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A Must-Watch to Any Omega X Fans (FOR X)

I don't normally write about kpop reality shows, but this group is really special to me. Omega X's members have all experienced being a part of other groups previously. Most of them have been through heartbreaking disbandments due to reasons that are out of their control. This is what sets them apart from other groups - there is an emotional story behind each member in the memory of their struggles.

Despite only nine episodes, this show will put you through an emotional rollercoaster. From laughing to crying, you will grow to love these boys through utter chaos and heartfelt moments. I can almost guarantee that in every episode, a different member will catch your attention. This group is full of energy, variety and talent, but more importantly, their bond is ethereal.

Rewatch Episode Summary:
Ep. 1) House Introduction -- picking rooms + bed bugs, cooking/cleaning, group vocal lesson
Ep. 2) Talent Evaluations pt. 1 -- new members joins, compete for main vocal/dance
Ep. 3) Talent Evaluations pt. 2 -- Tiger Inside, compete for Junghoon's (exaggerated) room
Ep. 4) Teaser Filming -- bottle flipping challenge, dance practice, flavoured chicken
Ep. 5) Member Profiles -- drawing contest, group games, tickle punishment
Ep. 6) Cheat Day -- Spire red carpet + group feast, debut concept discussion, recording Vamos
Ep. 7) Outdoor Trip -- ocean/amusement park, testing leader candidates, rooftop bbq
Ep. 8) Team Missions pt. 1 -- company mystery trip, cable cars, sky swing mission, treasure hunt
Ep. 9) Team Missions pt. 2 -- kpop charades, relay mission, sharing personal letters, fan letters

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