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  • País: Taiwan
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  • Data de Lançamento: Set 6, 2019
  • Duração: 2 hr. 36 min.
  • Pontuação: 8.0 (scored by 819 usuários)
  • Classificado: #2170
  • Popularidade: #6136
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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Mai 4, 2020
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Offering some food for thought, can be quite lengthy :-)

I spent my afternoon sitting at a quiet, dimly lit corner to watch this movie, and by the end of it I was truly touched by the deep, profound story that this movie portrays.

Having received 11 nominations in the 56th Golden Horse Awards and winning 5 of them, with one being 'Best Film', I know I already have high expectations the moment I clicked into the movie, and boy did the movie not disappoint me. It totally threw me into a whirlwind of emotions. :")

Story and acting wise, I have almost nothing to pick on. The actors were brilliant in their portrayal and well, my ratings are clear enough, and you can watch and judge it for yourself.

Rather, I would like to bring up some themes that lingered in my mind after I've watched the movie.

[We've all been hurt before, and that's how we can become each other's sun.]

[A Sun, A Son]
The title of this movie holds two meanings, 'A Sun' and 'A Son'. What happens when a family is thrown into darkness when the 'sun' of the family is no longer there? What happens to the family when A-Ho has to move out of the darkness, what hope can he, or rather, they, cling onto?
This is a movie that speaks about relationships within a family: mother and son, father and son, elder and younger sibling, and many many more. But ultimately, this movie explores what it means to be a family, and to be yourself.
Also, note the use of the article 'a' for the title of the movie. Why is it 'a' and not 'the'? How does the difference in definiteness of these two articles change the meaning of this movie?

[Light, Darkness, or Both]
In this movie we have characters who stand out and thrive in the world brightly lit up by the sun. However, some recede into the darkness where they seek comfort and find out their own meaning and interpretation of what they're worth. But how about both? How does having both light and darkness in a character's life influence him in any way?

[Expectations and Hope]
For someone who has been in the light all along, how does he feel about it? How do societal and familial expectations weigh down on such a person? How does he find shade to rest and take a breather?
Whereas, for someone who was always in the darkness, will he be able to find his own ray of sunlight and move into a world where the sun shines brightly upon him and his future? Over here, how does societal and familial expectations differ from that in the aforementioned case?

[The Sun (literally)]
The weather changes throughout the movie helps portray the different settings and atmosphere for each character's feelings, emotions and state of mind. And I must say, the appearance of the sun (or the lack of it), as well as the amount of sunlight shining upon a character, plays a huge part in helping viewers understand what state of mind the characters are in. The visual significance of these scenes are enough in showing us the characters' emotions even without them having to portray them. That's how powerful and well-thought-out the cinematography is in this movie.

[Seize the day. Decide your path.]
This is a recurring slogan in the movie, and we can begin to wonder why it's mentioned in the first place (and many times after) and also how much it weighs on the different people receiving this piece of advice.

Well, that's all I can offer for some thinking after the movie ends. Do watch the movie, you'll not regret it ;)

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Mar 22, 2021
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No geral 9.5
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Will these words even be enough?

What collection of carefully-picked written words do I need to use to justify the profound soul-wrenching beauty of this film? Will words even be enough?

A Sun is one of those films where a mere retell of its plot would simply not be enough to capture its profound and soul-wrenching story. It’s one of those films that you have to witness and experience to fully appreciate and understand the story it is trying to tell its audience.

There are only a few films that rendered me at a loss for words after watching them and this is certainly one of those films. Honestly, I’m afraid of writing a review for this film because I do know that this time my written words would not be able to give the justice this film certainly deserves.

In simple words, this film is an intimate story about a family in the aftermath of a tragedy after a previous misfortune. If you read that simple summary, you will probably think this is one of those ordinary tales about families and tragedies. In a way, you’re right-- it is indeed ordinary, but also in a number of other ways, you’re greatly mistaken to assume that this is just another ordinary tale of a family.

What is so remarkable about this film is its ability to tell a multitude of things in too little of everything. The relationship between the two brothers was shown in just two separate brief scenes, one of which is just a narrated story of the elder brother’s visit to the youngest. Yet despite their little interactions in this film, both scenes already provided enough to paint a picture in your head of what could have been the dynamics between the two brothers.

On the other hand, the relationship between the husband and wife was marked with only dialogues about their sons and very little of what could have hinted their relationship was like outside of being parents to their children. The gap between them created by the lack of any details about their personal relationship was remedied by the actors' stellar portrayal of their characters. It was their silent moments, the quiet comfort between them, and their distant yet intimate connection with each other that bridge this gap.

Overall, A Sun is a painful, yet beautiful and still hopeful story of an ordinary family with very complex characters that you would end up caring for as you go along with the film. All the actors nailed their respective roles. They were simply perfect. The original score is perfect too. It was deeply moving and impactful without being too overpowering. It was simply a great mix of everything.

Watch it, it’s totally worth your time. Your 2 and a half hours will surely not be put to waste.

[SPOILER AHEAD! Do not read after this if you don’t want to be spoiled. Take my word, if ever you plan to watch this movie, stop reading at this point because you will appreciate the story more without knowing what is written below.]

I have read a number of people asking why the elder brother did what he did and how they could not simply understand his reasons. This questioning alone is a good example of how often signs and causes of depression are often missed by even the closest person to the one depressed. It tells how a person’s facade is not everything and how one carry oneself in front of the others can be very deceiving and is not in any way a good indicator of what lies beneath one’s exterior.

I was also very shocked with what happened to A-Hao. It was only after what he did that I was able to fully understand his story of the kids playing hide-and-seek.

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  • Movie: A Sun
  • País: Taiwan
  • Data de Lançamento: Set 6, 2019
  • Duração: 2 hr. 36 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 15+ - 15 anos ou mais


  • Pontuação: 8.0 (avaliado por 819 usuários)
  • Classificado: #2170
  • Popularidade: #6136
  • Fãs: 1,723

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