Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 1

9.4/10 from 412 users
Jun 20, 2020
Moon Gang-tae has a striking run-in with his brother's favorite author, Ko Mun-yeong, when she comes to his hospital to read to the children. (Source: Netflix)

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 2

9.4/10 from 329 users
Jun 21, 2020
Mun-yeong invites Moon Sang-tae to a book signing event that ends with a nasty commotion. Gang-tae hears about a job opening in his hometown. (Source: Netflix)

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 3

9.4/10 from 301 users
Jun 27, 2020
Having followed Gang-tae, Mun-yeong begins teaching literature classes at his new hospital. Chaos breaks out when a VIP patient runs away. (Source: Netflix)

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 4

9.4/10 from 297 users
Jun 28, 2020
The VIP patient's incident triggers childhood memories for Gang-tae, who remains an emotional puzzle to Mun-yeong. Lee Sang-in arrives in town. (Source: Netflix)

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 5

9.3/10 from 267 users
Jul 04, 2020
With nowhere else to take Mun-yeong, Gang-tae brings her back to his place. Discovering her there surprises everyone, most of all Nam Ju-ri. (Source: Netflix)

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 6

9.4/10 from 271 users
Jul 05, 2020
The lady with mental illness, who assumes her daughter was still alive, thought Moon Young as her daughter. Moon Young caught off guard and dealt depressing emotion as she remembers… read more

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 7

9.4/10 from 255 users
Jul 11, 2020
The cheerful dog who wants to be free from his leash relates to the mother who has been burdened and frustrated with the shawl she carries, reminding her of her dead daughter. But… read more

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 8

9.4/10 from 270 users
Jul 12, 2020
Seeing Mun-yeong with something that belongs to him upsets Sang-tae. When a belligerent visitor shows up at the hospital, Gang-tae snaps. (Source: Netflix)

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 9

9.3/10 from 252 users
Jul 18, 2020
Gang-tae and Mun-yeong decide to go on a day trip together. During their mountain getaway, an unforeseen situation crops up. (Source: Netflix)

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 10

9.3/10 from 249 users
Jul 19, 2020
Kang Tae ignored Moon Young because he wanted to focus only on his brother while Moon Young wanted him to convince that he must not live only to take care of his older brother. Sang… read more

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 11

9.3/10 from 253 users
Jul 25, 2020
An escaped patient shows up at the mansion. Mun-yeong makes an effort to change Sang-tae's mind about allowing her a place in the brother's lives. (Source:Netflix)

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 12

9.5/10 from 226 users
Jul 26, 2020
Wanting to overcome his trauma, Sang-tae opens up about his darkest memory. A cruel twist of fate threatens Gang-tae's newfound happiness. (Source: Netflix)

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 13

9.2/10 from 197 users
Aug 01, 2020
Sang-tae shows Gang-tae that he's been practicing drawing his greatest fear. Mun-yeong receives word about her father's worsening condition. (Source: Netflix)

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 14

8.9/10 from 203 users
Aug 02, 2020
The identity of the vandal who ruined Sang-tae's mural sends everyone into a state of shock. Mun-yeong struggles to process a devastating truth. (Source: Netflix)

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 15

9.2/10 from 187 users
Aug 08, 2020
After a chilling phone call, Gang-tae rushes over to the mansion. Later, Mun-yeong asks the brothers to leave her—but they refuse to listen. (Source: Netflix)

Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal Episódio 16

8.9/10 from 221 users
Aug 09, 2020
Mun-yeong decides she's going to publish the new fairy tale after all. Everyone comes together at the hospital for a reading of the book. (Source: Netflix)

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