Both shows have similar elements like:
-Past Lovers
-Magical Elements
-Tragic Past
-Second Chance
-Dual Timelines
Recomendado por Beatriz
Found family
Slow burn
Enemies to lovers
Dark and twisted
Recomendado por Natalie Rodriguez
Benzer hikaye var. Önceki hayatlar?ndan olan ruhlar? bu hayatlar?nda yeniden tan???yor ve olaylar?n örgüsü benzer. Ayn? büyü ve mistik sahneler var. Biraz komedi ile harmanlanm??. Ama bu dizi daha güzel sanki oyuncular?n uyumu daha iyi
Recomendado por Guls6an
The main character runs a company with employees who are ghosts??? These two dramas have that trope.
Recomendado por WATCHNEGA
FNOS is also a mix out of off-beat comedy, mystery, investigation and romance with supernatural elements an an overarching plot/narrative. Like Good Job it never takes itself too seriously and puts its leads and characters in chaotic situations for the viewer's amusement. While GJ is more grounded in reality outside of FL's superhuman ability, both dramas have the same vibe.
Both FL's/ML's start off on the wrong foot and bicker a lot, but become partners who work together on cases quite quickly.
Both dramas are well-paced with its narrative, doesn't drag.
Tropes. All the tropes you love. (Or not)
Both ML have a secret identity of sorts, in FNOS ML keeps ability to see ghosts a secret and uses it for financial gain/fame only (magic tricks) until FL comes along.
While FNOS is over the top too and self aware of it, it definitely has a more coherent storyline than GJ.
Recomendado por bloomingtide
both female leads are police officers
male leads are shamans
female leads don't trust mls at the beginning
they collab for cases

basicly same theme with different aproach and diffrent cast
Recomendado por beyou
ML has some sort of supernatural ability and is teamed up with the FL to solve cases. Similar vibe, tone, and humor. Both shows are heartwarming despite their offbeat or darker moments.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
Even though FNOS has a supernatural element and TKSL doesn't, they both:

- have a hilarious mash of genres
- are full of cheesy giggles
- have a mystery aspect involving the police and trying to find something out
- have a very eager FL cop who will stop at nothing to find out the truth!
Recomendado por dramafoxx
ML has powers (shaman/sees ghosts vs. nine tailed fox) and FL is human. The couple had past lives and FL or both have now reincarnated and reunited in the present. Both couples must work to stop the powerful, supernatural villain from their past.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
Same theme of second chances, finding each other again and going against a predetermined bad fate that threatens to repeat. Aka love prevails
Both dramas have supernatural content/plot, though FNOS is less about the mythical legends and its fantasy more urban with ghosts. Same vibe though, as FNOS is also sometimes quite spooky and deals with the stories of deceased people.
Past life and lovers that ended tragic.
Reborn in modern times and meeting again by chance.
FNOS Is lighter and more humorous in tone, but ML is also a rich, kinda arrogant guy who keeps other ppl at arm's length. Both are equally soft under their harder, supposedly uncaring shell tho.
Evil, supernatural antagonist
Both FL's are outspoken, smart and brave. Not a doormat in the slightest.
Slow burn romance with satisfying development and ending
Recomendado por bloomingtide
- Main plot revolves around ghosts and Shamans.
- Both ML came from families of Shamans and have power to see ghosts.
- Bright and cheerful FLs
- Both have comedy and slight romance
Recomendado por Choco_chip
Both male lead hates/fears human. And people are intruding in their home and change their values and habits. Although one is supernatural and the other is sci-fi, the vibe is similar.
Recomendado por gabbiie6
Both dramas deal with shamas! From Now On Showtime has real shamans but in Cafe Minamdang the main character, Nam Han Joon, plays a conning shaman. He also partners with a policewoman , Han Jae Hee, and they solve crimes together. I really like both dramas, which both have comedic and serious elements. Cafe Minamdang is one of my favorite dramas and From Now On Showtime is also great to me so I think every fan of this show should check out Cafe Minamdang!
Recomendado por sophia15
Mystic Pop-Up Bar tells the story of a mysterious outdoor drinking establishment run by a prickly woman and an innocent part-timer who visit customers in their dreams to help resolve their problems.
-The drama is written by the same writer.
-It focuses on the ghosts and what happened to them.
-It focuses on the past of the leads in the drama.
Recomendado por aein
both shows features ghosts intertwining with the human world for a satisfying end result.... both shows hae a steller cast
Recomendado por vulpinekl
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