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Avaliações: 7.3/10 de 5,531 usuários
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Classificado #8044
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Fãs 5,531

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  • País: South Korea
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 16
  • Exibido: Jun 15, 2022 - Ago 4, 2022
  • Exibido em: Quarta, Quinta
  • Original Network: KBS2 Viki
  • Duração: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Pontuação: 7.3 (scored by 5,531 usuários)
  • Classificado: #8044
  • Popularidade: #962
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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20 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Ago 4, 2022
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 1
No geral 7.5
História 6.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Musical 7.0
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I don't get the hate.

I really don't get the hate for this drama. It wasn't the worst thing I watched, but it wasn't the best thing I watched. The plot is a little cheesy, but to the people bashing Seohyun for her acting abilities or Suelbi's characters, you have to realize that she was literally locked up for 20 years +. She's not supposed to be fucking mature. She is a kid who does kiddy things. She matures throughout the series and starts to realize the real world is tougher than it looks. I don't understand blaming Sookwang either. He never wanted a romantic relationship and didn't take advantage of her. Very "pedophilic" right? He just gave her home because he was a genuine person. If anybody should be blamed here, it is the chairman and everyone surrounding him. He later redeems himself, but this wouldn't have happened without his greed. It was also weird that Minju kept advancing onto her when he barely even knew her. At least with Sookwang, she spent time with each other. It's really not that deep.

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39 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Ago 6, 2022
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 5
No geral 3.5
História 1.5
Acting/Cast 1.0
Musical 1.0
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Worst show I've watched in a long time

I think I'm fully qualified to write this review because so many times I wanted to give up but I soldiered on to the very end just to see exactly HOW bad it was going to be. Like many reviewers, I was about to give up around episode 6 but I watched it because I have waaay too much time on my hands, haha.

I really wanted to like this show because I really like Seohyun. She is a very versatile actress and I've watched most of her previous dramas. Na In Woo is relatively new but I could give him a chance. And Ki Do Hoon, what's not to like with eye candy. The premise too sounded interesting.

However, right from the get go, the drama was flawed with over acting with overly simplistic black and white characters. It was like watching a 2D cartoon with live action characters. In fact, I've seen 2D cartoons with better stories and acting than this.

The ending was the worst of all. It was totally unrealistic and seemed to diminish EVERYTHING the couple had gone through, and negate their growth over the past 16 episodes. What then was the whole point of wasting 16 hours of my life that I will never get back? The ReWatch rating forced me to give a rating, and so I did. However, if I could, I would have given it a big fat 0 or even negative.

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  • Drama: O Amante do Azar
  • País: Coreia do Sul
  • Episódios: 16
  • Exibido: Jun 15, 2022 - Ago 4, 2022
  • Exibido On: Quarta, Quinta
  • Original Network: KBS2, Viki
  • Duração: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 15+ - 15 anos ou mais


  • Pontuação: 7.3 (avaliado por 5,531 usuários)
  • Classificado: #8044
  • Popularidade: #962
  • Fãs: 17,071

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