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Jan 9, 2023
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Life, Lust, Cancer an a whole lot of bad relationships

There may be a gay relationship in this drama but this is definitely not a romance, or a very pleasurable watch it is more of an artistic, raw depiction of relationships, cancer and figuring out life around it.

To be honest some of the editing will make your head spin being a little bit too artistic and the nudity is pretty much in your face with a lot of heavy breathing and sexual content this is not the typical movie about cancer, having it start of with in loving memory of the writer of it makes it feel just a little bit more real as you know there will not really be a happy well anything in this.

Though there are a few moments of love and support (very few) most of this movie is pain, being taken advantage of and more pain. I love how they show us that contrary to what people often believe or is shown in other movies getting diagnosed with cancer does not automatically cure the broken relationships of the past. This movie even had me thinking who the h*** wrote loving memory when nobody around him seems to care.

Turning this otherwise oddly paced, a bit to artistic feel to it movie in to something worth so much more than most movies out there that show illness. Making me want to recommend it to any one in the mature audience as it has some pretty extreme shots of both sexual content and other situations that are definitely not appropriate to watch without proper guidance of a mature adult. As it is 18 + for a bunch of reasons.

There are also a bunch of pretty shots of scenery and some beautiful artistic nudity too, as not all are raw and in your face... + it does seem to show life with a stoma in a sad but beautiful way.

So watch this for its story when you are up for an artistic yet probably realistic depiction of Life, Lust, Cancer... And a whole lot of bad relationships.

P.S: What takes away points it the too artistic at times, a bit too much nudity and the odd pacing.

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Jeffrey Knapp
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Set 26, 2023
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Traum Dumpstem Lim Deals with Every Problem In the Universe

I really had to muddle my way through this movie. I believe that is has core elements that it could have really hit on such as the stigmatization of stomas in the gay community, but instead turned Lim into this trauma dumpster of problem after problem. Problems with his day and being gay. Problems with brother who'd rather have sex than help his brother. A terrible partner. Cancer. Now the stoma, and oh don't forget that now the stomas problem is all because he is gay. Let's also not forget that Lim can't stand to be away from his partner (love interest really) and is always pining after him.

It's really just a muddled mess of a story that could have been so much better if literally every problem on the world didn't fall on the main character. Not a single person shows compasion or empathy toward Lim at all. No friends to be spoken of. There's even a moment that could have been much more powerful between Lim and another women (who convinced him to get the operation and turn the stoma for life). She herself lied about how successful the surgery was and ended up with a stoma herself. A wonderful opportunity for Lim to work out his feels, find some empathy from someone, make a human connection and have a deeper story. Instead it's glossed over as just some scene in the hospital.

I finished the movie out of principal to help support independent LGBTQ+ films gain some more traction...but you should probably just spare your own time.

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Stoma (2020) poster



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