It's another HYBE's survival show. K, EJ, Nicholas and Taki previously took part in I-LAND. Also Enhypen, which was grouped togehter in the I-LAND, made a guest appearance in the first episode of &Audition.
Recomendado por tajfun
Since Loud was a survival show to produce a boy band and I-Land was also a survival show to produce boy band named "Enhypen" so I find is similar since the object was to produce a boy group
Recomendado por Hidden_Horse
Like I-Land YG Treasure Box was a survival show produced by YG Entertainment.A group treasure 13 was formed and they are set to debut soon.
Recomendado por Blue
Both are Kpop boys idol group survival shows. Both have two parts - first part with a larger pool of possible trainees and second part with a smaller group of finalists. Both take place in isolated locations and feature judges that are also celebrities, idols, or well known in the industry. Differences: Wild Idol includes an outdoor survival component while I-land was all indoors; I-land included global voting while Wild Idol hasn’t yet.
Recomendado por ennekube
It is also a survival show. The contestants compete to be in a 7 member group for Be lift entertainment a part of HYBE.
Recomendado por Bubbly_snowflake
They are both survival shows that make up a boy idol group. It's all about getting the perfect group for a debut.
Recomendado por Keyoni
"I-LAND 2" is the continuation of one of the most iconic and traumatizing K-Pop survival shows, "I-LAND", through which we got Enhypen.

The key difference is, however, that this new season will give us a new GIRL group! Let's look forward to it and wish success to all the participants!
Recomendado por mj_babec358
Produce X 101 é um reality show sul-coreano de sobrevivência da Mnet, sendo essa a quarta temporada do programa. É um projeto de grande escala no qual o público, através de votações onlines e ao vivo, "produz" um boy group escolhendo 11 integrantes dentre 101 trainees de diferentes empresas de entretenimento e tem o mesmo modelo de reality show similar ao I-land
Recomendado por sami
ILAND is similar to sixteen because they were both a survival show showing Minor & Major members. They even had similar settings for Minor & Major. Even if ILAND is male idols & Sixteen are female, they are both similar shows. ILAND reminds me of Sixteen. Also, producers and fans voted for their favorite members like ILAND. We voted for our favorite members.
Recomendado por Michelle Yi
Both are reality shows that utilize an elimination system to identify the musical skills of boys who want to become music idols. The comradery in I-land is so energizing.
Recomendado por Just Jill 72
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