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  • magyar / magyar nyelv
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  • País: Thailand
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 10
  • Exibido: Jul 18, 2022 - Set 19, 2022
  • Exibido em: Segunda
  • Original Network: Channel 3
  • Duração: 39 min.
  • Pontuação: 6.3 (scored by 2,791 usuários)
  • Classificado: #10183
  • Popularidade: #1580
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 13+ - Teens 13 or older

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Set 20, 2022
10 of 10 episódios vistos
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No geral 6.0
História 5.5
Acting/Cast 6.0
Musical 5.5
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Very sweet, but too slow.

So, I loved the fact that couples were not messed with or manipulated by jealous, bitchy females. I hate that trope and it's far too common these days.

This show is cute, sweet and fluffy but excessively slow. There are issues, but they resolve quickly. Most of the issues wouldn't even be blips on the radar of other characters in other shows, which just proves how desperate they were to keep this very soft.

There is minimal character development, growth or change but at least they are good at sharing emotions and hopefully the audience looks at their own lives to find happiness like the characters did.

I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. I did really enjoy certain parts and then was quite bored with others. It was a give and take in that regard. However, if you're looking for a fast, easy watch with little investment then this is perfect.

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Set 11, 2022
9 of 10 episódios vistos
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So Sad, Another BL that is so boring it's frustrating to watch. Use your Fast Forward Speed, you won't miss anything.

I am not familiar with these actors, but they don't seem to have a very good skill set and NO ONE in the entire series shows enough emotion to make me believe they have feelings for anyone. That combined with a very boring story and "this has all been done before" plots, makes this a series that pretty much everyone will forget the next day or sooner.

The Music is pretty bad too. I don't think anyone in the series really plays an instrument or sings well. There are no outstanding backgrounds or scenery, just really nothing good to write about.

I'm sorry to be so blunt, but if you have not watched this, it's better to know up front that it's not too good. Yes, there are a couple episodes left, but I probably won't finish them.

It's sad you know, we all look forward anxiously for a new bl to come out, but shows like this one as well as Even Sun, Check Out, LaCuisine and a few others from 2022 are almost enough to make me give up bl series.

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  • Drama: Melodia do Café
  • País: Tailândia
  • Episódios: 10
  • Exibido: Jul 18, 2022 - Set 19, 2022
  • Exibido On: Segunda
  • Original Network: Channel 3
  • Duração: 39 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 13+ - 13 anos ou mais


  • Pontuação: 6.3 (avaliado por 2,791 usuários)
  • Classificado: #10183
  • Popularidade: #1580
  • Fãs: 10,158

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