-princess FL who wants revenge on emperor for her family's death, ends up losing in the first attempt, comes back later with another identity
-smart and strong fls
-heavily political
Recomendado por PeachBae
-Both leads have multiple identities.
-Both leads have to deal with politics within their sect/tribe.
-Both are rulers in their own right.
-Great chemistry from initial meeting.
-Both male leads have admirable fighting skills.
Recomendado por Enigma05
In "The Long Ballad" and "Princess Wei Young", the female lead has their family murdered and dedicated their lives for revenge.
Recomendado por sophiyah
As many of you can see the plot seems quite similar to "The Long Ballad" but then again there are obviously going to be some differences in the dramas which we can look forward to.

Also, they both have Dilraba Dilmurat so if you still can't get over her character from "The Long Ballad" you definitely should give this a try!
Recomendado por PandaMelody
- strong female lead, both characters have martial arts skills.
- wants to take revenge for something
-both female leads had very similar personality
- both main leads have something that they want to protect.
- story is told from the female perspective.
- Adapted from a novel
- both are very hot on the list.
Recomendado por Susan Fang
1. Both male leads are warriors/generals, I.e always have to go to war
2. An uncommon thing in dramas is ML and FL don’t have that much screen time together
3. Main reason why they don’t have much screen time together is because both have to serve their own fate…. They were born with heavy responsibilities. I.e it is clear that they have a greater purpose in life regardless of male or female.
Recomendado por Anoif
Her loved ones was also murdered and she disguised herself as a man to avenge him. A female warrior who enters the palace to find her senior brother an antidote.
Recomendado por Sapphire
Liu Yu Ning who played Hao Du and Alen Feng who played Wei Shuyu is in here too. Their relationship, which means their brotherhood, is very good with a lot of fun moments. Alen Feng really suited his role in AJTL, he's the womanizer of the group??Moving on, both FL of these dramas wants revenge, the difference is that the FL in AJTL is much more balanced in her affairs and not just focused in her revenge.
Recomendado por Eternal Sky Lantern
Both dramas have:
~strong female leads
~hidden identities
~adapted from a source(manhua or a novel)
~female warriors
~genres(romance, wuxia, historical, action )
Recomendado por Yun
Both have strong female leads who are princesses who do their utlmost to guard the country for the people and peace.
ML in both of them are generals with loyal brothers whom they go through everything.
In TLB FL cross dress knows martial art and war strategies but in TRP the FL doesn't know how to fight but use the other way as a wangfei of the ML to deal against enemies and her status as the princess of the country.
You get the same feel when watching both of them
Recomendado por TakingThousandYearsToFin
Same Actors: Zhao Lusi and Leo Wu

In Love Like The Galaxy, the two main leads are Zhao Lusi and Leo Wu, while the main leads in The Long Ballad are Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat, and although Zhao Lusi is not the main lead in The Long Ballad, both actors have previously played in a drama together that aired not so long ago.
Recomendado por Tanima Tani
Both the princess in the story try to seek revenge for their lost family. And falls in love with the protagonist who's smart at war strategies. Both the concept are similar to war, hatred and revenge
Recomendado por Aisha Nowshad
Let me tell you, this is the only drama I have come across after TLB that can compare. The fighting scenes were 10/10. Strong FL, no love triangles with the main couple. Their love was felt so deeply without having to be open about it. The story was good there were a lot of turns and twists, not your usual plot; would definitely keep you hooked. Highly recommend. Though, this is rated 8.3 it’s more like 8.8.
Recomendado por Lynn868
both female lead are great in war strategy as well as the both male lead are great war fighter and admirer of female lead . happen to be enemies to lover.
Recomendado por ASTER
Both drama described the story of strong female lead. And showed how she fight for her dream, the people she want to protect & how she tried to pay the bad guys what they deserve.

And both drama are based on the historical theme with many fighting scenes.
Recomendado por Cora Ruan
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