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  • País: South Korea
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 12
  • Exibido: Set 27, 2023 - Out 25, 2023
  • Exibido em: Quarta
  • Original Network: Disney+ Hulu
  • Duração: 53 min.
  • Pontuação: 8.6 (scored by 9,772 usuários)
  • Classificado: #363
  • Popularidade: #437
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)

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Set 27, 2023
12 of 12 episódios vistos
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No geral 10
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 10
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The Best Korean Neo-noir, with action packed bromance ! A New MASTERPIECE In K-Neo Noir !

Reminder :- “ This work will not be about who is evil or who is good, but about everyone becoming empty and lonely in the end” . It will penetrate the hearts of viewers with noir action with deep emotions set in the 1990s, Totally It's an intriguing story of betrayals, loyalty, and allegiance in which each character strives to achieve what is important to them.

➟ Critical Analysis :-
While “The Worst of Evil” is an exceptional series, it may not be suitable for those seeking a light-hearted watch. Its unrelenting darkness and morally ambiguous characters can be unsettling. Additionally, the series’ brevity leaves audiences craving more, but perhaps this is intentional, leaving room for speculation and discussion.

➟ Conclusion :-
In a landscape filled with crime dramas, “The Worst of Evil” Season 1 stands out as a gripping and thought-provoking masterpiece. Its exploration of moral decay, outstanding performances, and impeccable direction make it a must-watch for fans of the genre. Brace yourself for a visceral experience that will challenge your perceptions of good and evil

➟ Emotional Resonance : -
What truly resonates with “The Worst of Evil” is its unapologetic exploration of morality. It doesn’t shy away from depicting the darkness that resides within its characters. As the lines between good and evil blur, it prompts viewers to question their own moral compass. The series leaves a lingering sense of unease, forcing introspection long after the credits roll.

Themes and Tone: “The Worst of Evil” grapples with themes of power, loyalty, and the blurred lines between good and evil. It’s an unflinching look at the criminal underbelly and the corrupting influence of power. The tone is dark, gritty, and unforgiving, perfectly complementing the story’s exploration of moral ambiguity.

➟ Acting and Characters :-
The cast delivers stellar performances across the board. Ji Chang-wook’s portrayal of Park Joon-mo is nothing short of captivating. His transformation from a dedicated cop to a cunning infiltrator is a testament to his acting prowess. Wi Ha-joon as Jung Gi-cheol brings an eerie charisma to the leader of the criminal organization, making him both menacing and oddly charismatic. Im Se-mi’s Yoo Eui-jung adds depth and emotional complexity, BiBi's Hae Ryeon role contributed more buzz to the series, it's her first drama( small screen appearance) but she delivered magnificent performance ..

➟ Direction and Cinematography :-
Han Dong-wook’s direction shines in “The Worst of Evil.” His ability to build tension and maintain suspense is commendable. The series is visually striking, with a noir aesthetic that enhances the ominous atmosphere. The cinematography captures the neon-lit streets of Gangnam and the shadowy underpasses, creating an immersive experience, it's complete masterpiece in Neo-noir genre

➟ Score and Production Design :-
The haunting score elevates the series, enhancing the sense of foreboding. It’s a perfect companion to the dark and moody production design. From seedy nightclubs to dimly lit alleys, the attention to detail in the set design is exceptional, corridor action

➟ Special Effects and Editing :-
While “The Worst of Evil” doesn’t rely heavily on special effects, when they are used, they’re seamlessly integrated. The editing is crisp, allowing the story to flow smoothly across its 9 episodes. There are no wasted moments, every scene serves a purpose

➟ finally :-
"It is not a story that you can watch with the family for a good laugh, but you would be able to feel something new,"

------------------------------------------------------ENDING SPOILER -------------------------------------------------


After completing the drama everyone's question is

1) Why did Joon Mo kill Ki-chul ? ?

From What I understood is...

" Jung Ki-chul's suicide is a curse aimed especially at Yoo Eui-jung.He is a man who has liked her since childhood.He's a man who tried to get out of the dark for himself. The guilt of driving such a man to death can last a lifetime to Eui Jung. Park Jun-mo shot Ki-chul because he wanted to free his wife Yoo Eui-jung at least by taking responsibility for Jung Ki-chul's death alone.

2) Did Park Joon Mo Yu Eui-jung broken up ??

In the last scene Joon Mo visits Jung Ki Chul's grave, he left his wedding ring, hinting that he and his wife had broken up. At same time we can watch the chain of Eui Jung ( Ki-chul gave her to in their teenage) on Ki-chul's grave it means she ends Ki-chul's love there , this the chance for their new life. Hope they will meet again after sometime and start new life.

brought by:- Shinnosuke_Lee

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48 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Out 25, 2023
12 of 12 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 9.0
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.0
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Brutal, merciless milieu of gangs & drug cartels. Stirring, gloomy but with soulful strings, too

What a positive surprise. For all those who are not afraid of the brutal, merciless milieu of gang wars and drug cartels: "Worst of Evil" offers intense characters with dynamic profiles, especially of the two protagonists - the rural police officer who joins a new Gangnam gang as an undercover agent, to help uncover the organized drug trade between China, South Korea and Japan, as well as the boss of that Gangnam gang.
In particular, Ji Chang-wook as Park Jun-mo alias Kwon Seung-ho puts his heart and soul as well as quite some muscles and fighting into it. Whatsoever, he is impressive. But so are the others. It´s well cast and Disney+ apparently didn't skimp on anything...
For me personally, gang stories like this one aren't really my first choice. Too much crude violence, too much highly concentrated testosterone... "Worst of Evil" is no exception. Sharp blades and baseball bats are in high demand, especially in the first half. Nicotine seemingly acts as nutrition and even the fanciest suits can't hide the fact that a lot of blood is being shed unscrupulously...

“Worst of Evil” features complex characters and highly explosive relationship dynamics that is touching, gripping and, more importantly, provides emotional substance, too.
Eventually, undercover operations are psychologically demanding. The boundaries between true and false identity are blurring. A solid compass for right and wrong can easily be lost. The reality of living the undercover life creates new truths in which even the 'false' identity becomes a ´true´ part of one's own life. Coming to terms with this obviously is not easy. The return to the old life as it was before, even less so. In the case of "Worst of Evil", these internal and external conflicts of our undercover investigator become even more difficult by the fact that his wife has a history with the gang boss that he knew nothing about. She, his wife, herself a police officer and officially not ´his´ wife in terms of the new undercover identity, is now drawn into current affairs in a way that the small special investigation team could not have foreseen.
Not to mention the fact that the drug cartels involves powerful partners, not only in South Korea, but also in China and Japan. At last, the homicide police also get involved in dealing with everyday gang activities and murder cases in Gangnam. None of those involved is squeamish whatsoever. So danger lingers everywhere. Not only fists and fights, but also intelligent, diplomatic solutions are required. High-end improvisation is on the agenda for our hero.

"Worst of Evil" is thrilling, stirring, gloomy and – despite all the blood that boils over and over again (and all the copious amounts that are spilled) – it has its soulful strings, too. It's about trust, loyalty, bromance, the relativity of 'right' and 'wrong', and ultimately the ethical question of which end justifies which means...

Is the story predictable? Well, I can't fully deny that. But in "Worst of Evil" the journey is clearly the destination - what the undercover special operation DOES with this once "mother-in-law's favorite" and how he comes to terms with it. In addition, his counterpart, the self-proclaimed, brash, brilliant gang leader, is also quite interesting. With his vita, his goals and desires, he doesn't really fit into the usual cliché and thus brings additional dynamism. In addition, several other characters in the cartel (and police) environment impress with strong profiles, too.

As I said, I was pleasantly surprised. "Worst of Evil" had me. It's pretty well made all around and has actually more to offer than just ruthless gangs and action. (Nevertheless, be prepared, it still is about the milieu of ruthless gangs...)

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Dark Walker
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  • Drama: O Pior do Mal
  • País: Coreia do Sul
  • Episódios: 12
  • Exibido: Set 27, 2023 - Out 25, 2023
  • Exibido On: Quarta
  • Original Network: Disney+, Hulu
  • Duração: 53 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 18+ Restrito (violência e palavrões)


  • Pontuação: 8.6 (avaliado por 9,772 usuários)
  • Classificado: #363
  • Popularidade: #437
  • Fãs: 31,103

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