filter in the earlier episodes, which I find it makes the drama looks a little bit dull. However, as the episode progresses and Sang Zhi grow into an adult, the filter became better! There are also few moments when the pacing feels slightly uneven. Some scenes could have been trimmed to maintain a tighter narrative flow in the earlier episodes. However, in the latter episode, a lot of the scenes are cut down, which may leave viewers a little bit confused and unsatisfied with the closure. Nevertheless, these minor hiccups don't overshadow the drama’s overall charm. The overall execution, engaging performances, and heartfelt moments compensate for the drawbacks.

Hidden Love soundtrack also perfectly encapsulated the whole drama, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Composed of enchanting melodies and emotionally charged ballads, perfectly complements the narrative and adds an extra layer of depth to the series.

All in all, Hidden Love successfully captures the essence of a youth love journey. It is a delightful concoction of youth romance drama! With the actor’s stellar performance, engaging story, it offers a fresh delightful take on the youth-romance genre! You will find yourself with smiling, laughing and swooning watching the drama ◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜

FYI. the male lead DOES NOT develop any romantic feelings for her until she is an adult

Hidden Love extra chapter (6) - Wedding Night: https://twitter.com/afterrnoont/status/1680883026438537216

Hidden Love extra chapter (7) - The Daily Routine of Life with Two Kids: https://twitter.com/afterrnoont/status/1680630598761861120

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  • Drama: Hidden Love
  • País: China
  • Episódios: 25
  • Exibido: Jun 20, 2023 - Jul 6, 2023
  • Exibido On: Segunda, Terça, Quarta, Quinta, Sexta, Sábado, Domingo
  • Original Network: Youku
  • Duração: 45 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 13+ - 13 anos ou mais


  • Pontuação: 9.0 (avaliado por 41,103 usuários)
  • Classificado: #53
  • Popularidade: #111
  • Fãs: 73,383

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