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Liu Xia é uma psicóloga jovem e talentosa prestes a palestrar em uma conferência para terapeutas. No entanto, a caminho do evento, ela nota algo de errado em um homem no mesmo elevador que ela. Ela acaba deduzindo que ele planeia cometer suicídio pulando do terraço do prédio. Portanto, em vez de dar sua palestra, ela corre até o prédio para convencê-lo a desistir de se suicidar enquanto uma multidão observa de baixo. O evento tem um efeito profundo sobre ela, fazendo-a pensar que deve criar um espaço no qual possa ajudar pessoas com problemas psicológicos. Enquanto isso, Qi Lian Shan é um roteirista que trabalha em um roteiro eletrizante e repleto de ação para um seriado. Ele escreve o roteiro em um café nas redondezas e se surpreende ao ver que uma psicóloga também é capaz de salvar a pátria! Uma reviravolta do destino os põe em contacto um com o outro, e eles logo decidem colaborar: Qi Lian Shan pede a Liu Xia que o ajude a desenvolver seu roteiro, e Liu Xia quer a ajuda de Qi Lian Shan para criar uma plataforma de saúde mental movida a inteligência artificial. Mas será que o trabalho em equipe atiçará as chamas da paixão? (Fonte: Viki) Editar Tradução

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  • País: China
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 40
  • Exibido: Jun 29, 2023 - Jul 16, 2023
  • Exibido em: Segunda, Terça, Quarta, Quinta, Sexta, Sábado, Domingo
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Duração: 45 min.
  • Pontuação: 7.3 (scored by 612 usuários)
  • Classificado: #7562
  • Popularidade: #3948
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: Not Yet Rated

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  • Ren Jia Lun in Twilight Chinese Drama (2023)
    Ren Jia Lun
    Qi Lian Shan / Gu Xu Yang / Luo Cheng / Zhen Hai
    Papel Principal
  • Angelababy in Twilight Chinese Drama (2023)
    Liu Xia / Zhong Na Na / Gu An An / Ji Ling
    Papel Principal
  • Jiang  Chao in Twilight Chinese Drama (2023)
    Jiang Chao
    Yang You Li
    Papel Secundário
  • Sun Jia Yu in Twilight Chinese Drama (2023)
    Sun Jia Yu
    Jin Ran
    Papel Secundário
  • Li Jun Yi in Twilight Chinese Drama (2023)
    Li Jun Yi
    Bai Mu Chen
    Papel Secundário
  • Li Yi Ru in Twilight Chinese Drama (2023)
    Li Yi Ru
    Yuan Yuan
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Jul 21, 2023
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Script Full of Details with Unique & Creative Storytelling (Ending Explained)

''Seeing you is like seeing another me. My heart has been crushed, never healed. You are a protagonist and so am I. Souls with the same color. Finally, a light shines upon me. In the dark corners, accompany me in breaking free from the shackles.''

This is a question that I always struggle with myself on whether I want to watch my favorite actors/actresses with a hit drama that is popular or a drama with quality script. And everytime, my answer will always be the latter and this drama is a perfect example of this. I truly love this drama to pieces. I love how it is full of depth and details, have substance and full of complicated and layered characters. And the greatest thing about this drama is the script. I have never come across this kind of creative scriptwriting before. The drama from the surface just look like a normal slice of life or romance drama but the elements and depth that the script possessed makes it unique that managed to stand in a class of its own.

Due to this, I will only explore the substance that the script possessed in my review:

It is actually clues to us, the audiences on who is the villains and who is the real nice people in his life. We should know the plot twist in the Shan Shan’s police script ‘Pursuit’ since the same character has started to show his fangs in his life as early as Episode 2. There will be unknown faces that makes cameos in his script and this is all clues on their motives when they finally appear in his life. My favorite is the big guy; Brother Kuan from basketball and when he finally appears in Shan Shan’s life, I knew instantly that he will be on his side. I never seen this kind of creative writing from any dramas before. I thought it is very refreshing -- how the foreshadowing for future events are told from his stories.

I like the fact that in the first glance, we thought the leads are just normal people since they hide it so well with all the smiles and their out-going personalities -- then the story start shedding their tragic past one by one and you can see how these two characters are broken people and are connected since they are 'Souls with the same color' just like the OST lyrics indicated. In fact, the whole theme song is a reflection of their relationship in a nutshell.

The scene where Shan Shan watched a movie and Liu Xia said it is okay to raise the sound even more but he told her that he already did when you can barely hear the sound. Only a person who has been hurt will act as guarded like that. Or the scenes where Grandma gave him the chicken soup and she offered him a drumstick as an add on but he just said ‘No need’ as he is too happy just receiving the soup only. Now all these scenes make more sense. Or the fact, all Brother Kuan did is feed him and offer him a small kindness but he went all up and beyond to write him a script for free with no credit. This guy just wants to be loved and appreciated. Taking all the small kindness he received at heart and gives more in return. The abandonment issues that Shan Shan’s suffers truly made him as ‘People Pleaser’ and as guarded to everyone despite the bright out-going personality that he has on the outside. All these cracks in his personality are excellent, subtle and were revealed slowly as the drama progressed. Same can be seen with Liu Xia on how she always smile yet, she never truly happy. Her BFF always like 'Why I'm always happier than you when something great happen to you?' as she always ready to receive all these bad things that keeps happening to her, like she was expecting all of it, deserving everything, like she used to never catch a break in her life. All these little hints from the characters are like puzzle that made perfect sense in the end on why they behave as they did in the drama.

I love how the leads’ tragic past didn’t make them feel bitter about the world or make them treat other people badly -- but they are really good people, with very beautiful souls. I love all the conversations they have with each other, they have the same views and values on what's important, and they also view the world with the same kindness -- it is a realistic portrayal of how two people falls in love -- the similarity, the calmness and the tranquility that they found with each other. They had this tacit understanding like 'soulmate' kind of relationship which is really beautiful to watch. Like all shits are happening outside for them, then they come home, see each other and feel happy with each other's company; 'Us Against Them' mentality. I love how Ren Jialun has amazing amazing chemistry with Angelababy. They were captivating to watch on screen and their scenes emits the peaceful aura and vibe that is so healing to the soul.

This drama mastered the arts of balance writing which I personally think should be the case for any dramas out there. In many episodes, you will find yourself shed tears for the characters and feel bad for them -- the dark past they are hiding in their heart, the bad things that keep happening to them but in the same episode, there will be healing scenes that makes you feel heal and happy. The balance that this drama achieved is one of the reasons why this drama is really fantastic in my book. Good deeds’ rewards are shown in many forms. We are used to see characters suffers in dramas but here, it is shown even though evil people are making the leads’ life miserable, there are many good people out there that will look out for them and ‘punish’ this bad guys FOR THEM (karma). I rarely seen this in dramas but it is so satisfying to watch. It shows all your actions has consequences and the universe will reward you for your good hearts and deeds.

The whole psychology matters in the script was handled delicately. I love how since early in the episode, the drama made clear the different between psychologist and psychiatrist -- so patients that required doctor’s diagnosis and medication, Lui Xia told them she cant help them since it’s beyond her expertise. Then the breathing technique is one of the most important thing in this profession and we can see how it is being used constantly in the drama. And how depression is not a taboo illness but something that we can seek treatment. Then we have Shan Shan as the scriptwriter – the different between writer VS scriptwriter, his dilemma of writing original script VS following what the client wants, focusing on plot VS romance plot, to writing tighter script VS writing script filled with filler scenes and overall the toxic environment on set and the exhaustion he faced in trying to meet the deadline.

Many details that other dramas always overlook was taken into great consideration here. Like after finding out that they were online friends, instead of romanticize the encounter, Liu Xia was weary on whether their whole meeting was planned like other normal person would. Or to transfer large amount of money, need a token and can’t be done online on the spot. Then how Shan Shan has asthma and it can be seen how he fainted after he carried Liu Xia on his back. Then the hospital scene, despite after waking up, all Liu Xia wants is to sleep again since that is normal due to medication in her body. This kind of small details always being taken for granted but this drama didn’t which make me appreciate it very much.

This drama has so so many memorable phrases! I love how it makes you think and change your outlook and perspective on life. Like the one that Liu Xia told Shan Shan; ‘Memories don’t make people sad. It’s sad because people always perceive things from only one perspective. But if you change your perspective, it might not be that sad.’ Or one of my favorites; ‘I told you to step on the brakes to wake up and get back on track. Not to make you give-up entirely.’ Or the best one in the drama which is ‘Life is like a stage where the light/goodness shines on it. And it only took one step to cross over to the dark side.’ This one is the best yet as many people disregard on how easy it is to cross-over to the darkness and once you cross that, you can never go back to where things were. And I believe the most famous one from the drama would be; ‘When you unexpectedly encounter someone as radiant as a rainbow, everyone else is just a passing clouds’ which first comes out in the third episode of the drama yet you know this phrase is to foreshadow the leads’ relationship in the future.

There is no right or wrong in certain life’s situation and I’m glad for certain dilemma, the writer didn’t force to us on what he think is the right way. Like who should the Drama Producer listen to? The words of award-winning scriptwriter or an experienced director? Then you throw in the bits that when the last time this experienced director had a hit movies/dramas? There is no right answer to this question and I love how the drama didn’t force it to our face on the moral compass in this type of situation.

This drama has different type of bad people. First, the one that is outright evil and show no attempt to hide it. Second, the worst kind of enemies which is the ones hiding in a blanket. And the last one spectator that watch the evil deeds being done and remains silent about it. The slow progression of toxic behaviors are explored to the fullest here. It started from small things such as not being honest about a simple car purchase, then the 'acting' mad in a manipulation attempt to get what they want then the gifting part to make the other party feels happy -- all of this can be passed as something small but this is actually seed of red flags of a toxic relationship. Then add the sprinkles of how people keep asking Shan Shan 'Is he always treat you like this?' 'Why are you taking this job?' 'Did he always do this to you?' to show to us how everyone can see how wrong it is but Shan Shan, just passed it as something normal since he is used to these small abuses. This kind of toxic relationship did not happen in just love relationship but as well between friends and someone close to you.

Shan Shan’s police script ‘Pursuit’ is actually the exact depiction of every person in his life. You don’t realize this before but it all comes to a perfect circle when the story reached its climate ending -- from his Police character to Yuan Yuan's character in the story. Also, this drama ‘Twilight’ as a whole is actually the last script that Shan Shan wrote which tells the story about him and Liu Xia. All this coming seamlessly into a perfect circle at the end. This part is strongly foreshadowed during the scene when he asked Jia Zhen’s help with a script where Jia Zhen described Shan Shan’s script with depth and full of details on characterizations -– exactly like this drama itself -– a foreshadow that this drama that we watched, is a script written by him. Then the hot pot date scene happened where Shan Shan described to Liu Xia the reason behind why the chose ‘Twilight’ as the name of their story which further cemented this theory. And pay attention to the bedsheet -- all scripts that Shan Shan wrote has the same bedsheet as his bedsheet to show how this drama 'Twilight', is also his script. Its not a matter of production budget since we can see Liu Xia changed bedsheet a few times but not him. The attention to detail in this drama is just amazing!



On the surface, the ending of this drama can be interpreted with these three possible endings:
1) All things happened just like in the drama.
2) It’s all fractions of imagination in Shan Shan’s mind.
3) This whole story is written by someone else.

All these 3 endings makes sense and is supported by various clues such as cars' plate number and etc.. However, when you look at the drama as a whole, it pointed more towards the first ending since if you look at the script in details, its more towards the fact that it indeed happened as this drama 'Twilight' that we watched is the last script that Shan Shan wrote, which is the story about him and Liu Xia. Since it is his script, that's why it becomes a comic strip at the end. But where his script inspiration comes to be? From his real life -- from his life experience with Liu Xia -- this is their story. Its a play within a play and within a play -- School love story (which has penpal element) IN Twilight (the drama that we watched) IN Shan Shan's real life story with Liu Xia. One might argue that the fashion has changed for Shan Shan in the last scene but remember the scene where Shan Shan went shopping for new clothes and Liu Xia said she will style him in the future? The clothes that Shan Shan wore in the last scene is totally what Liu Xia might style him -- the smart and clean look that she explained in the same scene.

Also, when they play the full second verse of the theme song before the ending credit, then you realized that the one sentence in the lyrics ‘YOU ARE THE ME who broke free from the shackles. Living the life of freedom, basking in the sunshine.’ is the actual message of this whole drama. The theme song is actually can be interpret into 2 meanings -– that the leads indeed healed each other’s hearts BUT when it comes to the outcome, it can only be achieved when the person itself wanted to change as well. The drama ended with Shan Shan telling Brother Kuan on the phone that he has 2 endings for the script that he wrote. At first, you can just pass it as something insignificant but then you realized how all this has been foreshowed since early in the drama. You have his school romance script with 2 endings. Then his crime script 'Pursuit' ended with a shot with no real hint who fire it which indicate that the good or bad guys could possibly win at the end. Then you have his last script ‘Twilight’ with 2 possible endings as well. This is to show that at the end, it all depends on your choice – on whether you want to choose light or darkness in your life.

And these 2 choices have been emphasis in many different scenes in the last 2 episodes of the drama as well:
1) How Mr. Cao told Coco that Shan Shan needs to settle his ‘brother’ matters on his own despite no matter how much they help him, he is the only one can make that decision for his life.
2) Liu Xia teacher saying that how Liu Xia going to overcome her PTSD is all depends on her on whether she wants to confront it or remains in the dark forever.
3) The slap Yuan Yuan gave to herself –- on how she is responsible for her own life and its finally the time for her to wake up from being a bystander and see Jia Zhen on who he truly is.
4) The inner thought of Jia Zhen when he read ‘Pursuit’ ending as in his version, he is the one who making the shot (bad guy won) and in the end, we can see which choice he chose to make in his life as well.

This kind of ending is indeed rare and very creative, so when you understood the reason behind it, then every little hints in the drama makes sense. The ending really elevated the whole story. Due to all this, 9.5 is the only appropriate rating that this drama deserved. I have no idea when I can come across with this type of script again but I’m so glad to find this gem among all the airing dramas right now.

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This is the sweetest refreshing and mature romance drama .Their chemistry is on fire

First I will say" you should watch this drama ,bcz its story is very unique and awesome . you should give a chance and than decide on your own weather is good or not bcz people have different taste, not every body is same .
There acting is on point .there chemistry is? they really look like a couple to me ,how he care for her ,how he always put her first ,respect her ,love her is really like a sweetest thing ,THATS WHY MY STANDARD ON MAN ARE SOO HIGH .I really love the way he treat her. And OST IS ?? VERY BEAUTIFUL SONGS AND MUSIC .. Thats make the scene more interesting . don't judge this drama too fast bcz you will regret not watching this ..
Now I will talk a little about story :
There concept of his 3 more characters which actually his imaginary script characters I like that but his role of police officer is VERY AWESOME man if they actually make a drama on that story that a POLICE OFFICER FALLS FOR BLIND GIRL ohhh it will be fire?? don't you think?
BTW the whole story of female lead and her past is very good the kidnap scene ,there relationship scenes every thing is so beautiful .and his brother (not blood related) I hate him so much how selfish he is?
And one more thing I really this mature type of romance ,there cheek kiss is also very butterflying?❤ I don't like that mostly c.dramas where there is no story at all only kiss ?? I mean at least put some story man . only that poor girl rich boy type story's or boss and employee , I mean some few dramas like that i will like and enjoy but they where making same story dramas all time .. Well I like this one I can see the love ,care ,chemistry in them thats all thats all I want in a drama I don't care about a kiss I only want a drama where they can show love for each other , you know what I'm saying .. Pure chemistry? I can see here thats all
I will say you should watch ..

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Oh! Mestre


  • Drama: Twilight
  • País: China
  • Episódios: 40
  • Exibido: Jun 29, 2023 - Jul 16, 2023
  • Exibido On: Segunda, Terça, Quarta, Quinta, Sexta, Sábado, Domingo
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Duração: 45 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: Ainda Não Classificado


  • Pontuação: 7.3 (avaliado por 612 usuários)
  • Classificado: #7562
  • Popularidade: #3948
  • Fãs: 3,249

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