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For all food lovers out there, watch while eating or beware!

I love love this series. This has been my dinner mate for years now and it never gets old!

This is based on a popular food manga and season 9 continues with the amazing plethora of dishes that Japan has to offer. There is no need to watch previous seasons but if you like food then you should.
The story follows our ML as he decides on which restaurant to grace with his presence and what dish to order, and then continues with the stunning visuals of food being eaten. What is there to not like?!

Matsushige Yutaka is such a great Goro! He encapsulates the impatience of Inogashira-san - when he is hungry but stuck with work - so well! And he eats a lot of food. This was the first time that I actually started noticing the number of bites he has been taking at each restaurant and I wonder if he spits it out when the Director calls cut! 0_O
I hope not cause the food looks really appetising. I love the segment where we get to see the actual restaurant and its chef. I wish I lived in Japan and could visit all the restaurants that the author takes us to.

Every episode I wait for that musical cue and the camera to pan further and further away from him as he embarks on his main purpose of the day - eating!! :)
I think there is just one song that plays throughout the show but I am so busy with the visuals everything else kind of takes a back seat!!

If you like the food genre, this is an amazing show and up there with the likes of Shinya Shokudo and Wakako-zake. A 10/10 for me. :)
Similar shows include Samurai Gourmet and Ramen daisuki Koizumi-san. There's also Kentaro - the sweet tooth salaryman but I find it a bit cringy.

Do not watch on an empty stomach cause you will feel hungry. Do not watch with a full stomach cause you will feel hungry. Basically the only time you can watch this is while you are eating. Else you are screwed! :)

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